How To Make Corporate Dinner Party More Attractive

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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>HOW TO MAKE CORPORATE DINNER EVENTS MORE ATTRACTIVE</p> <p>WHAT MADE CORPORATE PARTIES UNIQUIE TO OTHER.CORPORATE</p> <p>Corporate plans always have some hidden causes and that made celebrationCORPORATE</p> <p>THE REASON OF CELEBRATIONCORPORATESome other reasons likeCorporate CELEBRATION ProcessCorporateCORPORATEIts the way of mixing business with pleasure in order to make employees becoming friends with co-workers.</p> <p>A WAY OF SAYING THANK YOUCORPORATEEncourage A Healthy Work EnvironmentThe party encourages a stronger work ethic as well as feeding into any employee's motivation to happily go above and beyond.</p> <p>CommemorateHolidaysOrganization want to commemorate his best employees many years of past service by presenting him with gifts or holiday packages etc.CORPORATERecognize Significant Accomplishments Organizations recognize and appreciate the employees by rewarding and engaging them new level works. Sometimes the recognized employees get an annual, quarterly, monthly, or even weekly basis rewards..CORPORATEThe best employees who gave many years of past service to make them happy and presenting them some surprising gifts</p> <p>CORPORATECelebrate MilestonesHow To Make the Party more fun full and Attractive?</p> <p>CORPORATECompany PicnicGolf Retreat Mediterranean Party Casino PartyAwards BanquetVideo Games Musician</p> <p> Different ways To make corporate event More Fun.</p> <p>CORPORATECompany Picnic</p> <p>Company picnics is a special corporate events that bring employees and their families together for a day of fun </p> <p>The arrangement process for Company Picnic</p> <p>Rent entire amusement parks or fun location, such as a dude ranch, beach or local city park.CORPORATE</p> <p>Include volleyball, softball, paddle boating, carnival games, pony rides, sack races, egg tosses and water balloon wars.Arrange Popular Games and Activities</p> <p>CORPORATE</p> <p>Golf RetreatReward To Successful sales teams and staff with golf outings..</p> <p>CORPORATE</p> <p>The arrangement process for Golf RetreatPlan your event at a local golf course..ORConsider choosing a golf course that is well knownCORPORATE</p> <p>Many companies organize tournaments complete with special golf-themed invitations, company signage, hole-in-one contests and prizesARRANGE TOURNAMENT ACTIVITIESCORPORATE</p> <p>Mediterranean Party</p> <p>This is a popular events to celebrate milestones and holidays</p> <p>CORPORATE</p> <p>THE ARRENGEMENT PROCESSCORPORATE</p> <p>Poolside settingfood</p> <p>MUSICCocktailCASINO PARTYCasino parties are very popular with employees and can be great for large groups.</p> <p>CORPORATE</p> <p>THE ARRENGEMENTSOrganizations distribute fake money, hire dealers, and set up gaming tables for a variety of games, including poker, blackjack, craps and roulette etc.</p> <p>CORPORATE</p> <p>PRIZE DRAWINGThe trade starts with the winning chips for raffle tickets for a prize drawing at the end of the evening</p> <p>CORPORATE</p> <p>Awards BanquetPlan awards banquets at the end of the year to recognize high achievers, Retiring team members And The employee of the year</p> <p>CORPORATE</p> <p>THE ARRANGEMENTS PROCESSTypically held in a local banquet hall, this event also include a seated dinner or buffet style mealCORPORATE</p> <p>OTHER ADDED ENTERTAINMENT IN AWARDS BANQUETTo keep employees engaged and ensure guests have a good time is to hire a magician, comedian or other professional entertainer as master of ceremonies</p> <p>CORPORATE</p> <p>VIDEO GAMESVideo games are a good way to let people have fun and play games together. Set up Wii game systems so people can play against each other.CORPORATE</p> <p>THE PROCESS FOLLOWSThey are in a joysticks and it really gets people into the gaming spirit..Arrange a setup lots of TVs and allow people to play against each other..And also </p> <p>Some games allow many people to play at onceCORPORATEHave these set up after dinner because there will be more time to play following the meal</p> <p>Game ScheduleCORPORATE</p> <p>MUSICIANPlan to have a musician or a band come perform at your event. Cover bands are a good choice because they play a wide variety of songs and often take requests</p> <p>CORPORATE</p> <p>THE PROCESS OF SELECTING A MUSICIAN</p> <p>CORPORATEYou can choose a cover band that impersonates another band</p> <p>For Example.. get a band who impersonates a hair band from the 1980s. This creates a fun, lively atmosphere, especially since they will be wearing the costumes from the hair bands of the time.AFTER DINNER PLANS FOR MUSICIANS</p> <p>CORPORATE</p> <p>The band should come on stage so everyone can go to the dance floor and watch or sing along. This also gives people a chance to relax and let loose with their coworkers Food DrinkArrange Some RefreshmentsCORPORATE</p> <p>THANK YOU CORPORATE</p> <p></p> <p>Website</p>