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<p>HOW TO BAKE BROWNIES &amp; The tricks to make them wonderful!</p> <p>HOW TO MAKE THE BEST BROWNIESEVER</p> <p>By: Stephanie R. Yoder RNC-MNN</p> <p>INGREDIENTS NEEDED cup butterUse unsalted butter1 cup sugarWhite granulated sugar1 teaspoon vanilla extractDo NOT use imitation vanilla</p> <p>INGREDIENTS NEEDED,continued2 eggsFresh Egglands Best brand cup all purpose flourKing Arthur brand, unbleached1/3 cup cocoaHersheys brand</p> <p>INGREDIENTS NEEDED,continued teaspoon baking powderMust be fresh, level teaspoon teaspoon saltMortons sea salt</p> <p>STEPSPreheat oven to 350FMake the wet mixBlend butter, sugar, and vanillaBeat eggs in bowlCombine all in a large bowlBlend well for two minutes</p> <p>STEPS, continuedMake the dry mixMix flour, cocoa, baking powder, and saltCombine wet and dry mixSlowly mix dry mix into wet mixBlend for three minutes</p> <p>STEPS, continuedPour into greased nine inch panBake for 20 to 25 minutesBrownies are done when:Pulls away from edgesAn inserted toothpick comes out cleanRemove and allow to cool</p> <p>CONCLUSIONCut into 3 x 3 squaresKeep in sealed containerEnjoy!</p>