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  1. 1. How to Make Your Garden Greener, Do it Yourself Tips Making your garden greener is not only about having the most pulsating bushes of roses or the lushest lawn in the neighborhood. It is all about making your garden a place you can entertain in your compound. Just like you care for your pets, ensure that you give them the food and water they need on a daily basis. A perfectly cared for garden sends fresh air in your home, invite birds, and most of all beautify your home. PRIVACY POLICY CONTACT US ABOUT AFFILIATE DISCLAIMER HOME REVIEWS TIPS HOW TO USE BEST HOME WASHER
  2. 2. A green garden protects future sustainability. There are straightforward techniques that provide real time benefits, helping you get a greener garden giving you and your family less polluted air and cleaner water supplies. Here are tips to make your garden green: Switch to composting or ensure that you obtain the most ideal chemical fertilizer: Going green is about making healthy choices and also about making use of the most affordable and easiest choices. Dont throw the green wastes away, dispose them in your garden; kales, rotten fruits, and other greens. Switch to native and indigenous plants: A garden full of exotic plants in most cases is very hard to manage and keep the plants alive. Native plants will allow you to enjoy the garden instead of struggling with it. Native plants are easy to grow and maintain. Sustainable gardening has more to do with
  3. 3. obtaining solutions that are simple and natural not about devoting in the latest trends. Native plants do not need much water and fertilizer and less effort to control pest is required. Water with care: adopt some smart watering habits to avoid straining your water supply, especially during summer or hot seasons. Mulching and adding compost to the soil helps in cutting down evaporation and in the retention of water. Other smart watering practices include use of drip irrigation that only uses half of the amount of water used by sprinkles. Ensure that you do your watering early in the day to reduce water evaporation and ensure that you drench your plants directly on the roots. Bring on the bees and butterflies: Make your garden a place that is free from pesticides. Attract the bees and butterflies; they will help in pollinating your flowers to aid in continued flourishing of your garden. Growing a variety of native flowers, for example, lemon balm, lilac and goldenrod attract the living organisms. Most of the gardens that have above ten species of attractive plants tend to attract more bees and butterflies. Pollinators like bees and butterflies affect thirty five percent of crop production in the world and help in increasing the yielding of 87 of the major food crops in the world. Buy recycled: Look for planters and garden kits that are environmentally friendly available. Recycling something is less tasking compared to make one out of a new material you can choose from recycled plastics, rubber or copper. Yogurt and takeout containers can be reused. In the modern world, everyone wants to take on a good cause. The little things we do contribute to the ecosystem in a bigger way. By keeping your garden green, you contribute to sustainability. Join the rest of the world in making the globe a better place to live in. Use these simple garden tips to keep your small garden looking beautiful and sustainable. TOP PRODUCTS C. Hausfeld PW1825 AR Blue Clean AR383 Karcher K 2.350 Sun Joe SPX3000
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