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Do your board members run the other way when you mention fundraising? Join board guru Gail Perry to find out how to lower your board members' fear, make it fun for them, and put them to work. Discover a whole new way to approach your board members so that you can change their energy and get them fired-up. You'll learn easy strategies to help you educate them about their role and how they can help. And you'll discover a new way to get them to open doors to their contacts. Bring your board leaders to this webinar!


  • How to Motivate Your Board Members to Help in Fundraising Gail Perry MBA CFRE www.
  • Who Am I? 25+ years as staff or consultant Fired-Up Fundraising newsletter Fired-Up Fundraising: Turn Board Passion into Action (Wiley) AFP Fundraiser of the Year International speaker and workshop leader email: facebook: firedupfundraising twitter: @gailperrync Gail Perry
  • Is This Your Board? Is This Your Board? Is This Your Board? A Happy Fired-Up Board!
  • Would You Like to Be An Ambassador? 4 Fundraising? YETCH! ! Ambassador? What fun!
  • No Problem can be Solved from the Same Level of Consciousness that Created It ! Albert Einstein 5
  • Is This Your Board?
  • Is This Your Board? Is This Your Board? Is This Your Board? 7 Is This Your Board?Boring Meetings = A Bored Board
  • Did Somebody Say the F-Word? Did Somebody Say the F-Word?
  • The Myth of Board Members and Fundraising 9 Board Members Myths about Fundraising
  • Board Members Definition of Fundraising !
  • Board Members Think: Fundraising = Begging
  • ! 12 They Think Fundraising = Cold Calls
  • Board Members Think Fundraising = Rejection
  • The Dark Side of Fundraising !
  • Cost per Dollar Raised Of Various Fundraising Strategies ! EVENT ! 50% ANNUAL FUND 30% MAJOR GIFT OR CAPITAL CAMPAIGN 10%
  • TIME AND ENERGY INVOLVED in each step of the cycle thank ask involve identify
  • Are We Losing or Gaining Donors? ! ! ! ! 18
  • 20 Whos supposed to do what? Whos supposed to do what?
  • What Is Our Job as Board Members? If our true believers wont help us, who will? Albert Camus
  • Want Different Results? ! Make it fun! Lighten up. !
  • Ask Board Members Why They Care!
  • ! ! Why Do You Care About Our Organization?
  • The Mingle Exercise: An Amazingly Powerful Tool ! Easy, low pressure practice talking about why they care. ! Build visibility by simply talking to people. !
  • Gail, I am putting some of your ideas into action. At our last Trustee meeting, I asked, What legacy do you want to leave from serving on this board? Well, you would have thought I had opened the flood gates. One man told us about his cousin in hospice . . . and how we helped his family through that terrible time. This turned out to be the best meeting we've had so far on with this group in the last 3 years! I cant change them, but I can change me. ! Laurie Taylor, Lower Cape Fear Hospice Foundation Try This Question To Pull Out Their Personal Story 26
  • Spread the Idea Virus Sneeze Wherever You Go! This is how you turn your board members into sneezers, spreading the BUZZ wherever they go.
  • Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm!
  • How To Have a Conversation about the Cause! 29 What are your impressions? Get the other guy talking!
  • Part 3 of the Elevator Speech: Turn It Into A Conversation 30 What are your impressions?
  • The Fundraisers Kiss of Death Being boring! Talking too much!
  • What Are We Raising Money For? ! ! ! A Broader Conversation
  • Fire Up Your Board ! ! ! A panel discussion or interview format. Why does it cost so much? Program by program. How much does it cost per person? Story about someone whose life was changed.
  • More Questions That Will Fire Up Your Boards Energy and Passion 1. What do you believe is your purpose or your contribution to the world? 2. What kind of difference do you want to make? 3. What do you do well, and how do you want to use that toward the highest good you can possibly imagine?
  • Fire Up Your Board Step #2 Where Does The $ Go? ! ! ! A panel discussion or interview format. Why does it cost so much? Program by program. How much does it cost per person? Story about someone whose life was changed.
  • Fire Up Your Board 10 Terrific Questions to Discuss with Your Board ! ! ! 1. Why do we even need private contributions anyway? 2. Why does it cost so much? 3. Where exactly does the money go? 4. Why does it take so much staff to do this work? 5. How many kids are we helping in this program? 6. About how much does it cost per person helped? 7. What else do we really need? And how much would that cost? 8. How many kids are we missing? What happens then? 9. Can you tell me a story of someone whose life was changed thru our work? 10. What would we do if we had an additional $100k? (or $50k, or $500k or million whatever is relevant to your budget size.)
  • A Word About Nonprofit BOARDS
  • Fire Up Your Board Liven Up Your Meetings NOT Business As Usual
  • 12 Ways To Liven Up Your Board Meetings 1. Focus on results. 2. Be creative with the agenda. 3. Focus on problems, challenges, broad issues. 4. Look at trends within routine reports. 5. Plan big. 6. Cheerleading sessions.
  • 12 Ways To Liven Up Your Board Meetings 7. Use consent agendas. 8. Interview the Executive Director. 9. Set up one interesting item for a discussion. 10. Select a theme for each meeting. 11. Create mission moments in every board meeting. 12. Break into groups. Find this handout on my website:
  • #5 Give Them Social Time Give Them Social Time
  • Clarity on Action Items! ! Give them something specific to do!
  • Peer Pressure: The Best Motivator
  • What Is Our Job as Board Members? If our true believers wont help us, who will? Albert Camus What Is Our Job as Board Members?
  • Wed Rather Have FRIENDS Than Donors!
  • For Your Board Members, Re-Define Fundraising into Friendmaking
  • Easy Fundraising Jobs: Host Small Socials 1. Board member hosts 2. Free to invitees 3. No ask Its easy to get intimidated if you are asking someone for help. But inviting somebody to be part of something that you are proud of is easier. ! ~Diane Paces-Wiles, former board member
  • Easy Jobs: Host Sizzling Tours Board members invite their FRIENDS Board member welcomes Call the next day: What were your impressions?
  • Thank You Calls To Donors Will Directly Impact the Bottom Line Donors received a thank you phone call from a board members within 24 hours of receiving the gift. ! The next time they were solicited, they gave 39% more than the other donors who did not receive a call. ! After 14 months, those called were giving 42% more. ! ~Donor Centered Fundraising, Penelope Burk
  • "There's a different between knowing the path, and walking the path." Morpheus, The Matrix.
  • My favorite executive director: 51 Create a Fired-Up Board!!
  • Many More Resources at Top 10 Things to Understand About How Fundraising Real