How to optimise user experience on websites

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Presentation by Mark Bell, Experience Planning Director, Dare at the Creative Pioneers Challenge Can-Start Optimiser Workshops on 5th November 2012 at the IPA.


<ul><li> 1. How to optimise user experience on websites07 November 2012</li></ul> <p> 2. WHAT DO WE MEAN BYUSER EXPERIENCE IN ADVERTISING? 3. The agency model istraditionally based aroundPlanning and Creative Design 4. In todays connected worldthere is a gap 5. because of the directimpact that agencies canhave on behavioural change 6. Brand Planning Creative DesignA potentially wide range ofWhat we knowand what theopportunity is [the gap] ideas showing howthe opportunitycould be achieved 7. Brand Planning USER EXPERIENCECreative Design How theaudience DesignWhat we knowbehaves and ideas inand what theare therecontext toopportunity is opportunities to behaviouralinfluence change behaviour 8. Brand Planning USER EXPERIENCE Creative DesignWhat we want What we needHow we will to achieve to do achieve it 9. DiscoveryInteract MemoryINFLUENCING CHOICES 10. HOW TO OPTIMISE THEUSER EXPERIENCEON WEBSITES 11. UX As part of planning Brand Planning Social and TacticsUX (Experience Planning)Plan Define InfluenceInteract 12. UX (Experience Planning)PlanDefine Influence Interact 13. Plan 14. Plan 15. Plan 16. Plan 17. Plan 18. UX (Experience Planning)PlanDefine Influence Interact 19. Lossaversion Default ChoiceNudgeInfluence 20. UX (Experience Planning)PlanDefine Influence Interact 21. Interact 22. Interact 23. UX (Experience Planning)PlanDefine Influence Interact 24. Define 25. Define 26. Define 27. Define 28. 4 THINGS TO CONSIDER WHEN OPTMISING THEUSER EXPERIENCE OF WEBSITES 29. NUMBER 1SIMPLIFY 30. NUMBER 2CONNECT THE EXPERIENCE 31. NUMBER 3CONSIDER THEIMPERFECT HUMAN 32. NUMBER 4MEMORY? 33. </p>