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  1. 1. 1 How to Prornote Your Business r!Create Boards with Keywordsselect a category tor each board to help people find them and for Pinteresl to recommend your board as well Use The Description To Spread your IdeasUse keywords in your description and keep in mind that people can tweet your pins.Using short,interestmg,and 0relevant description 3Create Vertical lmages Pinterest images should be long and narrow to take up themaximum amount of visual space and get noticed! Create images that are up to 735 pixels by ttD2 pixels.This creates an engaging invitation to repin your pinned article. Build Relevant Links Back to your Website or Blog You have two 0.Ddp: ';:3:l| $"SkIItth each pin toOne in the desert tion and one in the source or the pin. Share your Pin and Blog .- Posts -It is fine to share your pin and own blog content.Put some effort into ctioosin interesting images for your blog in the rst place. 5..; , ~x: Follow Other People Increase followers so don't be shy about tollowirig people back Moreover,when cu follow new people.they are most likely to allow you backBe Active and Resliare Popular PinsExplore Rich Pins. Want to add more information to I pin?Use rich pins to we users more relevant intorrnation about t e pins that interest themTag other UsersUse ausemame to la other people This is a great teatura 0 network with other [email protected] Pins on your BlogEmbedding pins on your blog is easy and a great way to get more reoins.You can create an embed code on the Pinterest siteComment on Pins and Reply to CommentsYou dont have to just like or reshare your favorite Pins you can also comment on Pins and reply to your commenters. gwrce ... . , .., ... ... ... ,.. ... ... .,. ., rmp pagrinvalrislr com I1anal: uI: rwIysuseprnlnresIrnarlruingmy biog uetvesponse cornJD-things-must-pInt: vest-beautify-business-2|}I5 rmuinu oar-AA-2-I-IssAA 55 mun prajlztsvternangomediazornWebsite wwwmerrilrinorrreducom