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Handbook of how to sign up on facebook


  • Webwise -using Facebook safely Setting up a facebook account
  • Contents Page Number Sign up on Facebook 3 Creating your Profile 8 Joining groups such as luv2meetu 17 Messages 19 Privacy settings 23 What to do if someone sends you messages that upset you 27 When you have finished using facebook 28 2
  • Sign up on Facebook Type in the address bar Press enter. You will be taken to the sign up page. 3
  • Write in your first name and last name. You need to write your email address twice. This is to make sure you dont make a mistake. 4
  • Create a password. It needs to be at least 6 characters long. Use capital letters and small letters, numbers and punctuation marks. This makes it safer. Use a different password from other websites you go on. You need to put in your date of birth. Later on you need to make this private. 5
  • Left click with your mouse to say if you are male or female If you share a computer make sure that the box isnt ticked which says keep me logged in It is important that you log out every time or people could pretend to be you. 6
  • Press sign up and you are ready to create your profile page. 7
  • Creating your Profile This is what a profile page looks like. 8
  • Add a picture from your computer by choosing upload a picture. Select choose a file. 9
  • Search your folders for a picture. Double left click on the picture you want. 10
  • Your picture will appear. 11
  • Write information you are happy to share with people on your profile page. 12
  • Facebook will ask you where you live, education, what you are into and about your relationships. If you dont want to share something press skip. 13
  • Facebook will suggest films and music you like. If you type in what you like it will appear. You dont have to select what Facebook suggests. Facebook will ask you to add your mobile phone number. Dont do this because then everyone can see it. Only give your number to people who you know well. 14
  • There are many ways to add friends. If you type in places that you go to suggestions come up. You can type in someones name in the search bar and then press add friend. They will get an invite to be your friend. They can say yes or no to being your friend. 15
  • Sometimes when you log on Facebook will ask you for your email to find friends from your contact list. If you dont want to, click on your name (to go to your profile) or click on your news feed. Some people will ask to be your friend. Sometimes facebook will suggest friends. You dont have to be friends with people. Only say yes to people you know and like. 16
  • Joining groups such as luv2meetu If you type in the search bar the name of group you are interested in you can click on it. You can like groups and then you will get updates about them. Groups like luv2meetu can invite you to be in their group. 17
  • Sending Messages You can send people private messages. Click on the envelope icon. Click on send new message. 18
  • Type in who you want to send the message to. You can send a message to more than 1 person at once. Only the people you write the message to will see it. When you have written your message press enter or reply. 19
  • When people send you a message you will see it come up. To reply click on the envelope, write your message and press reply. You can write on your friends walls. This is public and all your friends and their friends can see it. 20
  • You can write on your own wall. All your friends can see it. Dont write anything private. 21
  • Privacy settings It is very important to have privacy settings. This stops everyone being able to see your pictures and information. You can find your privacy settings at the top right of your page. You can choose who can see your stuff. Who can contact you and who can look you up. 22
  • You can decide who sees your stuff. It is a good idea to make sure only your friends see your Facebook page. You can decide who can send you messages. Strict filtering means that you will only get messages from friends. 23
  • You can decide who can send you a friend request. If you choose the friends of friends setting it will stop strangers trying to be your friend. You can decide who can find you on facebook. You need to click on more settings. Then click on edit. If you click on friends of friends strangers cant find you. 24
  • Make sure your date of birth is private. Go to your profile page. Choose update info Then edit basic information. Select dont show my date of birth or only show the month and day. This helps stop identity fraud (someone pretending to be you to steal money) 25
  • What to do if someone sends you messages that upset you You can block someone by clicking on the privacy shortcut and writing the persons name where it asks you. This stops the person being able to contact you. You can report people to facebook that have upset you. 26
  • When you have finished using facebook If you share a computer you must log off. This stops people pretending to be you. They might write things you dont want on your page. They could also read your private messages. 27