humanities 300 introduction to literature what is a literature?

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  • Humanities 300Introduction to Literature

  • What is a literature?

  • Elements of PoetryWhat is poetry

    Poetry gives us a new perspective about others and about ourselves.

  • Still I Rise by Maya Angelou

    Invictus by W. E. Henley

    Forgetfulness by Billy Collins

  • Elements of fiction

    I. PlotA. Exposition B. Complication/ Conflict D. Rising ActionD. Climax E. Falling ActionF. Resolution

  • Elements of FictionII. CharacterizationA. Protagonist : the main characterB. Antagonist : a character that represents the opposition against which the protagonist must contendC. DevelopmentD. MotivationE. Description

  • Characterization

    Hanneh Hayyeh ran in to her husband, a stoop-shouldered, care-crushed man who was leaning against the bed, his swollen feet outstretched, counting the pennies that totaled his days earnings.With all her breeding, with all the restraint of her Anglo-Saxon forbears, Mrs. Preston was strangely shaken by Hanneh Hayyehs consuming passion for beauty. She looked deep into the eyes of the Russian Jewess as if drinking in the secret of their hidden glow.

  • Elements of FictionIII. Point of viewA. First-person narration (I walked down the alley. I picked up the phone etc.)1. The narrator is a participant in the story2. The narrator must be present at all timesB. Third-person narration (He walked down the alley, she picked up the phone, and Jason told Tony that he was going out.) 1. employs a non-participant narrator2. Narrator is capable of moving from place to place in the story and never reveals its source

  • Elements of FictionC. Omniscience1. total omniscience is where the narrator knows everything2. editorial point of view goes even further, allowing the godlike author to comment directly on the action3. limited omniscience is where the storyteller limits himself to the thoughts of a single character4. dramatic (or objective) point of view is where the narrator simply reports dialogue and action with minimal interpretation and does not delve into characters minds

  • Elements of FictionIV. Theme (Interpretive Fiction)A Theme is the overall meaning the reader derives from it. Theres no one correct theme, but some are more likely than others. These themes help us to explore the story as well as ourselves.

    What are some of the themes of Lost Beautifulness?

  • Immigrants/Socio-economic differencesMoneyReligionBeautyWealthThe American DreamAnger/Frustration vs. RestraintClass

  • Elements of FictionV. SettingA. Put simply, it is the time and place of a story. 1. Locale2. historical fiction3. Regionalism4. magic realism

  • Elements of FictionVI. Style, Tone, and SymbolismA. Style = a writers characteristics of language1. diction/dialect2. sentence structure3. punctuation4. use of figurative language (irony)

  • Elements of FictionB. Tone = The tone of the story is what we can indirectly determine about the authors own feelings about its events from his choice of wordsC. Symbolism = When actions take on a larger meaning in the context outside the story



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