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    250 E. HURON AVE., COUNTY BUILDING, Room 305, BAD AXE, MI 48413 PHONE: 989-269-8242 FAX: 989-269-6152

    E-mail: Website:

    The Board of Commissioners meets the second and fourth Tuesday of each month. Meetings of the Whole are held on the third Tuesday of each month and such other days as set by

    the Board and called by the Chairman. Requests to be on the agenda for the Board of Commissioners meeting should be made with the Board's secretary previous to the Board meetings. All bills must be presented to the County Clerk's office on or before the Wednesday prior to the second and fourth Tuesday of each month and will be presented to the Finance Committee on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month for audit and payment.

    DISTRICT NO. 1 SAMI KHOURY 86 Anton St,Sebewaing, MI 48759 Phone: 989-672-9728 Representing: Brookfield, Fairhaven and Sebewaing Townships DISTRICT NO. 2 DAVID G. PERUSKI 2670 S. Ubly Rd., Bad Axe, MI 48413 Phone: 989-658-8236 Representing: Bingham, Grant, Paris, Sheridan and Sherman Townships DISTRICT NO. 3 CLARK ELFTMAN 8441 Berne Rd., Bay Port, MI 48720 Phone: 989-453-2459 Representing: Caseville, McKinley, Winsor Townships and City of Caseville DISTRICT NO. 4 RICH SWARTZENDRUBER 2751 Stein Rd., Bad Axe, MI 48413 Phone: 989-269-2928

    Representing: Chandler, Colfax, Meade and Oliver Townships DISTRICT NO. 5 JOHN L. BODIS 1394 Sand Beach, Bad Axe, MI 48413 Phone: 989-553-2201 Representing: Sigel, Verona Townships and City of Bad Axe DISTRICT NO. 6 RON WRUBLE 112 N. Klug, Harbor Beach, MI 48441 Phone: 989-975-2684 Representing: Bloomfield, Gore, Huron, Rubicon, Sand Beach Townships

    and City of Harbor Beach DISTRICT NO. 7 JOHN A. NUGENT 1076 Bayside Trail, Port Austin, MI 48467 Phone: 734-660-5573 Representing: Dwight, Hume, Lake, Lincoln, Pte. Aux Barques & Port Austin


    JODI M. ESSENMACHER Office: 989-269-8242 COUNTY COPORATION COUNSEL STEPHEN J. ALLEN Office: 989-269-7971


  • HURON COUNTY ELECTED OFFICIALS Circuit Judge: Hon. Gerald M. Prill

    District Judge: Hon. David B. Herrington

    Probate Judge: Hon. David L. Clabuesch

    Prosecuting Attorney: Timothy J. Rutkowski

    Sheriff: Kelly Hanson

    Clerk: Lori Neal-Wonsowicz

    Treasurer: Sherry Learman (Retired 2015)

    Register of Deeds: Sheri L. Stanton


    Chairman: John A. Nugent

    Vice Chairman: John L. Bodis

    Commissioner: Clark Elftman

    Commissioner: Sami Khoury

    Commissioner: David G. Peruski

    Commissioner: Rich Swartzendruber

    Commissioner: Ron Wruble





    County Building, 250 E. Huron Ave., Room 207, Bad Axe, MI 48413 Phone: 989-269-7112 FAX: 989-269-0005 Court Reporter: 989-269-7501

    e-mail: Circuit Judge Hon. Gerald M. Prill Court Reporter Mary Jo Risch Clerk Lori Neal-Wonsowicz Court Administrator/Deputy Court Clerk Leah L. Hatch

    FAMILY DIVISION County Building, 250 E. Huron Ave., Room 211, Bad Axe, MI 48413 Family Division Administrator/Friend of the Court Joanne E. Brooks (Retired 2015)

    Family Court Clerk Ph: 269-0010 Brenda Stomack

    Friend Of The Court Phone: 989-269-9545 Fax: 989-269-0009 Enforcement Officer/Investigator Eric C. Goebel Account Clerk/Case Worker Mary K. Rowe Account Clerk/Receptionist Joanne Pettit Account Clerk/Data Entry Operator Marcy A. Dishaw Juvenile Branch Phone: 989-269-9267 Fax: 989-269-0009 Juvenile Officer/Referee Matthew M. Lewis Juvenile Officer/Referee Juvenile Attorney Referee Jessica L. Testolin-Reinke Juvenile Assistant/Adoption Specialist/ Court Recorder Cherie L. Goretski Data Entry/Juvenile Assistant Sarah L. McNames

  • CIRCUIT COURT PROBATION County Building, 250 E. Huron Ave., Room 310, Bad Axe, MI 48413 Phone: 989-269-9975 Fax: 989-269-6159

    Probation/Parole Officer Todd A. Kloska Secretary Linda M. Shaw Supervisor Charles A. Walker Probation/Parole Officer Arlene S. Hass Probation/Parole Officer Joe Michalski

    DISTRICT COURT 73B DISTRICT COURT County Building, 250 E. Huron Ave., Room 105, Bad Axe, MI 48413

    Phone: 989-269-9987 District Judge Hon. David B. Herrington Court Administrator/Clerk of the Court Elaine M. Moore Attorney Magistrate Jessica L. Testolin-Reinke Chief Recorder/Judicial Admin Assistant Tammy M. Piotter Probation Officer Jesse Osentoski Deputy Clerk Megan Bechler Deuty Clerk Cristine Cluney

    Deputy Clerk Suzanne Draher Deputy Clerk Jamie Wood Deputy Clerk Linda Yaroch Deputy Clerk Melissa Pallas


    PROBATE COURT County Building, 250 E. Huron Ave., Room 206, Bad Axe, MI 48413 Phone: 989-269-9944 Fax: 989-269-0004 Judge of Probate Hon. David L. Clabuesch Register of Probate/Court Adminstrator Krisie S. Fritz Chief Deputy Register Karen M. Rutkowski Deputy Register of Probate Renee A. Krueger Deputy Register of Probate (Part-Time) Laura M. Trost


    BUILDING AND ZONING, County Building, 250 E. Huron Ave., Room 102, Bad Axe, MI 48413 Phone: 989-269-9269 Fax: 989-269-3362 e-mail: building& Director Jeff Smith Administrative Assistant Mickayla Bischer Code Inspector Mark Epperson Code Inspector Brian Berens Code Inspector/Plumbing/Mechanical Inspector Lonnie Fritz Code Inspector/Electrical Inspector & Bldg. Inspector Michael Stevenson BUILDING MAINTENANCE County Building, 250 E. Huron, Room 110, Bad Axe, MI 48413 Phone: 989-269-6554 Fax: 989-269-6167 Facility Manager Ivan Burkhard Maintenance Engineer Assistant Peggy Booms Custodian II Shirley Sobczak COMMUNITY CORRECTIONS County Building, 250 E. Huron Ave., Room 105, Bad Axe MI 48413

    Phone: 989-269-8062 Manager/Coordinator Karen Jensen

  • COMPUTER INFORMATION SYSTEMS County Building, 250 E. Huron, Room 302, Bad Axe, MI 48413 Phone: 989-269-6459 email:

    Dept. Director Christopher Prill Programmer/Systems Analyst Aaron Henderson PC Coordinator Richard Learman COUNTY CLERK County Building, 250 E. Huron Ave., Room 201 Bad Axe, MI 48413

    Phone: 989-269-9942 Fax: 989-269-6160 Clerk Lori Neal-Wonsowicz Chief Deputy Clerk/Accounting Payroll Clerk Becky Bachman Deputy Clerk/Accounting Payroll Clerk Tara K. Kain Deputy Clerk/Accounting Clerk Rebecca N. Finkbeiner Election Assistant/Deputy Clerk Melanie L. Maurer ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION County Bldg., 250 E. Huron Ave., Room 303 Bad Axe,MI 48413, Phone: 989-269-6431 Fax: 989-269-8209 Executive Director Carl J. Osentoski

    e-mail: Projects Coordinator Amy Braun

    e-mail: Office Manager Laura Tyll


    EQUALIZATION DEPARTMENT County Building, 250 E. Huron Ave., Room 306, Bad Axe, MI 48413

    Phone: 989-269-6497 Fax: 989-269-2836 Equalization Director Walt Schlichting

    Phone: 989-672-3833 e-mail:

    Equalization Office Manager/Tax Mapping/ GIS Director Deanna L. Kidd

    e-mail: Equalization Deputy Director Wendy Maikrzek

    e-mail: Equalization Administrative Assistant Lori White


    MSU EXTENSION 1142 S. Van Dyke Rd. Suite 200, Bad Axe, MI 48413

    Phone: 989-269-9949 Fax: 989-269-7221 e-mail: District Coordinator Joe Bixler Extension Agriculture Educator Bob Battel Health Instructor & Nutrition Extension Educator Laurie Messing Family Nutrition Program Instructor Renee Stacer Secretary//Support Staff Shelly Sowles sowles Secretary/4-H Program Kari VerEllen 4-H Youth Program Coordinator Cathy Goulet

    911 CENTRAL DISPATCH/ EMERGENCY SERVICES 99 West Soper Rd., Bad Axe, MI 48413

    Phone: 989-269-6421 Fax: 989-269-0001 Director Randy Miller e-mail:, Phone: 989-269-6435 Dep. Director Mary Krohn e-mail:, Phone: 989-269-3558


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