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Hyperion Focus 17 EPM Logs 101

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  • Hyperion Focus 17

    EPM Logs 101

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    Chuck Czajkowski, Solutions Architect

    Over 20 years IT and Networking experience

    On the support team at Hyperion Solutions in the early 2000s working

    as an Environmental Support Lead handling complex issues

    Become the Product Issues Manager for the Common Technology

    Group at Oracle after acquisition

    Worked closely with many dev teams (HFM, Planning, Essbase, FDM,

    Workspace, Shared Services, Weblogic) to facilitate worldwide support

    training for new releases, patches (PSEs/PSUs), and ensure overall

    stability and functionality.

    Joined the Accelatis team at the beginning of 2014 supporting all

    customers currently running the platform.

    At Datavail, works with the Sales and Marketing team to identify and

    create solutions for new and existing customers


  • About Datavail

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    Talent ISO 27001


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    Databases, Analytics, and

    Application Data Integration

    13+ years delivering

    data services

    300+ customers with

    average client

    retention of 7 years

    Managed services,

    projects, and staffing

    All major platforms: SQL,

    Oracle, DB2, MySQL, Mongo


    development & operational


    US & Global models

    Reactive and proactive




    Microsoft SSRS, SSIS, SSAS


    Oracle OBIEE, BICS, Golden Gate



    Microsoft Dynamics


    Custom development

    Microsoft .NET

    Oracle APEX

    Analytics, Visualization

    & Integration



    We are data specialists


    Oracle Data Integrator

    ETL development and

    operational run

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    Experts in Oracle & Hyperion

    SpecializedOracle Hyperion

    Data Relationship

    Management 11.1.2

    SpecializedOracle Hyperion



    SpecializedOracle Hyperion Planning

    SpecializedOracle Essbase

    SpecializedEnterprise Performance

    Reporting Cloud Service


    SpecializedPlanning Budgeting

    Cloud Service (PBCS)

    SpecializedWholesale Distribution


    SpecializedOracle Financial Services


    SpecializedOil and Gas

    SpecializedIndustrial Manufacturing


    SpecializedProfessional Services

    SpecializedNatural Resources

    SpecializedAerospace and Defense


    SpecializedFinancial Services

    SpecializedLife Science Industry

    SpecializedTravel & Transportation

  • EPM Logs 101

    Become more knowledgeable, efficient and harvest

    useful information from your systems logs

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    The goal of todays presentation is to give

    you insight into the logging facilities found

    within EPM programs and processes. I hope

    to leave you with some useful information,

    some new concepts and some realistic goals

    when it comes to looking through the long list

    of logs that are produced from a typical EPM


    EPM Logs 101 Different Log File Formats

    Levels Of Detail

    Rolling Logs

    Strategies For Retention

    How To Read Logs With Text Editors

    The Oracle Tool

    Accelatis Center of Excellence For Reading


  • EPM Log File Formats

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    Common Logging Formats Found

    in EPM Systems

    Oracle Diagnostic Logging (ODL)

    W3C Extended Logging (IIS)

    Log4j (Java)

    Weblogic Logging Services

    Common Log Format/NCSA (OHS)

    Windows Event Logs

    Application (Essbase, HFM)

  • Logging Levels

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    How Detailed

    Should My

    Logs Be?

    TRACE - Most Intensive Logging

    ERROR Should Be Looked Into

    WARNING Might Be an Issue

    NOTIFICATION - Routine Messages

    OFF ONLY for Sandbox Use

    By Default, logging levels are set to what the company (Oracle,

    Microsoft) thinks you need. The balance between not enough

    and too much data is sometimes hard to find..

    Rule of thumb: ONLY turn up logging when you are

    troubleshooting an issue and DO NOT HAVE enough


  • Log Behavior:

    To Roll, or not to Roll?

    Be Proactive!!

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    Why Does A Log Roll?

  • www.datavail.com 15

    Questions You Need To Ask

    Your Teams:

    How long should logs be retained for?

    Should logs roll on size or date?

    Are the current log configurations documented?

    Is there enough data in a single log to make it useful?

    How much space should we keep on the drive?

  • Creating A Plan To Manage Log Footprints

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    Not everything has to be kept

    in its original format

    Text based logs can be reduced over 90% when


    Logs that are locked by the process need to be

    modified when the app is down

    Logs will grow so plan on enough room to keep live

    data live in the case of RCA

  • Reading Log Files

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    Not all text readers are alike

    Windows Notepad

    Available on ALL Windows Versions

    Will LOCK file when opened

    Does a poor job of formatting

    Windows Wordpad

    Available on ALL Windows Versions

    Does NOT lock file when opened

    Better job of formatting


    Freeware for Windows

    Can display multiple windows at the same time

    Compare functionality

    Unix WinSCP

    Requires telnet access to server

    Can be configured to use any text reader to open files

    Large files take time

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    Each Version of EPM has been released

    with the Oracle EPM Installation and

    Configuration Troubleshooting Guide

    include in the Deployment and Installation

    Section. This document highlights the

    location of EPM specific logs.

    Oracle EPM Support Site




  • Log Analyzer

    How DOES This Thing


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    Oracle says you can use this tool for

    the following:

    List EPM System errors that occurred within a time period. System issues are

    related to services, intercomponent communication errors, and user directory

    communication errors.

    List functional issues that occurred within a time period. Functional issues are

    related to EPM System component functionalities; for example, failure during

    an Oracle Essbase calculation run or the forms load process in Oracle

    Hyperion Planning or Oracle Hyperion Financial Management.

    Trace an Execution Context ID (ECID) through log files to trace user sessions

    across EPM System components. ECID is a unique identifier that is used to

    correlate events that are part of the same request execution flow. ECID is an

    Oracle standard unique ID.

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    Sample Report Output

  • www.datavail.com 24

    loganalysis [-all | -system | -

    functional | -m [ERROR | INCIDENT_ERROR


    [ ] -tday -


    -tmin ] -ecid -s

    -d -f


  • www.datavail.com 25

    loganalysis system

    Create report with ERROR and INCIDENT_ERROR

    loganalysis ecid

    Create report with a single user transaction spanning logs

    loganalysis system s ORA-0001

    Create report where ORA-0001 appears in the log entry

    loganalysis m ERROR thour -2

    Create report of ERROR types in the last 2 hours

    Just type loganalysis with no arguments to get the full help

  • www.datavail.com 26

    Few Notes on this tool

    It takes a really really really really really long


    The tool will traverse all servers in the


    There is no way to specify which log you want

    to search

    Many times its hard to know what you are

    looking for

    HTML Report your ..diagnostics\reports


  • Accelatis

    Managing Logs With The

    Center of Excellence

  • www.datavail.com 28

    Accelatis Center of Excellence

  • www.datavail.com 29

    Tightly Integrated

    Easy To Configure

    Controlled From a Single


    Can Be Scheduled

    Can Be Run on Demand

    If Thresholds Are Met

    Archive / Purge

  • www.datavail.com 30

    Few Notes on Accelatis

    Best In Class Solution


    Shows Clear Information

    Consolidated View

    Platform Can Also:

    Take Actions on Log Events or Patterns

    Automate Log Maintenance

    Alert When Logs Are Getting Large

    Archive Log Data

  • HyperionFocus 17

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