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<p>Slide 1</p> <p>Iconic PineappleReseller Color Match - Wall Dcor Art</p> <p>Reseller Color Match - Wall Dcor ArtsGray Delft Tiles IINavy Delft Tiles II</p> <p>Antique Delft tiles from Netherlands in various floating in glass, framed in pewter hatchCurtis Flower Head IIACurtis Flower Head VI</p> <p>Reseller Color Match - Wall Dcor ArtsPaisley On Russet IIPaisley On Yellow II</p> <p>Reseller Color Match - Wall Dcor ArtsNavy Geometrics IIIBlack Geometrics 2</p> <p>White geometric patterns on navy / black BG with hammered silver frame &amp; white matReseller Color Match - Wall Dcor ArtsNantucket in YellowNantucket in Blue Grande</p> <p>Nantucket in Yellow and Blue GrandeReseller Color Match - Wall Dcor ArtsColor Match ProgramHow often do we love an image, but the color is not exactly the right shade? Well now you can specify the exact shade of green that you want!</p> <p>This program allows for an exact match of color, for any image in the program, for a nominal charge. Itseasy and affordable, and expedites the process forfinding just the right wall decor.</p> <p>Iconic Pineapple has more than 500 images in the color match program</p> <p>Reseller Color Match - Wall Dcor ArtsIconic Pineapple - Wall Dcor Arts Address:</p> <p>50 W Messner DrWheeling, IL 60090</p> <p>Open:</p> <p>Mon to Fri8:00 am 5:00 pm</p> <p>Phone:</p> <p>+1-888-245-7510</p> <p>http://iconicpineapple.com</p> <p>Reseller Color Match - Wall Dcor Arts</p>