identifying opportunities for climate compatible tourism development in belize

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  • Nadia Bood World Wildlife Fund

    Identifying opportunities for climate-compatible tourism development in Belize

    CARIBSAVE Research Partner Workshop, June 23rd-24th, 2014

  • In addition to local strategic partners, we have an accomplished

    group of individuals functioning as part of an expert panel to

    provide guidance on the project.

    Dr. Emma Tompkins University of Southampton

    Dr. Melanie McField Healthy Mesoamerican Reefs Initiative

    Dr. Katie Arkema Stanford University/Natural Capital Project

    Mr. Greg Verutes Natural Capital Project

    Mr. Carlos Fuller Caribbean Community Climate Change Center

    Mrs. Ann Gordon Government of Belizes CC Focal Point and

    Coordinator for the Belize National Climate Change Office

  • Project Objectives

    1) Identify vulnerable coastal tourism areas in Belize that should be prioritized for adaptation actions

    2) Identify areas of existing policy that can support or inhibit climate-compatible tourism development

    3) Identify and prioritize adaptation strategies for integration into policy

  • Project Outputs

    1. Project website

    2. Vulnerability Report

    3. Inventory of policies

    4. Portfolio of adaptation measures

    5. Policy briefs (3 2-page)

    6. Journal articles

    7. Online interactive map

  • Status of Knowledge Product

    Website is up and running

    Inventory of policy completed and shared

    Draft portfolio of adaptation measures exists and ready for final round of stakeholder consultations

    Draft version of 2 of 3 policy briefs completed

    Journal articles under drafting

    Online interactive map under construction with finalization awaiting final results from vulnerability assessment

  • Project Communication Strategy

    Brochure, poster and policy briefs

    Social network sites (Facebook, Twitter, Eldis)

    Presentation at meetings and workshops (public forums and local community meetings)

    Project website

    CartoDB webportal

    Online interactive map (visualization to show vul.)

    Journal articles (open



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