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Twenty Tablet TweaksLisa Read

Document camera

rear facing camera, or mirrored image

Practique FrancaisBonjour Jim Appel Lisa got to get s**t beat Duncan, Neevel lean Brevell Civicy midnight toBonjour Jim Appel Lisa Duncan, evil gravel superseded by oceanBonjour je m'appelle Lisa priode j'habite Danne Kane Colombie-Brittanique niveau ligne bravo c'est facile

just SiriJust ipadboth Siri and iPadcommands didnt work

Secret Code Station

Stop motion animation station

Plicker Checker Station

Qr quiz stop

Tom said cryptically

Tom said Cryptically

AirDrop hand out

AirDrop hand in

Photo finish line timer

Scavenger Hunt Station

Take a photo of an improper fraction

Orienteering check point

Guest book

Read Aloud

Speech to text party game

Look at this photographEvery time I do it makes me laughHow did our eyes get so red?And what the heck is on Joey's head?

And this is where I grew upI think the present owner fixed it upI never knew we'd ever went withoutThe second floor is hard for sneaking out

Text to speech instructions

Remote shutter release

Assessment station

15 seconds to say what you learned

hidden punctuation crouching keyboard

touch hold punctuation keys

Split Keyboard

Split the keyboard

Shakey Shakey No Mistakey