imedia october breakthrough summit - launch pad day: "flipping the tablet mentality"

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iMedia October Breakthrough Summit - Launch Pad Day "Flipping the Tablet Mentality" Evan Doll, Co-Founder, Flipboard


  • 1. Flipping the Tablet Mentality Evan DollFlipboard Cofounder

2. Who Am I? Engineering, design and product strategy at Flipboard Former iPhone engineer at Apple Taught iPhone app development at Stanford 3. Next 15 Minutes What is Flipboard? Why did we build it? Whats next? 4. What is Flipboard? 5. Social Magazine 6. Personalized for you 7. Three Principles 8. Fast 9. Beautiful 10. Social 11. Demo 12. Why Flipboard? 13. Mike McCue Netscape, Tellme 14. Reimagine the web 15. Focus on beautiful content 16. Fight information overload 17. Inspired by magazines 18. Design & editorial 19. Dynamic, personal nature of social media 20. When you see a parade starting, jump in front of it!- Jim Barksdale 21. Whats Next? 22. Three Ideas 23. 1 24. Evolving relationships with readers 25. No longer just visiting publisher sites 26. Apps, aggregators,mobile devices 27. Social sharing and discovery 28. Less control, more fragmented 29. Increasing appetite for great content 30. 2 31. Ads as content 32. Whats Vogue without the ads? 33. Advertising that people talk about 34. Text ads wont make you drink Coca-Cola 35. Limitations of the web as we know it 36. Make it more social and more beautiful 37. Future of brand advertising 38. 3 39. The paradox of tablets 40. Users want a native experience 41. Users dont wanttoo many apps 42. Content creatorsneed to scale 43. Make Flipboard symbiotic with creators 44. In closing 45. Huge risks andopportunities 46. We want Flipboard to advance the status quo 47. Our ears and mindsare open 48. Evan Doll