immigration. great lull seven years’ war in europe (1756) american revolution french revolution...

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  • Immigration

  • Great LullSeven Years War in Europe (1756)American RevolutionFrench RevolutionNapoleonic Wars (1803-1815)Great Britain prohibits slavery

  • American PopulationStarted to grow rapidlyWhy?cheap landjob opportunitiesothers were forcedFrom Where?Immigrants from Western Europe

  • The IrishThe potato was the staple food source for the IrishA fungus destroyed the potato crop and caused the Potato FamineAs new immigrants, they took some of the lowliest jobs available (construction or laying rail road tracks)Irish women usually worked as household workers

  • The GermansHarsh rulers and dictators on GermanyLarge groups of people had taken part in revolutions which failedForced to flee to the United StatesMany German immigrants moved west upon arrival to the United StatesSome 60,000 fled to America after the failed Revolutions of 1848.

  • The American PeopleNativist:Felt that the land of the United States was set aside for white, American born ProtestantsIrish immigrants were mainly Catholics which did not sit well with the native

  • Know NothingsAn organized group of nativists from the New York areaWhen questions about the organization, they would only answer I know nothingHad someone run for president in 1856

  • Declines in ImmigrationReproduction within the United StatesPercent of immigrants decreases6 out of 7 people Panic of 1837Andrew Jacksons attack on the 2nd National BankFollowed by a 5 year depressionAmerican Civil War1861-1865