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value focused. results driven. Importing and Exporting Data in Maximo 7.5 July 31, 2012

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value focused. results driven.

Importing and Exporting Data in Maximo 7.5

July 31, 2012

What’s changed in Maximo 7.5

Benefits of Import/Export

Setting Up Applications for Import/Export

How to Import/Export data





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• Can add or manage massive loads of records at a time

• The majority of your work can be done without accessing the Maximo UI

• All loaded data is validated through Maximo Business Object validation

• Easy to organize and maintain data using spreadsheets

Benefits of Import/Export

• Done primarily through the Maximo Integration Framework (MIF)

• One would need an understanding of Integration Components eg/ External Systems, End Points and Publish Channels

Import/Export in Maximo 7.1

• Data can be imported and exported directly through Maximo applications

• Implementation of Import/Export needs some aspects of the Integration Framework

• However, end users using this do not need any knowledge of the Integration Framework

Import/Export in Maximo 7.5

• Integration components still need to be configured by your integration administrator

• The administrator will need to duplicate the target object structure

• For object structures that are not out of the box, you will need to create a new object structure

Setting Up Your Application for Import/Export

• Go To -> Integration -> Object Structures

• Duplicate the MXAsset Object Structure

• Ensure that you click the Support Flat Structure check box

Example: Setup for Asset

• To keep our data sheets manageable, we can use the exclude/include fields option

• It is accessible from Select Action -> Exclude/Include fields

Example: Setup for Asset

• We need to make this object structure accessible from the Assets Application

• Go to the Select Action menu and make the object accessible using:

– Add/Modify Application Export Support

– Add/Modify Application Import Support

Example: Setup for Asset

• Permissions must also be granted in Security

• Go To -> Security -> Security Groups

• Go to the security group for whom you wish to grant these privileges to

Example: Setup for Asset

Example: Setup for Asset



• Exporting data is useful for obtaining data, but it is also useful in obtaining a template for importing data

• For obtaining a template, it’s best to limit your search output to 1-2 records

Exporting Data

• If you want to load values using some auto generated values, some options must be set in the object structure

• Navigate to the object in Object Structures

• Go to Select Action -> Inbound Setting Restrictions

• Set the auto-key fields as Restricted and Override

Importing Data – Allowing Auto-key Fields

• Go to the Assets Application and click the Application Import button

• Ensure you pick your appropriate object structure

• The Import Preview button will validate all entries via the Maximo Business Object rules

Importing Data

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