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(A Unit of Security Printing and Minting Corporation of India Limited) Wholly owned by Government of India Nashik Road 422 101 (Maharashtra)

Tel No 00 91 253 2402219 Fax No 00 91 253 2462718 EPABX: 00 91 253 2402200 Email:[email protected] Website:

Not Transferable

Security Classification: UNCLASSIFIED

Tender documents for procurement of Double Folded Polyolefin Film 250 mm, Quantity :- 225 rolls Tender No. 65 / Express NCB / SY-16-6 ( Polyolefin ) / 2015-16. Date :- 12.06.2017 This Tender Document contains24pages. Tender Documents is sold to:

Details of Contact person in SPMCIL regarding this tender: Name, Designation: Deepak Verma, Deputy Manager (Tech. Operations) Address:India Security Press, Phone : 0253-2402219/2219 Nashik Road-422 101 Fax : 0253-2462718 Maharashtra Email : [email protected] India Note- The word SPMCIL in this SBD hereinafter is referred to as India Security Press, A unit of SPMCIL.




Section I: Notice Inviting Tender (NIT) INDIA SECURITY PRESS

(A Unit of Security Printing and Minting Corporation of India Limited) Wholly owned by Government of India Nashik Road 422 101 (Maharashtra)

Tel No 00 91 253 2402219 Fax No 00 91 253 2462718

EPABX: 00 91 253 2402200 Email:[email protected]


Tender No. 65 / Express NCB / SY-16-6 ( Polyolefin ) / 2015-16. Date :- 12.06.2017.

1. Sealed tenders are invited from eligible and qualified tenderers for supply of following goods:

Schedule No.

Brief Description of Goods

Quantity (with unit)

Earnest Money (in Rs) Remarks

1. Double Folded Polyolefin Shrink film 250 mm.

225 Rolls Rs. 17,500/- ( Rupees Seventeen Thousand Five Hundred ) in the form of DD / Bankers Cheques / FDR drawn on any Scheduled Commercial Bank in India, in favour of SPMCIL Unit, ISP Nashik.

Type of Tender (Two Bid/ PQB/ EOI/ RC/Development/ Indigenization/ Disposal of Scrap/ Security Item etc)

Two Bid i.e. single stage {Technical and Price Bid separately}, National Competitive Bidding.

Dates of sale of tender documents From 13.06.2017 to 22.06.2017 during office hours

Price of the tender document Rs.106 /-

Place of sale of tender documents Purchase section, India Security Press, Nashik Road-422 101

Closing date and time for receipt of tenders 23.06.2017 at 1430 Hours

Place of receipt of tenders Green Gate, India Security Press, Nashik Road-422 101

Time and date of opening of tenders At 1500 Hours on 23.06.2017

Place of opening of tenders Purchase Section, India Security Press, Nashik Road-422 101

Nominated Person/ Designation to Receive Bulky Tenders ( Clause 21.21.1 of GIT )

Manager(HR), India Security Press, Nashik Road-422 101, Mahrashtra, India.

2. Interested tenderers may obtain further information about this requirement from the above office selling the documents. They may also visit our website mentioned above for further details.


3. The supplier has to submit non-refundable fee of Rs 106/- (Rupees One Hundred Six Only ) along with Technical Bid in the form of Account Payee Demand Draft/Bankers Cheque/Cashiers Cheque drawn from any Scheduled Commercial Bank in India, in favour of SPMCIL, Unit ISP, payable at Nashik. 4. Tenderer may also download the tender documents from the web site or www. and submit its tender by utilizing the downloaded document, along with the required non-refundable fee as mentioned in Para 3 above. 5. Tenderers shall ensure that their tenders, duly sealed and signed, complete in all respects as per instructions contained in the Tender Documents, are dropped in the tender box located at the address given below on or before the closing date and time indicated in the Para 1 above, failing which the tenders will be treated as late and rejected. 6. In the event of any of the above mentioned dates being declared as a holiday/ closed day for the purchase organisation, the tenders will be sold/ received/ opened on the next working day at the appointed time.

7. The subject item to be procured falls under the reserved/exclusive list of items for purchase from MSEs/SSI units. Hence, only MSEs/SSI units can participate in this tender which are registered with NSIC/Any other body specified by Ministry of MSME for the respective item mentioned in NIT. MSEs are also requested to indicate clearly in their offer if their company is owned by SC/ST proprietorship. 8. The tender documents are not transferable.

Sd/- xx xx xx Deputy Manager (T. O.) - Purchase

For General Manager India Security Press

Nashik Road Phone No. 053-2402219

Address for dropping the tender documents Green Gate, India Security Press, Nashik Road-422 101, Maharashtra, India.


Section II: General Instructions to Tenderers (GIT)

PART I & II: GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS Applicable to all Types of Tenders

Please refer the link Click here or for further details.

GIT (Total pages: 32)





Section III: Special Instructions to Tenderers (SIT) The following special instructions to Tenderers will apply for this purchase. These special instructions will modify/ substitute/ supplement the corresponding General Instructions to Tenderers (GIT) incorporated in Section II. The corresponding GIT clause numbers have also been indicated in the text below: In case of any conflict between the provision in the GIT and that in the SIT, the provision contained in the SIT shall prevail.

Sl No

GIT Clause No

Topic SIT Provision

1 4 Eligible Goods/ Services (Origin of Goods/ Services

SIT-1 (Mentioned below)

2 8 Pre-bid Conference Not Applicable

3 9 Time Limit for receiving request for clarification of Tender Document

SIT-2 (Mentioned below)

4 11.2 Tender Currency SIT-3 (Mentioned below)

5 12.11 Applicability of Octroi and local Taxes

SIT-4 (Mentioned below)

6 14 PVC Clause & Formula Not Applicable

7 19 Tender validity SIT-5 (Mentioned below)

8 20.4 Number of copies of Tenders to be submitted

SIT-6 (Mentioned below)

9 21 Submission of tender SIT-7 (Mentioned below)

10 24.4 Opening of Tender The Technical bids are to be opened in the first instance, at the prescribed time and date. These bids shall be scrutinized and evaluated by the competent committee/ authority with reference to the parameters prescribed in the Eligibility criteria. Subsequently, in the second stage the financial bids of only the technically acceptable offers (as decided in the first stage) shall be opened for further scrutiny and evaluation. Intimation regarding to opening of Financial bids shall be given to acceptable tenderers to enable them to attend the financial bid opening, if they so desire.


11 33 Evaluation Criteria SIT-8 (Mentioned below)

12 34 Comparison on FOR destination basis.

Supplement with the following: Price bid evaluation: In case of indigenous offer, the prices quoted shall be compared on a total price basis (FOR ISP Nashik), including all taxes, duties, packing and forwarding charges, freight, insurance, installation, training etc. as per the price schedule.

13 35.2 Additional Factors for Evaluation of offers

Not Applicable

14 40 Purchasers right to accept tender

Supplement with the following: SPMCIL reserves the right to accept in part or in full any tender or reject any tender without assigning any reason or to cancel the tendering process and reject all tenders at any time prior to award of contract, without incurring liability, what so ever to the affected tenderer or tenderers. The Purchaser reserves the right to award the purchase order on techno-commercially qualified bidders who are either Schedule-wise lowest bidders or on a bidder who is overall lowest bidder for all schedules.

15 43 Parallel Contract Not Applicable

16 50.1, 50.3 Tender for Rate Contract

Not Applicable

17 51.1, 51.2 Eligibility Criteria As Mentioned in section IX

18 52.1, 52.3, 52.5

Tender involving pre-production samples

Not Applicable

19 53.4, 53.5, 53.7

EOI Tenders Not Applicable

20 54.3.1, 54.5.2

Tenders for Disp