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Environmental Protection & Encapsulations

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We are a company specialized in encapsulating areas where blasting and painting is involved. It also offer weather protection which mean no more delays during the project. It is a once off use product and 100% recyclable.


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Environmental Protection & Encapsulations

Page 2: Industrial Shrink Wrap Solutions

Introduction • Industrial Shrink Wrap Solutions is a new company in South Africa which is

aiming at introducing this new technology of Shrink Wrap not only in South Africa but also in Africa as a whole. The company seeks to create a greener working environment in which workers are safer and the environment is protected.

• Industrial Shrink Wrap Solutions has qualified and skilled technicians which are trained to offer the best service possible, and apply the Shrink Wrap to whatever application needed, with efficiency and professionalism.

• This technology is still new to Africa, but widely used in many parts of Europe and the United States. As a result this is a company which is fairly new but has highly skilled workers which all aim to achieve many great things including introducing this great new technology to as many parts of Africa as possible and contribute to creating a safer, cleaner and more efficient working environment.

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About the product • Industrial Shrink Wrap is a strong and durable plastic film which is heat

shrunk to create a drum tight and tear resistant covering that protects products or areas.

• We have a range of films up to 15m wide and 50m long to ensure that even the largest product can be covered in a single sheet.

• Comes in different thicknessess from 100µ till 500µ, standard or fire • retardant, sound reducing up to 25db and UV protected.

• Because our Shrink Foil is a use once and recycle product, it eliminates the

problem of maintaning and returning re-usable covers.

• Despite being a high performance product, it is a cost effective solution. In addition, because sheets may be joined together by heat welding, there is no limit to the size or shape of the product that can be covered.

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Construction and Scaffolding

• Industrial scaffold wrap is a strong and durable plastic sheeting which is heat shrunk to create a drum tight and tear resistant covering roofs, floors and facades of any size or shape scaffold structure.

• Because sheets are joined together by heat welding, it creates a continuous skin around the scaffold structure without holes or gaps typical of traditional sheeting. This makes it highly effective for applications where a high level of containment or weather protection is required.

• In this protected environment companies can work 24 hours a day !

• Which means: NO MORE DELAYS !!!

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Storage and Events

• All films contain added ulta violet inhibitors (UVI) to protect wrapped goods against UV damage when stored outside for long periods.

• Other additives prevent the film from becoming brittle at low temperatures.

• Where goods will be wrapped for long periods of time, it is good practice to enable any trappped moisture to escape.

• Where voids exist underneath the cover, then the inclusion of a cloth bag containing a desccant is very effective. Alternatively, self adhesive air vents ensure a cross flow of air beneath the cover.

• Even for stages Shrink Foil can be used and makes it waterproof. With

extra pictures, or laser projections you can creat advertising on the material.

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• Using a heavy duty industrial garde, Shrink Wap results in a moulded covering, as tight as a drum skin, which provides peace of mind that the product will remain protected in all conditions.

• Although very sharp edges may need some protection before Wrapping, because the Shrink Wrap fits so tightly the requirement for padding is minimised.

• Where goods may be subjected to customs inspection, the addition of Zipped access hatch may be useful.

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Advantages of Shrink Foil

• The foil is 100% waterproof • UV protected • Environmentaly friendly • Weather resistant against all elements • 100% Recycable • Flexible and very safe • Strong and durable, up to 12 months even after full exposion to sun and

elements • High quality and cost-effective • Better quality of work • No more loss of paint • Reduces delays in work progress during severe bad weather conditions,

thus nothing will affect work progress. It will keep out rain, contains dust, and can resist wind speeds up to 100km/h and will provide privacy in the working environment.

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Different applications for this product

• Construction & Scaffolding

• Containment for environmental protection

• Contaiment for blasting & painting

• Containment for demolition projects

• Weather protection

• Asbestos removal

• Temporary roofs & shelters

• Protection of goods in storage (exposed or indoor).

• Creation of stages for events and advertising.

• Protection of goods for transportation.

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New application in a hot working environment

• One of the new developments in the industry is a new method of encapsulating where heat shrinking of the foil is not required.

• Extensive tests has been done in the UK as well as the Netherlands which resulted in the shrink foil being attached with a high grip contact adhesive. The quality of this application is outstanding.

• The benefit of this method is that the application can be done during normal production process. It allows placement before shut down which saves time. It also does not require hot works permits.

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A few applications

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Application Process

• Methodology: – Weather conditions:

• As with all installation activities, weather plays a significant roll in the

quality and method off installation; During periods of high wind or heavy rain it may not be possible to install the sheeting, therefore if possible choose a day when the weather is not so windy or wet; If this not possible then work with the weather, install the sheeting with the wind blowing against the sheet, and if it’s raining, lap the joins such that the rain can not get between the joint. In windy conditions it may be more expedient to use a smaller size sheet with only a 4 m drop and care must be taken not to let the sheet become detached before welding/sealing has taken place.

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Pricing and Plastics available

• The Special blend of polyethylene’s gives the product its unique strength and flexibility.

• Shrink wrap sheeting is heat shrunk onto the item requiring protection, it can be fixed to scaffolding, Equipment, Structural Steel etc. It is available from stock throughout Europe, U.S and South-Africa.

• Industrial Shrink Wrap Solutions complies with the following standards: • DIN-4102 B1 • LPS1207 • LPS1215 • 200 µ Fire retardant or Standard , used for storage & storage • 250 µ Fire retardant or Standard, used for scaffolding • 300 µ Fire retardant or Standard , used for scaffolding & heavy duties • 350 µ Fire retardant or Standard , used for scaffolding & very heavy duties • 400 µ Fire retardant or Standard , used for oil rigs & very heavy duties • 500 AFR-T-AC Acoustic Sheeting Only Fire retardant • Doors & Windows Prices on request

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• DCD Dorbyl Marine

• Damen

• DCD Dorbyl Heavy Engineering

• Sasol 1

• Iscmatla

• Servest Marine

• Dormac

• B&E International

• Ensco

• Saipem

• Robor scaffolding


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Industrial Shrink Wrap Solutions

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