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Inking in PowerPoint. Introduction to Inking. Santa Fe School District v. Jane Doe. Arguments for Santa Fe. Arguments for Jane Doe. Discussion starter. Who did Confucius believe was responsible for setting a good example? What was the result from their good example? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Page 1: Inking in PowerPoint

Inking in PowerPoint

Page 2: Inking in PowerPoint

Introduction to Inking

Page 3: Inking in PowerPoint

Santa Fe School District v. Jane Doe

• Arguments for Santa Fe • Arguments for Jane Doe

Page 4: Inking in PowerPoint

Discussion starter

• Who did Confucius believe was responsible for setting a good example?

– What was the result from their good example?

• From page 150- Do you agree with the idea of reward based on merit? Why or why not?

Page 5: Inking in PowerPoint

Politicization of the Nomination Process

1. How was Warren Court a leading cause?

2. Bork Hearings: Another turning point?

3. Major factors impacting nomination today?

Page 6: Inking in PowerPoint

Sandbox Time

White Screen



Discussion Starters

Page 7: Inking in PowerPoint

Powers of the Government

State National


Page 8: Inking in PowerPoint

Central Dogma of Genetics

DNA RNA Protein

Page 9: Inking in PowerPoint

Osmosis in EggsGroup Starting Mass

(g)End Mass

(g)Change in Mass

(g)Percent Change






Page 10: Inking in PowerPoint

Ancient Egyptian Culture


Most of what we know about Egyptian life comes from the paintings on the walls of tombs and temples as well as written records.

Page 11: Inking in PowerPoint

Graphic Organizers

Smart Art


Data Collection

Sandbox Time

Page 13: Inking in PowerPoint
Page 14: Inking in PowerPoint


Page 15: Inking in PowerPoint

Hyperlink to word document

• Greece Worksheet

• Map identification

Page 16: Inking in PowerPoint

Sandbox Time





Sandbox Time

Page 17: Inking in PowerPoint

Matching1. Control center2. Energy producer3. Protein synthesizer4. Storage5. Genetic material6. Waste disposal

A. DNAB. LysosomeC. MitochondriaD. NucleusE. RibosomeF. Vacuole

Page 18: Inking in PowerPoint

Pop-Quiz1. Who was one of the greatest

Pharaoh’s of the New Kingdom?

2. In 31 BC, Egypt became part of the _____________ Empire?

3. Which statement is true about Hatshepsut?

a. She has proclaimed herself a pharaoh

b. The empire fell apart during her reign

c. She was a military conquerord. She was the last pharaoh of


4. Thutmose III was all of the following except

a. A conquerorb. An educated manc. Unmerciful to the defeatedd. A great Pharaoh

5. Define regent

Page 19: Inking in PowerPoint

Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection• Individual organisms differ; variation is heritable

• Organisms produce more offspring than can survive; they compete for limited resources

• Some variations are advantageous; individuals best suited to their environment survive and reproduce successfully

• Species alive today descent with modification from ancestral species that lived in the past

Page 20: Inking in PowerPoint

Reasons for Electoral College“The framers wanted the Electoral College to serve as a reliable gatekeeper, a richly endowed ‘nominating committee’ that would send the top vote-getters to the U.S. House for a final choice, without any reliance on the will of the general public. George Mason. . . ‘conceived it would be as unnatural to refer the choice of a proper character for chief Magistrate to the people, as it would, to refer a trial of colours to a blind man. The extent of the Country renders it impossible that the people can have the requisite capacity to judge.’”

Page 21: Inking in PowerPoint

Sandbox Time

Page 22: Inking in PowerPoint

Living vs. Non-living

Page 23: Inking in PowerPoint
Page 24: Inking in PowerPoint
Page 25: Inking in PowerPoint

Sandbox Time

Photo Analysis

Discussion Starter

Sandbox Time

Page 26: Inking in PowerPoint
Page 27: Inking in PowerPoint
Page 28: Inking in PowerPoint