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Due representation to China and Russia must be given in Internet Crime Control Authority.


  • Internet Crime Control Authority Sajid Imtiaz
  • All rights reserved. Copyright Title: Internet Crime Control Authority Author: Sajid Imtiaz Edition: 2013 Publisher: Dedication This study is dedicated to Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Daniel Edelman and Joshua Keating.
  • Contents Internet Crimes Internet Crime Control Authority Composition of ICCA Role and Responsibilities of ICCA Compensation to Internet Crime Victims ICCA Police Economic Benefits of ICCA Internet Crime Control in Pakistan Survey on ICCA Discussion Questions About the Author
  • Internet Crimes Internet is the greatest invention of 20th century. Today there are over 1 billion internet users worldwide. E-commerce, e- banking and e-marketing are new domains of knowledge and business. Internet crimes have also increased in the world. Criminals use email accounts of Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo. Pirated software operated computers become easy prey of internet criminals. Rich PTC and Six Dollar Clicks wasted time, energy and money of internet users worldwide. Some Pakistanis also became victims of Rich PTC. There still remains an important issue that is compensation to cyber crimes victims. So far IC3 and the FBI are unable to provide compensation to crime victims. This issue has been highlighted by several writers. Sino-US cyber war is known to every educated person. American organizations became target of hackers and cyber criminals. America is the first country who established Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3). Daily more than 200 complaints are registered with the IC3. Criminals are scientifically detected and their information is shared with their respective governments. There is much need of Internet Crime Control Authority (ICCA) to dispense justice to criminals and victims. Pakistan is in favor of ICCA and hopefully ICCA would be established in 2013.
  • Internet Crime Control Authority Today internet users need Internet Crime Control Authority (ICCA) for growth of e-commerce and safe surfing. Internet hegemony of America must be controlled and changed. ICCA must be formed as early as possible in Paris or New York by the United Nations Organization. Due representation must be given to China, India, France and Pakistan in ICCA. Cyber crimes must be dealt professionally and speedily to dispense justice. Criminals must be fined and sent behind the bar whereas victims must be duly compensated. There are still pending some cases like Botnet Butterfly virus. Only ICCA can avoid ongoing cold cyber war between America and China. Hopefully Secretary General UNO, Ban Ki- Moon would take affirmative action in great global interest. Composition of ICCA All member states of UNO are members of ICCA. Executive Committee comprises of ten member countries would select the President or Secretary General for one year. President would call general meetings at least once a year. ICCA must have regional offices in every continent or as desired by the member states. Countries would recommend professionals for the Executive Committee for one year or more.
  • Role and Responsibilities of ICCA Planning to fix objectives and devise effective mechanism for internet/cyber crimes control in the world Hearing criminal cases and awarding fines or punishments Advocating use of secure technologies and software in member states in collaboration with big data companies like Gmail and Hotmail Ensuring competent human resources in head office and regional offices to achieve the desired objectives Coordinating and leading cyber crimes controlling organizations like Internet Crime Complaint Center and Interpol Providing state of the art training to ICCA police in member states Raising awareness on cyber crimes control and intellectual property rights in member countries Awarding punishments and fines to internet/cyber criminals and ensuring enforcement of laws and regulations Compensating internet/cyber crime victims in the world Avoiding cyber warfare among member countries
  • Compensation to Internet Crime Victims Criminals have been defaming Burkina Faso and big companies like Gmail and Hotmail. Internet Crime Control Authority must serve as a supreme judicial body and hear appeals of criminals. ICCA must also collect fines from cyber or internet criminals and distribute money to victims according to the damages. Compensatory money to victims must be distributed through respective governments. Compensatory money can be distributed directly to the victims. ICCA Police ICCA should form its police for law enforcement and investigation of internet crimes. ICCA Police would be a distinctive force and work according to laws of respective governments. ICCA Police force would enjoy diplomatic immunity under UN laws. Interpol in Paris is already working to catch criminals. Keeping in view growth in internet users and smartness of cyber criminals, there must be a specialized police force i.e. ICCA Police.
  • Economic Benefits of ICCA ICCA would provide administrative and law enforcing job positions at least to 5000 persons. Only China and India would hire 2000 persons for ICCA Police. ICCA will award fines and punishments to criminals besides compensation to internet crime victims. General public, government organizations and businesses would be able to enjoy e-commerce, e-marketing and e- banking besides safe and secure surfing. One can state that ICCA would help increasing 1% of global economy in the first two years. Internet Crime Control in USA Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo are aware of the fact that internet criminals use their email accounts. They have been taking measures against criminals by cooperating with Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3). So far they are unable to restrain internet criminals. Microsoft has been advocated for genuine software. IC3 and the FBI have substantial information about techniques used by internet criminals. Reports can be read at and
  • Internet Crime Control in Pakistan Pakistan is a developing country and internet users are increasing every year. Internet users in Pakistan also receive unsolicited emails in their junk box. Some emails contain virus. There remains potential threat of virus activation. On Independence Day and Defence Day, websites are hacked every year. We see Indian flags on these sites. Government of Pakistan has set up Ministry of Information Technology for offering safe surfing to internet users. Federal Investigation Authority has established cyber crime wings. They receive complaints and investigate these scientifically. So far nothing big internet crime has reported by the FIA.
  • Survey on ICCA The following questions were asked from 200 educated Pakistanis in April 2013 and they supported the formation of ICCA. Question: Should internet crime victims be given compensation? I dont Know No Yes Answer: Yes (100%) Question: Should Internet Crime Control Authority be formed? I dont Know No Yes Answer: I dont Know (2%) Yes (98%) Question: Where should be the head office of ICCA? Beijing New York Paris Answer: Beijing (19%) New York (33%) Paris (48%)
  • Discussion Questions Q- Is there need of Internet Crime Control Authority (ICCA) in the world? Q- Should ICCA avoid cold cyber war between America and China? Q- Should there be ICCA Police or ICCA should use Interpol? Q- Will internet/cyber crime victims get compensation from their respective governments? Q- Should Pakistan be made permanent member of executive committee of ICCA? Q- Does this short study contain authentic information especially economic benefits of ICCA?
  • About the Author Sajid Imtiaz hails from Islamabad and has served in leading ad agencies in Islamabad and Peshawar. In 1994, he served in College of Army Education, Jhika Gali, Murree. His works, Cyber Crimes 25 Factual Cases and Instant Drinks Industry of Pakistan are truly worth reading studies. Besides member of Pakistan Society of Criminology, Sajid Imtiaz is editor-in-chief of Daily 10 Minutes, 1st content advertising e-paper with balance sheet. Contact: