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  • 1. Introduction Audition Mobile Game Sologame Portal

2. The first, you neet to download this game at: The fanpage link 3. Click & Play 4. Your ID Your pass Log in To tryRegister your account or using facebook account, yahoo acount, google account Forget your account 5. The first face of Audition Mobile 6. Channel 1 channel 6 7. Your Bag Your MissionYour Friend 8. The time youll get gift when you onlineCard Call the rollYES When you make roll call 1 time, 2 or 3 time will get big giftdetail Get gift 9. The gift sent to your mailconfirmYour mail at here After then, please open your bag in shopping store to use it 10. Make your FAM at here This is Card to create your FAMExit button 11. Your BagYour storeCardSaveHOT fashion 12. Delete 7 days30 daysForeverPaymentTo give someone buyWhen you click MUA, you will see your product in your store. Click your store, that boxll show 13. PlayingLog in quickly other room Create room Search 14. sendHistoryType your textYour friendWhen you click here, that box will showYour dancer Friend chat 15. Your rooms name Your rooms passcancelconfirm 16. Invite BeginChoosing your stageChoosing dance style EasyNorma Difficult 17. Sometime youll be invite by other dancer The blue box is your accept 18. You can add card thought VTC gate or FPT gate Please research at : FPT gate: VTC gate: 19. Good Luck