introductory information literacy skills

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Introductory Information Literacy Skills. Lecture One: Introduction to the Research Process. Lecture One: Outline. Introduction Review of Course Outline Using Moodle Connecting to the wireless network Defining Information Literacy The Research Process - overview Concordia Libraries - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Lecture One: Introduction to the Research ProcessINST 250/4Sharon Rankin

  • IntroductionReview of Course OutlineUsing MoodleConnecting to the wireless networkDefining Information LiteracyThe Research Process - overviewConcordia LibrariesLC call numbers shelf marksINST 250/4

  • Become more information literateINST 250/4

  • Learn about a variety of information sourcesINST 250/4

  • Understand the research processINST 250/4

  • Learn how to use information sources to information about your topicINST 250/4

  • Learn how to search more effectivelyINST 250/4

  • Learn how to evaluate sources based on established criteriaINST 250/4

  • Strategies for organizing the information you have selected as relevant

    INST 250/4

  • Organize sources into a bibliographyINST 250/4

  • Prepare an outline of your research paper, using a writing style appropriate to academic writingINST 250/4

  • ObjectivesEvaluation (Grades)AssignmentMid-term Research paperClass participationCommunicating with meOffice HoursCourse text Lecture slides

    INST 250/4

  • Weekly scheduleDue datesAssignmentMid-term - in classResearch paper

    Academic integrityPlagiarism

    INST 250/4

  • Web course softwareUses: to submit assignments to email mecopies of lecture slidesInteresting linksHow to connectNetname and passwordMyConcordia portal

    INST 250/4

  • From Home

    Finding computers on campusCU labs laptops Library loan

    INST 250/4

  • The set of abilities requiring individuals to "recognize when information is needed and have the ability to locate, evaluate, and use effectively the needed information. (American Library Association)

    Considered essential lifelong learning skills.

    INST 250/4

  • Information literate people will demonstrate an awareness of how they gather, use, manage, synthesise and create information and data in an ethical manner and will have the information skills to do so effectively.

    INST 250/4

  • Webster and Vanier

    First Floor: Circulation, Reference, Gov. Docs, WorkstationsSecond Floor: Periodicals and Media Centre (non-print)Third floor: Stacks

    INST 250/4

  • A General WorksBPhilosophy, ReligionCHistoryDHistory, Topography (except America)EAmerica (general), United States (general)FUnited States (local), America (except the United States)GGeography, AnthropologyHSocial Sciences (general), Statistics, Economics, SociologyJPolitical ScienceKLawLEducationMMusicNFine ArtsPLanguage and LiteratureQScienceRMedicineSAgricultureTTechnologyUMilitary ScienceVNaval ScienceZ Bibliography, Library Science

    INST 250/421 main divisions

  • Main categories are subdivided by a second capital letter:

    L EducationLAHistory of EducationLBTheory and Practice of EducationLCSpecial Aspects of EducationLDIndividual Institutions-USLEIndividual Institutions-America (except US)LFIndividual Institutions-EuropeLGIndividual Institutions-Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Is.LHCollege and school magazines and papersLJStudent Fraternities and SocietiesLTTextbooksINST 250/4

  • Further subdivided by numbers 1 to 9999 to which decimals may be added. Some subdivisions for LC are the following:65-245Social aspects of education68-70Demographic aspects71-120.4Education and the state129-139Compulsory education149-161Literacy251-951Moral and religious education

    INST 250/4

  • Cutter numbers are then assigned:LC149.7 G63

    G63 (Authors name starts with a G)

    INST 250/4

  • INST 250/4

  • INST 250/4

  • Books about Information Literacy may be found in several different classes:

    LB1028Theory & practice of education-TeachingLC149Social aspects of education-LiteracyP96Communication-Mass mediaTK5105TelecommunicationZ 711.2Library Science. Public servicesZA3075Information resourcesINST 250/4

  • I hear and I forget, I see and I believe, I do and I understand.

    Where does this come from?

    INST 250/4

  • INST 250/4

  • Select a topicDevelop a preliminary thesis Conduct a literature searchCreate a working bibliographyEvaluate selected sourcesWrite a final thesis Prepare a paper & bibliography

    INST 250/4

  • INST 250/4

  • Overview of library organizationLC Call numbersTo DosTest your wireless connectionConnect to Moodle to display course infoExplore the Library web site Consult the course textbook for next weeks readingsNext weekStep 1 Selecting a topic

    INST 250/4

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