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    ! If you are trying to reach your customer, you must walk a tightrope when it comes to email: you need to use it as the consumers! preferred communications channel. You also need to be careful not to abuse it by sending too many messag- es. According to results from a Lyris-sponsored Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) study of consumers in the US and UK, an overwhelming 80% said that their top frustra- tion about companies! use of online communications was they received too many unwanted email messages. But, when asked how they prefer to be introduced to a new consumer product (other than through mass- market advertising), respondents pointed to email first. "

    " Specifically, given a list of ways in which to initi- ally learn about consumer products, consumers chose email (37%) first. Printed catalogs (35%), personal referrals (33%), and referrals by a trusted website (30%) followed.

    " Email held up when asking about what consumers felt was NOT wanted. Unsolicited telephone calls (64%) ranked #1 of least liked contact. Receipt of emails from brands was only unliked by 11% of respondents,.

    " When it comes to the final assessment at the time of purchase, personal referrals (36%) was ranked on top, as it has been for years. Word-of-mouth is considered the very best " "

    referral. Referrals by a trusted website (33%) was right up there, closing in on word-of-mouth and actually ahead of email (30%) as the most preferred sources of communication. Again, this was at the time of purchase and not the lead into gaining engagement. If you are still using unsolici- ted phone calls, stop using it as a lead generator as 59% dislike it.

    " Finally, email clearly takes the lead in consumers! channel preference post- purchase (52%). What this study shows is that these results illustrate that email remains atop the various communication channels at various stages of the purchase cycle. About the Data: The survey was conducted in March 2013 among 409 consumers.

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    There Are People Living In The West.

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    Media Notes Canonical ipsissima verba

    Media Notes

    Vol #671

    Giving Credit

    Where Credit

    Is Due:

    Based on an article in marketing charts.com 061213 and thoughts by Lance


    the advancement of new media continues read MNC Briefs blog @ http://sophis1234.tumblr.com/

    CONSUMERS WANT EMAILS FROM BRANDS... ! just not too many.

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    " Alex Weprin wrote on mediabistro.com that #CBS This Morning!, #The News is Back....# On The West Coast Too. Few people in the East or Midwest understand that a rather large portion of the nation lives and works West of the Rockies. But someone at CBS figured that if they could make a few tweeks to the system, they could increase ratings, even in the morning. " Few months back, many of us noticed that the lead announcers and reporters at 0700 on #CBS This Morning! stated, “Welcome to our viewers out west.” Not a big deal, but a very big deal. During the past few months, ABC!s #Good Morning America# had taken over the early morning news block over past legendary leader NBC!s #The Today Show!. #CBS This Morning! has been gaining viewers while #Today# has been losing viewers compared to last year. " As Weprin stated, #While #CBS This Morning! has positioned itself as the hard-news alternative, going so far as to use the tagline #The news is back in the morning!, it is also doing something that its competitors don!t: updating the show live for the West Coast, every day.

    “To be persuasive we must be believable; to be believable we must be credible; to be credible we must be truthful.” " " " Edward R. Murrow

    " " " " " " " Finally, a network has noticed those of us living where surfing and mountain hiking are everyday sports, some on the same day. Call it freaky. We call it good weather. Regardless, a week ago Friday, NBC!s #Today! was previewing the government jobs report...hours after the numbers were released. If viewers tuned on #CBS This Morning!, in Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Sacramento, Portland, Seattle and parts in- between, on that Friday morning, they learned what those numbers were. #Good Morning America! also provided updated numbers for the west coast that day. Why this is so important is that local morning programs often outperform network newscasts on the West Coast. Perhaps that is because many of us realize we are getting old news from the networks. If networks see soft viewership out West, they determine it!s not worth the hassle of wrangling anchors, producers and a crew to update every day. For CBS This Morning, it might be making a ratings difference.

    Bits & Pieces Week of 060313 Weekly Average Ratings BROADCAST MORNING NEWS SHOWS ABC: #GMA# 5.39 million + 0.06 NBC: #Today# 4.55 million + 0.04 CBS: #Early Show# 2.90 million+ 0.12 BROADCAST LATE-NIGHT SHOWS NBC: #Tonight# 3.60 million+ 0.07 CBS: #Late Show# 3.00 million + 0.44 ABC: #Kimmel# 2.60 million- 0.26 Week of 060313

    BROADCAST EVENING NEWS +/- last NBC: #Brian Williams! 7.54 million - 0.15 ABC: #Diane Sawyer# 6.99 million- 0.11 CBS: #Scott Pelley# 5.70 million- 0.36 Sunday 060913

    BROADCAST SUNDAY AM NEWS CBS: #Sunday Morning# 5.66 million CBS: #Face The Nation! 2.97 million +0.16 NBC: #Meet The Press# pre-empted ABC: #This Week# 2.59 million + 0.63 FOX: #News Sunday# 1.24 million+ 0.18 UNI: #Al Punto# 0.78 million+ 0.01 "

    “Why would you wait for anything to come to you.”" Herman Globbops famed master of thought and wisdom


    " "

    MNC are not printed. They are only released digitally.

    “When in doubt remember: It’s all about baseball.” Lance For more baseball, go to: http://overtheshouldermlb.wordpress.com/

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    ! “Right or wrong the customer is always right.” Marshall Field

    On your smartphone, scan with any QR reader.

    Media Notes Canonical Vol #671

    Giving Credit


    Credit Is

    Due: From an article in TV Newser by Alex Weprin 061213 with thoughts & observations of Lance.

    “You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don’t try.” Beverly Sills http://www.cnasophis.com

    WRGB-TV Niskayuna WEHT-TV Evansville WTSP-TV St. Paul KTUL-TV Tulsa KGUN-TV Tucson KLAS-TV Las Vegas

    The more you know, the better you are.

    Congratulations to the Edward R. Murrow award winners for excellence in broadcasting. WVUE-TV New Orleans KSUA-TV Denver WNBC-TV NYC KSPR-TV, Spring- field, MO KWY-TV Philadelphia WHEC-TV Rochester KXRM-TV Colo. Springs KXAS-TV Fort Worth KHQ-TV Spokane KARE-TV Minneapolis CTV Vancouver/Victoria WFAA-TV Dallas KMOV-TV St. Louis KRNV-TV Reno

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    MONDAY 06.10.13

    NBC ‘The Voice‘

    11.85 million viewers 7.3/12HH

    TUESDAY 06.11.13

    ABC #NBA Finals# Gm#3

    14.04 million viewers 8.5/14HH

    WEDNESDAY 06.12.13

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