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  • 8/2/2019 IR Final Report


    Measuring the safety and health of Radisson

    Washing Plant garment workers

  • 8/2/2019 IR Final Report



    It is our pleasure and privilege to prepare this report. It gave us immense interest and aroused

    curiosity and we believe that the experience gathered in preparing this paper will help us extremely

    in career building.

    We are especially grateful to our respectable course teacher Tasnuva Rahman, for giving us her

    valuable suggestions and supporting us to prepare this paper. Without her advice and support, it

    would not be possible for us to prepare this term paper.

    We would also like to thank Radisson Washing Plant LTD team during the preparation of the

    report, which rendered cooperation through providing us with necessary information which would

    enlighten the report.

    Finally, we would like to convey our heartiest thanks and gratitude to all of our teachers, friends,

    and many others who extend their support to prepare the report.

  • 8/2/2019 IR Final Report


    12th, September, 2011

    Tasnuva Rahman

    Senior Lecturer

    Faculty of Business Administration

    Eastern University


    With great pleasure, we are submitting our report on Radisson Washing Plant LTD. Our topic is

    Measuring the safety and Health issue of Radisson Washing Plant LTD garment workers with

    The Bangladesh Labor Code 2006 It helps us to bridge the gap between classroom learning and

    actual job conditions.

    Our report is made on the basis of the surveys, many scholars articles, web based address, and

    newspaper article of about Radisson Washing Plant LTD. Though its a quite brief report but you

    would get clear idea about the overall environment of that washing plant.

    Thanking you for giving us the opportunity to work this important and interesting topic we gladly

    appreciate for having this assignment. This assignment gave us many information and factors to

    know and work with. We are really grateful to you for giving us the opportunity to work under


    Sincerely yours,

    1) Romana Akter 081200117

    2) Farzana Haq 081200109

    3) Samiul Nafiz 081200115

    4) Flora Milred Rodrigues 081200028

    5) Rezaul Karim Emon 081200105

  • 8/2/2019 IR Final Report


    Executive summery

    The report is done to measure the health and safety issues of Radisson Washing Plant LTD with

    the provisions of The Bangladesh Labor Law 2006.

    Radisson Washing Plant LTD is a relatively new garment institution which specializes on making,

    customizing and washing jeans products including pants and jackets. Their business partners are

    foreign companies. The place was designed by architects and is equipped with all kinds of safety


    During our visit, we have been shown all around and we witnessed the safety precautions that they

    provided for the workers. And we all agreed on saying that they did a reasonable good job in

    ensuring their workers safety as well as the safety of their machinery.

    They have followed the Bangladesh Labor Code 2006 as far as they could. And there are some

    things that we also recommended to them.

    The Radisson washing plant Ltd. is a new company and it has followed most of the things of

    Labour Code 2006. Where as most of the companies do not follow it properly. Still there were

    some lacking but the company has ensured us that they are going to fulfill it as early as possible.

    The workers are satisfied with the system of the company, wage system, working hour, holidays

    etc. their behavior with the workers is also nice. We have seen they are using water refining

    machine to prevent environmental pollution. We hope this company would always do the same

  • 8/2/2019 IR Final Report


    Table of content

    Topic Page no


    Objective of the reportLiterature report

    Bangladesh Labor code 2006

    About the company





  • 8/2/2019 IR Final Report



    Occupational health and safety

    Occupational health and safety is a discipline with a broad scope involving many specializedfields. In its broadest sense, it should aim at:

    the promotion and maintenance of the highest degree of physical, mental and social well-

    being of workers in all occupations; the prevention among workers of adverse effects on health caused by their working


    the protection of workers in their employment from risks resulting from factors adverse to


    the placing and maintenance of workers in an occupational environment adapted to

    physical and mental needs;

    the adaptation of work to humans.

    In other words, occupational health and safety encompasses the social, mental and physical well-being of workers that is the whole person.

    Successful occupational health and safety practice requires the collaboration and participation of

    both employers and workers in health and safety programmes, and involves the consideration of

    issues relating to occupational medicine, industrial hygiene, toxicology, education, engineeringsafety, ergonomics, psychology, etc.

    Occupational health issues are often given less attention than occupational safety issues because

    the former are generally more difficult to confront. However, when health is addressed, so is

  • 8/2/2019 IR Final Report


    safety, because a healthy workplace is by definition also a safe workplace. The converse, though,

    may not be true - a so-called safe workplace is not necessarily also a healthy workplace. The

    important point is that issues of both health and safety must be addressed in every workplace. Byand large, the definition of occupational health and safety given above

    encompasses both health and safety in their broadest contexts.

    Poor working conditions affect worker health and safety

    Poor working conditions of any type have the potential to affect a worker's health andsafety.

    Unhealthy or unsafe working conditions are not limited to factories they can be found

    anywhere, whether the workplace is indoors or outdoors. For many workers, such as

    agricultural workers or miners, the workplace is outdoors and can pose many health andsafety hazards.

    Poor working conditions can also affect the environment workers live in, since the workingand living environments are the same for many workers. This means that occupationalhazards can have harmful effects on workers, their families, and other people in the

    community, as well as on the physical environment around the workplace. A classic

    example is the use of pesticides in agricultural work. Workers can be exposed to toxicchemicals in a number of ways when spraying pesticides: they can inhale the chemicals

    during and after spraying, the chemicals can be absorbed through the skin, and the workers

    can ingest the chemicals if they eat, drink, or smoke without first washing their hands, or if

    drinking water has become contaminated with the chemicals. The workers' families canalso be exposed in a number of ways: they can inhale the pesticides which may linger in

    the air, they can drink contaminated water, or they can be exposed to residues which may

    be on the worker's clothes. Other people in the community can all be exposed in the sameways as well. When the chemicals get absorbed into the soil or leach into groundwater

    supplies, the adverse effects on the natural environment can be permanent.

    Overall, efforts in occupational health and safety must aim to prevent industrial accidents and

    diseases, and at the same time recognize the connection between worker health and safety, theworkplace, and the environment outside the workplace.

    The importance occupational health and safety

    Work plays a central role in people's lives, since most workers spend at least eight hours a day in

    the workplace, whether it is on a plantation, in an office, factory, etc. Therefore, work

    environments should be safe and healthy. Yet this is not the case for many workers. Every dayworkers all over the world are faced with a multitude of health hazards, such as:



  • 8/2/2019 IR Final Report




    Extreme temperatures.

    Unfortunately some employers assume little responsibility for the protection of workers' health and

    safety. In fact, some employers do not even know that they have the moral and often legalresponsibility to protect workers. As a result of the hazards and a lack of attention given to health

    and safety, work-related accidents and diseases are common in all parts of the world.

    The cost:

    Work-related accidents or diseases are very costly and can have many serious direct and indirecteffects on the lives of workers and their families. For workers some of the direct costs of an injury

    or illness are:

    the pain and suffering of the injury or illness;

    the loss of income;

    the possible loss of a job;

    health-care costs.

    It has been estimated that the indirect costs of an accident or illness can be four to ten times greater

    than the direct costs, or even more. An occupational illness or accident can have so many indirect

    costs to workers that it is often difficult to measure them. One of the most obvious indirect costs isthe human suffering caused to workers' families, which cannot be compensated with money.

    The costs to employers of occupational accidents or illnesses are also estimated to be enormous.

    For a small business, the cost of even one accident can be a financial disaster. For employers, some

    of the direct costs are:

    payment for work not performed;

    medical and compensation payments;

    repair or replacement of damaged machinery and equipment;

    reduction or a temporary halt in production;

    increased training expenses and administration costs; possible reduction in the quality of work;

    negative effect on morale in other workers.

    Some of the indirect costs for employers are:

    the injured/ill worker has to be replaced;

    a new worker has to be trained and given time to adjust;

  • 8/2/2019 IR Final Report


    it takes time before the new worker is producing at the rate of the original worker;

    time must be devoted to obligatory investigations, to the writing of reports and filling out

    of forms;

    accidents often arouse the concern of fellow workers and influence labour relations in a

    negative way;

    poor health and safety conditions in the workplace can also result in poor public relations.

    Overall, the costs of most work-related accidents or illnesses to workers and their families and toemployers are very high.

    Objective of the Report:

    Broad Objective:

    The Primary Objective of this report is gathering information on the Application of Labor Code

    2006 in Radisson Washing Plant Ltd.

    Specific Objective

    The research has Accumulated data to know that if the Radisson washing Plant Ltd is applying the

    Labor Code 2006 in their company or not. We have researched on four important topics which

    include the labor code 2006 for wellbeing of the labors. Those topics are,

    1. Health and Hygiene

    2. Safety

    3. Welfare measure
  • 8/2/2019 IR Final Report


    1.5 Data collection Method

    Sources of data:

    Primary data is the sources of data.

    Data collection method:

    Both Observation and face to face conversation was used as data collection method.

    Data analysis method:

    Qualitative method has been used to analyze the data.


    All the data and information that are collected from primary sources and justifying the

    factors been mentioned from the company named Radisson washing plant Ltd.

    Literature Review

    Health and hygiene:

    The Health and Hygiene part deals with labors Health and hygiene factors. Those are

    Cleanliness, Ventilation, Dust and smoke, Disposal of waste, Over-crowded, Lighting

    system,Pure Drinking water,Toilet system,Distemper.

  • 8/2/2019 IR Final Report



    The Safety part describes the labours safety factors, which should a company has to

    maintain. Those factors are, Safety of building and machinery, Precautions in case of fire,

    Fencing of machinery, Work on or near machinery in motion, Revolving machinery, Floors

    stairs means access, Excessive weight, Powers to require specification of defective parts or

    test of stability.

    Welfare Measures:

    Every Company should follow some welfare measures, Those are, First-Aid appliances,

    Maintenance of a safety record book, Washing facility, Canteens, Shelters or rest rooms,

    Rooms for children, Recreational and educational facilities, Medical care, Group insurance,

    Prayer rooms.

    Bangladesh Labor Code 2006


    Every establishment shall be kept clean and free from effluvia arising from any drain privy or other

    nuisance and in particular:

    a) Accumulation of dirt and refuge shall be removed daily by sweeping or by any other

    effective method from the floors and benches of work rooms and from staircases and

    passages and disposed of in a suitable manner.

    b) The floor of every work-room shall be cleaned at least once in every week by washing,

    using disinfectant where necessary or by some other effective method.

  • 8/2/2019 IR Final Report


    c) Where the floor is liable to become wet in the course of any manufacturing process to such

    extent as is capable of being drained, effective means of draining shall be provided and


    d) All inside walls and partitions, all ceilings, or tops of rooms, and walls, sides and tops or

    passages and staircase shall-

    1) Where they are painted or varnished, be repainted or revarnished at least once every

    three years.

    2) Where they are painted and varnished and have smooth imperious surface, be cleaned

    at least once in every fourteen months, by such methods as may be prescribed.

    3) In any other case, be kept white-washed or color-washed and the white-washing or

    color-washing shall be carried out once in every fourteen months.

    Ventilation and temperature

    1) Effective and suitable provisions shall be made in every establishment for securing and

    maintaining in every work-room adequate ventilation by the circulation of fresh air.

    2) Such temperature as will secure to workers therein reasonable conditions of comfort and

    prevent injury to health.

    3) The walls and roofs shall be in such material and so designed that such temperature shall

    not be exceeded but kept as low as practicable.

    4) Where the nature of the work carried on in the establishment involves, or is likely to

    involve, the production of excessively high temperature such adequate as are practicable,

    shall be taken to protect the workers therefrom by separating the process which produces

    such temperature from the work-room by insulating the hot parts o other effective means.

    Dust and fume

    1) In every establishment in which, by reason of any manufacturing process carried on, there

    is given off any dust or other impurity of such a nature and an extent and is likely to be

    injurious or offensive to other to the worker employed therein, effective measures shall be

    taken to prevent accumulation in any work-room and if inhalation by worker and if any

  • 8/2/2019 IR Final Report


    exhaust appliances is necessary for the purpose shall be applied as near as possible to the

    point of origin of dust, fume or other impurity, and such point shall be enclosed as far as


    2) In any establishment no stationary internal combustions engine shall be operated unless

    the exhaust is conducted into open air, and no internal combustion engine shall be operatedin any room unless effective measures have been taken to prevent accumulation of fumes

    there from as are likely to be injurious to the workers employed in the work room.

    Disposal of waste and effluents:

    Effective arrangements shall be made in every establishment for disposal of wastes

    effluents due to the manufacturing process carried on therein.


    1) No work room in any establishment shall be overcrowded to an extent injurious to the

    health of workers employed therein.

    2) Without prejudice to the provisions of section (1), there shall be provided for every

    worker employed work room at least 9.5 cubic meter of space in the establishment.

    3) If the chief inspector by order in writing so requires, then shall be posted in each work

    room of an establishment a notice specifying the maximum number of workers whomay in compliance with the provisions of this section, be employed in the room.


    1) In every part of an establishment where workers are working and passing there shall be

    provided and maintained sufficient and suitable lighting, natural or artificial or both.

    2) In every establishment all glazed windows and skylights used for the lighting of the room

    shall be kept clean on both the outer and inner surfaces and free from obstruction as far aspossible.

    3) In every establishment effective provisions shall, so far as is practicable be made for the

    prevention of-

    a) Glare either directly from any surface of light or by reflection from or polished surface


  • 8/2/2019 IR Final Report


    b) The formation of shadows to such an extent as to cause eye strain or risk of accident to

    any worker.

    Drinking water:

    1) In every establishment effective arrangement shall be made to provide and maintain at asuitable point conveniently situated for all workers employed therein, a sufficient supply of

    wholesome drinking water.

    2) All such points where water is supplied shall be legibly marked drinking water in Bangla.

    3) In every establishment wherein two hundred fifty or more workers are ordinarily

    employed, provisions shall be made for cooling the drinking water during the hot weather

    by effective means and for distribution thereof.

    4) Where dehydration occurs in the body of workers due to work near machineries creating

    excessive heat there workers shall be provided with oral re-hydration thereby.

    Latrines and urinals:

    In every establishment-

    a) Sufficient latrines and urinals of prescribed types shall be provided conveniently situated

    and accessible to workers at all times while they are in the establishment.

    b) Such latrines and urinals shall be adequately lighted and ventilated.

    c) Such latrines and urinals shall be provided separately for male and female workers.

    d) All such latrines and urinals shall be maintained clean and in sanitary condition at all times

    with suitable detergents and disinfectants.


    Safety of building and machinery:

    1) If it appears to the inspector that any building or part of a building or any part of the

    ways, machinery or plant in an establishment is in such condition that is dangerous to

    human life or safety, he serves on the employer of the establishment an order in writing

    specifying the measures which, in his opinion should be adopted and requiring them to

    be carried out before a specified date.

  • 8/2/2019 IR Final Report


    2) If it appears to the inspector that the use of any building or part of a building or of any

    part of the ways towards machinery or plants in the establishment involves imminent

    danger to human life and safety, they may serve on the employer of the establishment

    order in writing prohibiting its use until it has been properly repaired or altered.

    Precaution is case of fire:

    1) Every establishment shall be provided with at least one alternative connecting stairways

    with each floor and such means of escape in case of fire and fire fighting team as may

    prescribed by the rules.

    2) In every establishment there shall be provided effective and clearly audible means of giving

    warning in case of fire for every person there in.

    3) A free passage way to every means of escape in case of fire shall be maintained for the use

    of all workers in every room of the establishment.

    4) In factories where in fifty or more workers and employees are employed shall arrange at

    least once in a year a mock fire fighting and the employer shall maintain a book of records

    in this regard.

    Fencing the machinery:

    In every establishment the following shall be securely fenced by the safe guards of

    substantial construction which shall be kept on position while the part of machinery

    required to be fenced are in motion, namely-

    a) Every moving part of a prime mover, and every fly wheel connected to a prime mover

    b) Any part of stock bar which projects beyond the head stock

    c) The head race and tail race of every water wheel and water turbine

    d) Unless they are in such position or of such construction as to be as safe to every person

    employed in the establishment as they would be if they were securely fenced.

    1) Every part of an electric generator

    2) Every part of transmission machinery

    3) Every dangerous part of any machinery

  • 8/2/2019 IR Final Report


    Work on or near machinery in motion:

    1) Where in any establishment it becomes necessary to examine any part of machinery

    referred to in section 61 while the machinery is in motion or as a result of such an

    examination carry out any mountain or shipping, lubrication or any adjusting operation

    while the machinery is in motion such examination or operation shall be made or carriedout only by a specially trained adult male worker wearing tight fitting clothing whose name

    has been recorded in the register prescribed in his behalf and while he is so engaged such

    worker shall not handle a belt at a moving pulley unless the belt is less than 15cm in width

    and unless the belt joint is either laced or flushed with the belt.

    2) The government may, by notification in the official gazette, prohibit, in any specified

    establishment, the cleaning, lubricating or adjusting by any person of specified part of

    machinery when those parts are in motion.

    Striking gear and devices for cutting of power:

    1) In every establishment-

    a) Suitable striking gear or other efficient mechanical appliances shall be provided and

    maintained and used to move driving belts to and from fast and loose,

    2.2 Welfare

    First aid appliances:

    1) There shall, in every establishment be provided and maintained, so as to be readily

    accessible during all work hours, first aid boxes or cupboards equipped with the

    contents prescribed by rules.

    2) The number of such boxes and cupboards shall not be less than one for every one

    hundred and fifty workers ordinarily employed in the establishment.

    3) Every first aid box or cub board shall be in charge of a responsible person trained in

    first aid treatment and who shall always be available during the working hours of theestablishment.

    4) A notice shall be affixed in every working room stating the name of the person in

    charge of the first aid box and cupboard provided in respect of that room and such

    person shall wear a badge so as to facilitate identification.

  • 8/2/2019 IR Final Report


    About the company:

    The research has been conducted in Radisson washing plant Ltd. It has been established on 1 st

    December, 2007.

    The company has two units, Washing Unit and Garments unit. Washing unit again consists of two

    units- Wet Process and Dry process.

    The washing Unit has 200 workers and 16 of them are women and the Garments section has

    almost 900 workers most of them are women. About 650 workers are women.

    It has two shifts- Day shift and Night shift.

    Day shift: 9.00 am 9.00 pm. Night shift: 9.00 pm 9.00 am

    As, the rule is to work 8 hours but the workers in this company works 12 hours. Extra 4 hour is

    counted as their overtime. Overtime wage is counted double of their real wage.

    4. Findings:

    Health and hygiene:

    By observing and having conversation with the general manager and workers we have came to

    know about the health and hygiene factors of the company. The things we have observed are given



    The factory was neat and clean. We have known that they have a group of workers to keep the

    factory clean. They wash floors, stairs etc. everyday morning. Everybody has to wear specific

    footwear provided by the factory regarding cleanliness.

  • 8/2/2019 IR Final Report



    The factory is well ventilated, it has better air circulation and the workers feel better to work there.

    Temperature is kept in suitable position. But the workers have said when it is summer they feel

    some trouble.

    Dust and smoke:

    As it is a washing plan, no equipments or machineries provide dust or smoke. So the plant does not

    pollute the air in the factory and it does not affect the health of the workers.

    Disposal of waste:

    The Company has a well equipped system to dispose the poisoned water. The poisoned water is

    refined in to clean water and streamed outside. So they are not polluting the environment.


    The workers are working in a spacious place and the washing drying and even the garments section

    was not over crowded. Every floor has separate sections to work. The workers feel easy and

    comfortable in working there.

    Lighting system:

    The Company has better lighting system, both natural and artificial. The factory is so spacious so

    that they set sufficient sunlight, as it is designed with glass windows around the room and the

    windows are always kept clean.

    Pure Drinking water:

    The Company has system to provide drinking water but it is not pure enough to drink, because the

    worker drinks the water from the taps.

  • 8/2/2019 IR Final Report


    Toilet system:

    The toilet system is good enough. The factory consists of enough no. of toilets. The toilets are well

    ventilated and neat and clean. But one problem is there are no separate toilets for men and women.


    As the company is new and its working year is only 2 years, it was well distempered. The manager

    has told they will re-distemper the factory.


    By observing the company we have noted some points about safety regarding the labour code. The

    observations are,

    Safety of building and machinery:

    The workers are well informed about the machineries. They are well trained to use of the

    machines. And the building is safe enough to work because it was structured by a qualified


    Precautions in case of fire:

    The Company has well trained fire fighter team. Every floor has fire fighting accessories and

    fire/emergency exits.

    Fencing of machinery:

    The machines are technologically improved and safe enough to work so there is no fencing around

    the machines. Every machines are labeled by there capacity.

    Revolving machinery:

  • 8/2/2019 IR Final Report


    In the company factory all the revolving machines are indicated by their speeding level.

    Floors stairs means access:

    The companies every floors and stairs have easy and shortcut access in case of any unusual


    Powers to require specification of defective parts or test of


    As, the company is new there are no defective parts. But if it happens the manger said they will

    take action immediately.

    Welfare Measures:

    Some welfare measures are maintained by companies. The welfare measures we have observed


    First-Aid appliances:

    The Company has first aid systems with trained person in first-aid system in case if minor

    accidents. But in major cases they send to hospitals.

    Maintenance of a safety record book:

    They do not maintain any safety record book.

    Washing facility:They have better washing facilities which are always kept neat and clean


  • 8/2/2019 IR Final Report


    There is no canteen but the workers get one hour leave for having rest. At that time they can go


    Shelters or rest rooms:

    The company has no rest rooms for the workers.

    Rooms for children:

    The company has no room for children but the company is planning to do so in the next year.

    Recreational and educational facilities:

    The workers get festival leaves but they do not get any other recreational and educational facilities.

    Medical care:

    The workers get compensation for their illness and they can get necessary leave if they show

    medical certificate.

    Group insurance:

    The Company has Machine, car, and fire insurances but they do not have group insurance for the


    Prayer rooms:

    The Company has are separate prayer rooms for men and women.


    The company should have filtered drinking water system in a convenient place and there

    should be writtenDrinking Water.

  • 8/2/2019 IR Final Report


    The company should have separate toilets for men and women so that they feel


    As we have known the company has a fire fighter team but still the workers may not be

    aware. So, the workers should have training to cope with the unusual incidents.

    The company should provide safety record book and maintain safety board as prescribed

    by rules.

    By the rule of labor code, where more than 25 workers are employed there should be

    separate rest room for men and women. And if less than 25 women workers the portion of

    rest room should be separated by a curtain. The rest room has to be in a company.

    There is a provision of group insurance for those establishments where at least 200 workers

    work. So the company should create a group insurance.


    The Radisson washing plant Ltd. is a new company and it has followed most of the things of

    Labour Code 2006. Where as most of the companies do not follow it properly. Still there were

    some lacking but the company has ensured us that they are going to fulfill it as early as

    possible. The workers are satisfied with the system of the company, wage system, working

    hour, holidays etc. their behavior with the workers is also nice. We have seen they are using

    water refining machine to prevent environmental pollution. We hope this company would

    always do the same.

  • 8/2/2019 IR Final Report