is my marketing mobile friendly & why should i care?

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2. Merritt Butler#theurldrwebinar 3. Todays AgendaSet the stage and describe the importance of mobileWhy you cant ignore mobile. Review the dataUse of mobile by businesses and nonprofitsWhat you can do today to prepare your organization for mobileNext steps 4. 99% 143,000,000# of smartphonesowned in U.S. in 2013comscore.com29%of Americansuse onlymobile devicesto access theinternet.ondeviceresearch.com91%of U.S. adultsown a cellphonetheatlantic.com61%own 5. 93%Since 2010Source: comScore 6. Source: Litmus, Email ClientMarket Share, April 201238% 7. Source: Chris WardenSpread Effect 8. 71% of US web audience 75% global reach10At the beginning of 20144.5 billionMobile users worldwide 9. 83%of the audience for thiswebinar use mobiledevices to manage theirpersonal lives80%of adults 18-44 havetheir smartphones withthem22 hoursa 10. 220,000,000! 11. mobile responsive99%mobile friendlyvs 12. US smartphonesubscriptionsexpected to grow+28%in 2013Mary Meeker 13. 16 14. 26,000,000,000,00017 15. people look at mobile devices150xper daypeople look at smartphones200xper day 16. 40%of Americans under 35used a mobile device tomake a donation.50%used a mobile deviceto browse non-profitwebsites and emails. 17. 40%Of ShoppersConsult 3 orMoreChannels4 out of 5Consumers use smartphones to shopSource: Chris WardenSpread Effect 18. 75%used phone toget real-time,location-basedinformation90% of mobile searcheslead to an actionlocal searchPewInternet.orgsearchengineland.com70%who ran a localsearch viamobile actedwithin one hourCMO Council 19. Source: Chris WardenSpread Effect 20. Experian Marketing Services50%of email is openedon a mobile device. 21. 30%Blue Hornet80%of users deletemobile email thatdoesnt look good.Blue Hornetof usersunsubscribefrom email lists afterreceiving mobile email thatdoesnt look good. 22. Mobile Marketing 23. 50%+Local searcheswere performed ona mobile device 24. Mobile ads perform4-5 times betterthan online adsSource: iMedia Connection1stPosition 25. Florist frederick Keywords are likely to be shorter Keywords are likely to have local intent 26. 57%of mobile userswont recommend poormobile websitesSource: The Social Media Hat 27. 66%of small businesses areusing mobile for theirbusiness.34%arent.small businessuse of mobileConstant Contact customer research 28. 34%arent. have no plans to adoptmobile in the future65% lack of customerdemand 56% mobile isnt relevant tomy industry orbusiness 28%Constant Contact customer research 29. Dorothy S. JonesApril 1, 1947 April 5, 2013ServicesDorothy S. Jones, age 66, passed awayon Friday, April 5, 2013. She was athome and surrounded by her family. 30. why not?were anonprofitnot bestfor myproductswereregulatedby thegovernmentcost is toohigh 31. calendar ortime managementcustomercommunicationsGPS / mappingaccounting orinvoicingmobile for operations82%74%52%44% 32. YOU DON'T GET TO DECIDEWHICH DEVICE PEOPLE USE TOACCESS YOUR CONTENT.THEY DO.Karen McGrane, author of Content Strategy for Mobile@karenmcgrane 33. at the end ofthe day, itsaboutsuccess 34. tip#1avoidusing toomuch text 35. tip#2avoidmultiplecolumns 36. tip#3clear andeasy callsto action 37. tip#49-point font, headlinesdont stand outMinimum: 22-pointheadlines, 11-point bodytext, improved contrastavoidtinyfonts 38. tip#4avoidtinyfontsBetter: 22-point headlines,16-point body text 39. tip#5useimagescarefully 40. bonus#1dontignorelocalsearch 41. bonus#2dont askcustomers orsupporters toturn theirphones off! 42. 1.4 billionimagestaken on mobile per dayNokias Vesa Jutila, at DigitalK 2012100 hoursof video uploadedper minutecamera on the phone to take shots in-storeor with customers, social posts frombusinesses featuring images, etc.bonus#3youtube.comdontignoremobiletech 43. 50% 44. less is more. focus use less textuse a single columnclear and easy callsto actionno small fonts(test, test, test!)use images carefully(dont rely on them)claim your listings: befound on local search!let your customersuse their phonesdont ignore yourphone (pics, video,social) 45. 57 46. Value Package for Constant ContactTodays Webinar SpecialOnline Learning System $199Custom Email Template $ 99Mobile Website Audit $199Email Audit $199Package Value $696$696 Package start at $20/month | No Contract | 100% Money Back @theurldr