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this is my most recent portfolio of my design work.


  • Jason Henrickson Portfolio

    Section One Web-sites

    DyslexicHipHop.com | entertainment

    KellieDunn.com | service

    MillinerybyMiriam.com | retail

    SaharaPizzaSultan.com | food service

    TwiceBlushed.com | retail

    Pescotarian.com | non-profit

    MalindasMassage.com | service

    DreamStrands.com | retail

    KeithHenrickson.com | construction

    WallingfordBoysandGirlsClub.org | non-profit

    Section TwoPrint Design

    International District | campaign

    Miracles of Survival | book cover

    Piece of Mind | stickers & T-shirts

    History of Rock and Roll | book cover

    Woot.com | T-shirt design

    Monster Minis | movie poster & buttons

    Rasayama | beverage packaging

    Empower all People | campaign

    Cornish Music Dept | concert poster

    DNDA | logo development

    July 2007 - January 2011

    321 NW 84th ST Seattle WA 98117 206 399-9483






















  • Dyslexic Hip HopENTERTAINMENT

    I made this web site and these t-shirts for Robert Reed, aka MC Dyslexic, an indie Seattle hip hop musician.

    Like Dyslexics music, the site needed lots of Pacific Northwest flavor. To get that Northwest feel, I used pictures from a recent photo shoot as the backdrop. Site content loads dynamically over the top.

    The shirts showcase another one of Reeds personas, Bobby Tambourine, and will soon be sold on the web site as well as via IndieMerch.com.

    The web site is done in Flash. The t-shirts are done in Illustrator and Photoshop.

    Link: dyslexichiphop.com

    BRANDING: Web-site | January 2011


  • Kellie DunnSERVICE

    This is a portfolio web site for a local costume

    designer and crafts person.

    The theme of this site was messy but organized. The client also wanted the site to look like the whole thing had been written

    on an old paper bag.

    This web site is still waiting on final content from the client for completion, and is due to

    launch early to mid February.

    This site is designed in iWeb, with a custom

    Javascript image viewer and custom CSS.

    Link: jasonhenrickson.com/KellieDunn

    Web-site | January 2011


  • This project is for a local hatmaker who needed to re-brand her identity. The design was meant to be simple, clean, and modern

    with just a touch of nostalgia.

    The logotype is set in a brush script that lends the nostalgia, while the color scheme and layout is simple and modern.

    I designed the web site first, then business

    forms and signage.

    The web site was designed in Drupal with custom CSS. The logo and signage was designed in Illustrator.

    Link: millinerybymiriam.com

    Millinery by MiriamRETAIL

    BRANDING: Web-site | September 2010


  • Sahara Pizza SultanFOOD SERVICE

    Sahara Pizza is an international pizza restaurant chain. Each franchise is required to develop their own web site. I built this site for

    the Sultan, Washington franchise.

    The narrow width is because the site needed

    to be viewable on an iPhone.

    This web site was a challenge because there was a lot of content to fit into a narrow format, especially on the Menu page.

    This web site was built in Dreamweaver using

    HTML and CSS.

    Link: Saharapizzasultan.com

    web-site | September 2010


  • Twice BlushedRETAIL

    This is a web site for bridal gown designer Amanda Vernell. Vernell takes vintage and used gowns and re-works them into contemporary designs.

    The concept behind this web site was traditional bridal with a modern twist. This is achieved by using Edwardian Script font mixed with Helvetica. The color palette incorporates a modern pink and grey in place of a traditional white.

    To build this site, I used a combination of HTML, JavaScript, Flash, and CSS. I also used Photoshop to manipulate the images and Illustrator to work with the fonts.

    Link: twiceblushed.com

    Web-site | April 2009


  • Pescotarian.orgNON-PROFIT

    This was my senior thesis project at Cornish College of the Arts. My goal was to create a web site that would persuade people to start eating sustainable seafood and conserve natural fishing grounds.

    I was responsible for all aspects of this project. I designed and created the web site and print collateral. I created the logo and all the fish and digital illustrations.

    I worked with local chef Michael LaRoche to develop recipes and to research what the word sustainable means when it comes to seafood.

    This web site was built in HTML with JavaScript, Flash, and CSS. The fish were drawn on Bristol and scanned in. The logos and logotype were designed in Illustrator.

    Link: pescotarian.org

    BRANDING Web-site | May 2010


  • Malindas Massage SERVICE

    This is a web site for massage therapist Malinda Newstrom.

    The goal for this web site was to make it look upscale yet approachable. One of the problems this client was having with her previous web site is that people were getting the wrong idea about her services.

    I chose a neutral color palette and worked on a clean look. I also included photos of the massage process to help customers understand what they are getting in advance.

    I built this web site using iWeb, JavaScript, and CSS. I used Photoshop to manipulate the images and designed the logo in Illustrator.

    Link: malindasmassage.com

    Web-site | January 2010


  • Dream Strands ComicsRETAIL

    This is a web site concept for a comic book store located in Greenwood, Seattle.

    Dream Strands is a great comic book store full of helpful people but their web site lacks design.

    For this web site I used HTML with Flash-implemented slide shows. This allowed the client to maintain the site without having to learn Flash. I designed the logo in Illustrator.

    Link: jasonhenrickson.com/Dreamstrands

    Web-site | March 2010


  • Wallingford Boys and Girls Club NON-PROFIT

    This is the web-site for the Wallingford Boys and Girls Club. I built this web-site while I was the Technology Coordinator at

    the club.

    For this web-site I used MS Front Page to design and code the page. The choice to use Front Page was so that everyone involved in

    content could update the site.

    This site was a real labor of love for me because I worked with the kids at the club as a HTML instructor and the kids had a lot of input into the final design.

    Link: wallingfordboysandgirlsclub.org

    Web-site | July 2007


  • Keith HenricksonCONSTRUCTION

    Keith Henrickson is a real estate and construction professional. He needed a site that could showcase his portfolio of buildings and construction projects.

    The two things he wanted for this site were the color grey and Bank Gothic as the font face. I chose to keep this site simple clean and modern.

    This site is built in HTML, Javascript and

    CSS. I used Photoshop for the images.

    I am currently redesigning this site and updating it to use Flash.

    Link: keithhenrickson.com

    Web-site | March 2009


  • International District Summer FestCAMPAIGN

    This ad campaign was developed for the Seattle International District Summer Festival. The concept was to make a fun dragon face that included aspects from all cultures living in Seattle.

    The illustration is based on the graphic style of 1820s French circus clown posters. This gave the dragon an approachable and fun feel.

    I designed the poster first, and adapted the design for bus ads, telephone pole banners, t-shirts, and print ads.

    All elements of this campaign were done in

    Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign.

    Ad Campaign | May 2010


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  • Piece of MindPRODUCTS

    Piece of Mind is a Northwest regional retailer that sells glass pipes and bongs.

    They wanted several different designs that could be used on t-shirts and stickers to promote their stores. Their chosen themes were punk rock and hip hop.

    For the punk rock theme, I pulled inspiration from 90s punk rock artist Pus-hed and did a series of skulls inside state shapes. There is a nod to the retailers original logo through the piece sign in the skulls eye socket.

    For the hip hop theme, I went more comical and did a troll doll with drooping eyes and a pot leaf for hair. The Piece of Mind logo is on

    the trolls belly.

    T-shirt / sticker Design | May 2010


    Sticker for Montana stores

    Sticker for Oregon stores

  • Miracles of SurvivalBOOK COVER

    This book cover was designed for Qu:id Publishing in London, England.

    This is a book about people who have lived through extraordinarily dire situations.

    The idea behind the cover is that someone is lost in the woods and carving their notes or last messages into a tree.

    The cover is done in Photoshop and the layout is in InDesign.


    Book Cover | April 2010


  • WootT-SHIRT

    This is a t-shirt design for www.Woot.com. Woot sells one shirt a day and only for one day. They commonly feature shirts from graphic designers and artists at all levels.

    This shirt design was for a selection of shirts called, When Toys Attack. This series of shirts began taking submissions on December 25th, so I decided to design a zombie nutcracker.

    This shirt