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  • 1.Freelancing and JavaVictor Kalinin

2. Who is Freelancer Not employed by company Looks for projects by himself 3. Freelancing Online Using specialized services 4. bwioH dro dkw isn?g 5. About Myself Doing Freelancing for 2 years Specializing in Java 6. Freedom 7. Free schedule 8. Working placecan be sea side, coffee, even due travelling 9. Avoid any kind ofTRAFFIC(even in supermarkets) Living place(do not need go to work) 10. Choose environment(language, tools,...) 11. You chooseprojects,not vice versa 12. Self improvement 13. Time planning(personal, project) 14. Marketing Skills 15. English language skills 16. Professional skills 17. Client/Projectsearch 18. Search by keyword, section(web, desktop...) Java != JavaScript 19. PHP projects, Scala, JavaEE Projects, where programminglanguages not specified 20. How to makeclient chose me 21. References Tests 22. Personalized proposals Remember about client programming knowledgelevel detailed project reading when is better to post proposal Write Demo application 23. Money 24. How to be sure client will pay you,escrow Payment methods (wire transfer,paypal) System fee ~8% 25. Most popularproject themes 26. CMS Web spider Web shops Android + iPhone 27. Pros+ self improvement+ schedule and place flexibility+ additional earnings (no other personal,foreign countries clients)+ save some time employees spent in traffic 28. Cons- not permanent earnings- spent additional time to management- interruptions from client- additional expenses (software, hardware,services)- lack of communication with colleagues(coworking can solve this problem)- No QA (actually you can create a team) 29. Why Java? 30. Its statically typed (helps IDE automation) Its multi-platform (compare to Python) Lots of frameworks, tools I know it (actually bad reason) 31. Javaproblems 32. Not embedded in OS - clients shouldinstall it or I should add it to project (80Mb). Problems with demo. Not supported by iStore Android - lot of clients want also iPhone Lack of popular CMS. PHP area. 33. Tools 34. Maven IntelliJ IDEA No bug trackers (clients prefer emails) 35. Most Interesting Projects 36. GPS objects photo marker 37. Scanned notebook processingJava Advanced Image API (JAI)Hough transform 38. Thank You! 39. Questions 40. Freelancing services My contact info: e-mail: Skype: grobokopytoffor mercurievv