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The CERN Scientific Information Service presented in a few minutes Open access to literature and data. Jens Vigen 10 October 2008. PDG Collaboration Meeting, CERN. Librarians…. Collecting a request for the PDG?. RPP 1957 -2008 online RPP. Some doi-linking problems are known - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • The CERN Scientific Information Service presented in a few minutesOpen access to literature and data

    Jens Vigen10 October 2008PDG Collaboration Meeting, CERN

  • Librarians

    Collecting a request for the PDG?

  • RPP 1957 -2008 onlineRPPSome doi-linking problems are known

    Not all versions are Open Access

    The very first UCRL/8030 is still missing

  • The people behindA young and dynamic team 17 staff members 5 apprentices 1 external 6 students

    budgeted on a shoestring 750 K CHF Journals 100 K CHF Books 100 K CHF Database access Total 2006: 1,24 M CHF

  • As an natural extension of its mission in accelerating Science, CERN took the lead towards a new way to disseminate scientific resultsOpen Access: make Science free to read for everyone, anywhere and anytimeLHC experiments strongly support Open Access principles and publishing in Open Access journalSome scientific journals today are so expensive to be effectively beyond reach. Still they are needed by the community for evaluation, grants, careersSCOAP3: convert high-quality HEP journal to Open Access and re-organise and control the costs of scientific publishing through a call for tenderOpen Access project: SCOAP3*

  • Costs and Challenge in Open AccessOpen Access and peer-review price-tag for the worldwide HEP community: 10M/year (CERN share: 2%)(Member States: 40%)(United States: 25%)

    Challenge:Overcome the inertia of 350 years of traditionon the timescale of the LHC physics resultsEach country contributes in proportion to its HEP production, re-directing funds currently used to purchase journals

  • SCOAP3 fund-raisingIn one year over 50% of funds pledged or about to be pledgedby HEP funding agencies, laboratories, libraries* Discussions in progress with all countries not yet in the list, in the Member States, Asia and the Americas Success only through unanimity, beyond majority Imminent transition from fund-rising phase to an executive phase, set up a governing board and launch a call for tender4.7MAustriaBelgiumCERNDenmarkFranceGermanyGreeceHungaryItalyNetherlandsNorwayRomaniaSlovakiaSwedenJISC (UK)

    47 US partners (>50%)


  • Unification of HEP literature in all forms.Author names, etc standardized with ID.New standardized taxonomy organizes the literature.Web 2.0 harnesses willing scientists.Putting resources in common to advance the common good, publishers, Inspire, ADS and arXiv work together, develop synergies to present the scientific literature to the community.Continued collaboration with the PDGFuture plans evolve with the HEP community.

  • Preserving HEP data?

    The HEP data model is highly complex. Data are traditionally not re-used as in Astronomy or Climate science.Raw data calibrated data skimmed data high-level objects physics analyses results.All of the above duplicated for in-silico experiments, necessary to interpret the highly-complex data.Final results depend on the grey literature on calibration constants, human knowledge and algorithms needed for each pass...oral tradition!Years of training for a successful analysisConcorde(15 km)Balloon(30 km)CD stack with1 year LHC data!(~ 20 km)Mt. Blanc(4.8 km)Jos Engelen - Preservation, re-use and (open) access of HEP data - Brussels 15/11/2007

  • PARSE.InsightSupport Action

    (arm of the Alliance for Permanent Access) (STFC, DNB, KB, MPG, CERN, STM, ...)1.25 million Euros over 2 years0.25 million Euros for CERNInsight into Permanent Access to the Records of SciencEStart thinking how to go past preprints and articlesHow to archive, index, curate and make OA research data ?Hire 1 (or 2) young physicists part-time with the groupHire 1 senior person for a few monthsRun a survey in the HEP communityOrganise 1 or 2 workshops

  • How to find us

    Central Library: 52-1-52Phone: 72444Web site:

    Open 24h/24h, 7days/7days, 52 weeks/52 weeks