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    Rene newman Gemstone & JewelRy BuyinG Guides

    Gemstone settinGs: the Jewelry makers Guide to styles & techniques, Young. An in-depth, encyclopedic guide to stone setting. Hard Cover. 208 pgs., ISBN 9781596686366, $29.95

    CReatiVe stonesettinG, Cogswell. Discover dozens of ways to attach stones to gold and silver objects. Detailed text and over 600 drawings describe concepts, tools and techniques appropriate to jewelers of every skill level. Hard cover. 208 pgs., ISBN 9781929565221, $35.00

    Jewelry CraftsJeweleRs diReCtoRy oF Gemstones: a Complete Guide to appraising and using Precious stones from Cut and Color to shape and settings, Crowe. Learn to make accurate judgments of gemstones, recognize gemstone quality, and make a good buy rather than a bad one. 176 pgs., ISBN 9781770851085, $24.95

    Gem tumBlinG and BaRoQue JewelRy maKinG, Victors. Features step-by-step practical advice, and includes instructions on building your own tumbler. 58 pgs., $6.50

    oPal & Gemstone JewelRy: Cutting, designing, setting, a step-by-step instructional Guide, Downing. Simple and easy to understand loaded with insider tips, insights and new perspectives from an expert with over 40 years experience. 310 pgs., ISBN 9780981733609, $29.95

    wRaPPed in Gems: 40 elegant designs for wire-wrapped Gemstone Jewelry, Sato-Flores. Contains 40 projects to create beautiful wire-wrapped jewelry. Includes photo gallery, gemstone overview and jewelry making basics. 160 pgs., ISBN 9780307408464, $22.95

    Gold, Platinum, Palladium, silVeR & otheR JewelRy metals: how to test, select & Care for them, Newman. Written for both lay people and profes-sionals, this book offers concise, practical details on testing, evaluating, buying, selling and caring for precious metals and alternative jewelry metals such as copper, bronze, brass, titanium, stainless steel and more. 136 pgs., ISBN 9780929975474, $19.95

    RaRe Gemstones: how to identify, evaluate, and Care for unusual Gems, Newman. A beautiful full-color guide to identifying and evaluating unusual gems. 137 pgs., ISBN 9780929975467, $19.95

    the diamond handBooK: a Practical Guide to diamond evaluation, Newman. This book shows you how to evaluate diamond quality and gives tips on how to get good values. 186 pgs., ISBN 9780929975399, $19.95

    exotiC Gems, Newman. Full-color guides to identifying, evaluating and buying exotic stones. $19.95 eachVolume 1: how to identify and Buy tanzanite, ammolite, Rhodochrosite, Zultanite, sunstone, moonstone & other Feldspars, 172 pgs., ISBN 9780929975429Volume 2: how to identify and Buy alexandrite, andalusite, Chrysoberyl Cats eye, Kyanite, Common opal, dinosaur Gembone, tsavorite, Rhodolite & other Garnets, 154 pgs., ISBN 9780929975450

    JewelRy handBooK: how to select, wear & Care for Jewelry, Newman. A practical guide to selecting the right jewelry for your lifestyle, budget and body type. 180 pgs., ISBN 9780929975382, $19.95

    Gem & JewelRy PoCKet Guide: a travelers Guide to Buying diamonds, Colored Gems, Pearls, Gold, and Platinum Jewelry, Newman. A concise overview of what to look for when buying gems and jewelry. 156 pgs., ISBN 9780929975306, $11.95

    Gem and JewelRy BuyinG GuidesInformative guides by Rene Newman show how to evaluate and distinguish the genuine from the imitation. A comprehensive mix of technical and practical information, illustrated in full-color and sharp B/W photos.

    diamond RinG BuyinG Guide: how to evaluate, identify and select diamonds & diamond Jewelry, 7/e, 160 pgs., ISBN 9780929975405, $18.95Gemstone BuyinG Guide: how to evaluate, identify, select & Care for Colored Gems, 2/e 152 pgs., ISBN 9780929975344, $19.95PeaRl BuyinG Guide: how to identify

    and select Pearls & Pearl Jewelry, 5/e, 160 pgs., ISBN 9780929975443, $19.95RuBy, saPPhiRe & emeRald BuyinG Guide: how to identify, evaluate and select these Gems, 3/e, 192 pgs., ISBN 9780929975412, $19.95

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    Jewelry Crafts

    tim mCCReiGht metalsmithinG

    the ComPlete metalsmith, McCreight. A best-selling work-shop manual. Abundantly illus-trated. Spiral bound, 200 pgs., ISBN 9780871922403, $14.95.

    the ComPlete metalsmith, student edition, McCreight. A condensed version of the best-seller that is designed as a primer for entry-level/student metalsmiths. 154 pgs., ISBN 9781929565061, $14.95

    the ComPlete metalsmith, Professional edition, McCreight. The revised and reformatted version of the original Complete Metalsmith is three times larger and includes additional material. Particular care is paid to thoroughness and ease-of-use. Hard cover. 312 pgs., ISBN 9781929565054, $30.00

    the ComPlete metalsmith, ProPlus edition, McCreight. The Professional Edition, but with an added CD ROM that contains the full text of the book as a printable PDF, instructional video clips, and electronic versions of two of the authors other books: Practical Jewelry Rendering and Design Language. Hard Cover with CD. ISBN 9781929565078, $45.00

    metalsmiths BooK oF Boxes & loCKets, McCreight. Learn how to create boxes with smooth sliding hinges, disappearing seams, and catches that click with confidence. Hard cover, 144 pgs., ISBN 9781929565238, $29.95

    the ComPlete metalsmith dVd, McCreight. Tim McCreights classic title comes to life in a DVD. Approximately 70 min., $29.95

    hot ConneCtions JewelRy: the Complete sourcebook of soldering techniques, Chin. Learn soldering, from choosing a torch to basic techniques like sawing, filing, and riveting, and more advanced techniques; 23 lessons, 15 projects. 160 pgs., ISBN 9780823033362, $22.99

    silVeRsmithinG FoR JewelRy maKeRs: a handbook of techniques and surface treatments, Bone. Learn basic techniques, surface treatments and advanced approaches to filigree, chasing, annealing, engraving and more. 192 pgs., ISBN 9781596684997, $30.00

    soldeRinG made simPle: easy techniques for the Kitchen-table Jeweler, Silvera. Learn to make professional-quality soldered jewelry safely at home. Using a handheld butane torch, you will learn how to create small-scale jewelry projects including earrings, charms, pendants and rings. 112 pgs., ISBN 9780871164063, $21.95

    soldeRinG made simPle dVd, Silvera. The companion DVD to Joe Silveras book on soldering. Features soldering basics and a step-by-step project. 92 min. $19.95

    ChasinG and RePouss: methods ancient and modern, Corwin. Both beginners and advanced workers will learn design and techniques of chasing and repouss (using hammers and punches.) Hard cover. 184 pgs., ISBN 9781929565320, $35.00

    steP-By-steP JewelRy woRKshoP: simple techniques for soldering, wirework, and metal Jewelry, Hurst. Contains everything you need to start making beautiful jewelry. 128 pgs., ISBN 9781596680609, $24.95

    the JeweleRs studio handBooK: traditional and Contemporary techniques for working with metal and mixed media materials, Holschuh. Hammering, soldering and riveting tech-niques as well as how to equip your studio. 176 pgs., ISBN 9781592534852, $24.99

    GettinG staRted maKinG metal JewelRy, Lareau. Written expressly for beginners, youll learn and build upon each project, enabling you to master each basic skill. 112 pgs., ISBN 9781596680258, $19.95

    maKinG metal JewelRy: Projects, techniques, inspiration, Gollberg. Create jewelry with cold-connecting metal tools that are inexpensive, readily available, and a great springboard for your own designs. 112 pgs., ISBN 9781579908126, $14.95

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    the new enCyCloPedia oF JewelRy-maKinG teChniQues: a Comprehensive Visual Guide to traditional and Contemporary techniques, McGrath. Fully revised and updated, this go-to reference covers both classic and new techniques reflecting advances in jewelry-making. 160 pgs., ISBN 9780762440498, $19.95

    the ComPlete BooK oF JewelRy maKinG: a Full-Color introduction to the Jewelers art, Codina. Learn every aspect of jewelry making in this large source book filled with essential details on every technique you will need. 160 pgs., ISBN 9781579903046, $19.95

    the woRKBenCh Guide to JewelRy teChniQues, Young. A comprehensive single-source reference book for jewelers with detailed and clear step-by-step instructions and photography. Hard cover, 320 pgs., ISBN 9781596681699, $34.95

    JeweleRs ResouRCe: a Reference of Gems, metals, Formulas and terminology for Jewelers, Knuth. A practical tool for the bench jeweler or student, and the most complete reference available for the retail jeweler. Spiral-bound, 112 pgs., ISBN 9780964355033, $21.95

    PRaCtiCal CastinG, McCreight. Excellent textbook about lost wax models, investing, burnout and other procedures. 160 pgs., ISBN 9780961598457, $18.95

    PRaCtiCal JoininG: a Bench Reference for Jewelers, McCreight. A helpful tool for the jewelry craftsperson, covers

    a wide range of both traditional and modern joining techniques. Fully indexed. 102 pgs., ISBN 9781929565160, $18.95

    JewelRy laB: 52 experiments, investigations, and explorations in metal, Manley. Learn basic and approach-able techniques such as sawing, soldering, finishing, texturing, etching and rolling. 144 pgs., ISBN 9781592537228, $24.99

    ContemPoRaRy CoPPeR JewelRy: step-by-step techniques and Projects, Miller. Now with bonus DVD, learn how to combine copper wirework with beads, chain and other metals; includes 22 projects. 128 pgs., ISBN 9781596682894, $26.95

    silVeR thReads: making wire Filigree Jewelry, Rhodes-Moen. Basic silver-working techniques are paired with an overview of tools and materials to complete 12 projects ranging from simple to complex. 112 pgs., ISBN 9780871162212, $22.95

    PRoFessional JewelRy maKinG: a Contemporary Guide to traditional Jewelry techniques, Revere. Alan Revere has revised his landmark book, Professional Gol