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DIVERSE-TECHNOLOGY.COMCASE STUDYCase Study: Kaplan Development GroupKaplan Development GroupLLC, a building management and property development company with a long heritage of success in the assisted and independent living industry, required a strategic IT solution to support 15 locations. The primary goal was to solidify a centralized data and application platform to support their Long Island, New York, headquarters and provide remote access for property locations throughout the United States. Though they knewcloud computingwas the answer, they had already endured the adverse effects of choosing cloud hosting providers who lacked the proper experience.

The Challenge

Kaplans assisted living facilities span the entire East Coast of the United States, from Massachusetts to Georgia, with 150 end users, PCs and IT systems across 15 locations. Managing this fleet of hardware, software, and usersand streamlining the acquisition of new properties to fit into the current IT modelwould be no easy task. Kaplans cumbersome and costly cloud infrastructure did not meet their expectations, so they approached Diverse Technology Solutions with a number of critical primary objectives: Provide acceptable virtual desktop and virtual server performance across all locations to centralize the positioning of all sensitive property accounting data and business applications. Develop an easy-to-deploy IT solution, enabling Kaplan to bring on new development communities with ease. Streamline the entire IT process and provide rapid, effective desktop and end user support to all locations. Provide a client-lessvirtual desktop hostingsolution and the ability to use thin, hard drive-less desktop terminals to further reduce costs. Deliver a hosted exchange email solution for their New York headquarters and 14 development communities.


The Solution

Diverse Technology Solutions implemented a private cloud hosting solution consisting of the latest advancements in virtual desktop and virtual server hosting technology; cloud hosting services were leveraged for bothhosted exchange emailand virtual desktop hosting.The virtual desktop platform allowed end users to access data and applications without the need to install or configure software at remote workstations. End users would simply navigate to a Web page from any Internet browser, log in and launch their virtual desktop. This stress-free approach allowed for ease of deployment and comprehensive support across multiple platforms to any end user device, including Macs, iPads, PCs and tablets. Once the pilot site test was completed, Diverse Technology Solutions set forth a migration schedule to roll out the solution to 15 client locations over a period of six weeks.

The Result

Diverse Technology Solutions delivered remarkable end results, including: Secure private cloud hosting. Seamless migration of business applications and data. On-time, on-budget adherence to project requirements. Delivery of lean, flexible, easy-to-manage and scalable clientless virtual desktop platform, providing ease of access from any device. Reduction of Kaplans cloud hosting costs by 35%. Ability to support thin, hard drive-less desktop terminals in reduction of their future PC footprint. Significant and immediate performance gains over the previous cloud hosting provider. Documentation of proven rollout procedure to be applied to any future property development in need ofseamless IT system integration