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Slide 2 Katrina The After-Math Part 2 Show by Cindy holdemqueen@hotmail.com Slide 3 Firefighters from New Orleans and other cities around the country work a fire at an office building in New Orleans on Sept. 15. With electrical systems soaked and gas leaks a possibility, fire officials are answering calls in force. Slide 4 John Wade, a resident of New Orleans' French Quarter, watches President Bush's speech to the nation Sept. 15 from the hurricane-ravaged city on a television powered by a generator. Bush outlined a huge rebuilding effort for the area devastated by Katrina. Slide 5 President Bush boards Air Force One after his televised speech to the nation about Hurricane Katrina's damage from Jackson Square in New Orleans, La., on Sept. 15. Slide 6 Members of a cleanup crew wear protective gear as they remove contaminated food and bottles of wine and champagne from a restaurant Sept. 15 in the French Quarter in New Orleans, La. Slide 7 A man rides a bike with a cup of beer in his hand in the French Quarter in New Orleans, La., on Sept. 15. New Orleans took a big step toward recovery from Hurricane Katrina that day when Mayor Ray Nagin declared parts of the city would reopen at the weekend as President Bush prepared to announce a major rebuilding operation for the devastated Gulf Coast. Slide 8 Dudley Major uses a fire hose to spray away mud from his father's home Sept. 15 in the heavily damaged Venetian Isles neighborhood in New Orleans, La. Slide 9 Large pipes pump water from flooded neighborhoods into the Inner Harbor Navigation Canal in New Orleans on Sept. 15. The canal carries the possibly contaminated floodwaters into both Lake Pontchartrain and the Mississippi River. Slide 10 Gulfport Marine Oceanarium trainer Shannon Huyser, left, works with a dolphin along with National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration researcher Jeff Foster, second from left, and Marci Romagnoli, right, in Gulfport Miss., on Sept. 15. The dolphins were washed out of the Oceanarium's tank during Hurricane Katrina. The staff recovered two injured dolphins earlier in the day and returned to the pod to train the younger dolphins for transport. Slide 11 The street sign for Flood Street sits in the mud where it fell after Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans on Sept. 15. New Orleans' central business district and the historic French Quarter were to reopen over the weekend, nearly three weeks after Hurricane Katrina devastated the city, Mayor Ray Nagin said. Slide 12 Joe Anderson Jr. dries files on the street in front of his law office in Slidell, La., on Sept. 15. Slide 13 Workers repair the 17th Street Canal levee in New Orleans on Sept. 15. Water from Lake Pontchartrain surged into the city when Katrina breached the levee Slide 14 A corpse lies on the back steps of Iglesia Bautista Getsamani (Gethsemane Baptist Church) on Elysian Fields Avenue in New Orleans on Sept. 15. Slide 15 New Orleans' Bourbon Street takes on an air of normalcy Sept. 15 as people hang out at Johnny White's bar. Slide 16 PowerPoint Slide Shows are the latest Craze on the net.. and we have got more than you could ever need. Sent 1 day a week or more. Send a blank email to: Please leave my show intact. Thanks, Cindy holdemqueen@hotmail.com Jokeworm Power Point Shows FREE!! cleanpps-subscribe@googlegroups.com