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This e-portfolio showcases my design capabilities as well as some of my photography work.


  • KAYEd e s i g n p o r t f o l i o

    H I N ds

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    2 0 8 . 2 0 6 . 1 1 5 7

    ka y e h i n d s 7 @ g m a i l . c o m

    ka y e a i l e n e . w o r d r p e s s . c o m

    3 5 6 S 2 n d W # 3 3 1 2R e x b u r g , I D 8 3 4 4 0

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    Flier Design

    Event Advertisement

    Photo Design



    Business Cards



  • BROCHURE 28 March 2015Prof. PingelComm130

    Programs used : Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator

    Objectives: combine skills in Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign to create a brochure and demonstrate professional printing capabilities.

    Process/description: I wanted to create a brochure to advertise my personal photography business. I want advertise the different portraiture photography I do. I wanted to appeal to families who might want their portraits taken, as well as graduating seniors or maybe even design students who want a cool image for their e-portfolio. I put all the like information on the same pages, and put the contact info on the inside middle page because I feel thats where people will give most of their focus. I took all my images myself and edited them in Photoshop. I did the front cover entirely in Photoshop. I did my logo in Illustrator and used the color hex code to match the colors to my color scheme in InDesign.



    Call soon and book a portrait session with Kaye Hinds Photography! Kaye has been taking portraits for over a year. She does portraits for personal professional use, so whatever you need, shes got you covered!

    Summer s comingtime to update your family portraits! Whether youve had a new addition or the picture over the mantle is looking a little dated, call Kaye Hinds Photography to take a new, beautiful family portrait that you will be able to treasure for years to come! One family session includes an hour and a half of shooting, 15 images, three small prints, and one large print, all for $100! Call ahead to book your session and plan your family portraits before the summer rush!

    One personal portrait session includes one hour of shooting with up 2 locations and 5 outfits. Call and book now for your graduation portraits or head shot session! Youll get back a flash drive with the edited images for. Brings props along or call ahead and well bring an assortment of our stock props! The cost of the flash drive is included in the session pricejust $60! Call to book a session and discuss what kind of look youd like for your personal portraits!

    Family Portraiture Personal Portraiture

    Kaye Hinds


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    Levitation photography is a trending art movement where the photographer makes the subject look like theyre suspended in the air. Levitation portraits are unique and artisticand they look great on a personal website or e-portfolio! See KayeAilene.wordpress.com to view more examples of levitation portraiture. Whether you want your graduation pictures to stand out from the rest of your childs graduating class, or youre looking for a photo for your e-portfolio that will make you stand out to potential employers, Kaye Hinds Photography can get you a cool, classy photo for an affordable price. For $60 dollars you get 6 edited images and the flash drive!

  • MONTAGE14 February 2015Prof. PingelComm130

    Program used: Photoshop

    Objectives: Use the masking tool in Photoshop to blend two images and then add typography to create a powerful message.

    Process/description: this is a quote from Rumi, a circa 12th century Muslim poet. She wrote a lot of poems about seeing beauty in the world and having a deep connection with God. The message I wanted to communicate with this project is that women are rays of God at all points in their liveswhether they are young and thriving, or old and wise. I found the quote first, then brainstormed some ideas. I knew I wanted the contrast of one picture displaying youth and the other maturity, also somehow connecting them both to God. I think the two images I found were perfect. I did my project entirely in Photoshop. I used dafont.com to find my fonts.

  • STATIONERY28 February 2015Prof. PingelComm130

    Programs used: Illustrator, InDesign

    Objectives: Use Adobe Illustrator to create an original logo, then incorporate that logo into an InDesign document to create professional, unique stationery.

    Process/description: I created this stationery for my personal photography business. I wanted something that was professional yet characteristic so that I could define my image and make my clients remember me and hopefully be more likely to recommend me to their friends. I designed the document in InDesign and chose colors that complemented each other and popped.

  • K Photography

    Kaye HindsK Photography

    PhotographyK K Photography

    Kaye HindsK Photography


    kaye h inds543 S 2nd WRexburg, ID 83440kayehinds7@hotmail .com

  • c a r d sBUSINESS

    28 February 2015Prof. PingelComm130

    Programs used: Illustrator, InDesign

    Objectives: use Adobe Illustrator to create professional, unique business cards that give useful information and leave a good impression.

    Process/description: I wanted to create memorable and unique business cards to help me stand out from the crowd. They advertise my personal photography business and use feminine colors to cater towards women because they are usually the ones

    K Photography

    Kaye HindsK Photography

    PhotographyK 2 0 8 . 2 0 6 . 1 1 5 7534 S 2nd W, Rexburg, ID



    portraitureweb content

    K Photography

    Kaye HindsK Photography


  • K Photography

    Kaye HindsK Photography

    PhotographyK 2 0 8 . 2 0 6 . 1 1 5 7534 S 2nd W, Rexburg, ID



    portraitureweb content

    K Photography

    Kaye HindsK Photography


  • PhOTOd e s i g n

    7 February 2015Prof. PingelComm130

    Programs used: Photoshop

    Objectives: to create an advertisement using an original image and to design the document entirely in Photoshop using photo editing tools and a specific color scheme.

    Process/description: This project displays my design and photography skills; the picture is a light painting portrait I took and edited in Photoshop to match a complementary color scheme involving teal and brick tones. The purpose is to persuade people to ditch cable TV. It was created entirely in Adobe Photoshop, which is a great design program because of its many masking options for text.

  • LOGOS21 February 2015Prof. PingelComm130

    Programs used: Illustrator

    Objectives: use Adobe Illustrator to create three different, original logos.

    Process/description: I chose to do my logos for my own personal photography. I wanted to appeal to younger people, particular women (because lets be honest, most of the people who need photographers are new moms and moms of graduating seniors).The first logo is more professional and elegant. I think it would cater more towards companies or websites that want photography. The second one markets more towards younger people and the third one is also more professional, but memorable.I used Adobe Illustrator exclusively. For the first one I used the ellipse and pencil tools. For the second one, I used the brush tool to draw the birds, merged all the lines, and then filled the lines with color. I then used the text tool to insert the company name under the logo. For the last image, I used only the text tool.

  • K Photography

    Kaye HindsK Photography


  • F l i e rd e s i g n

    24 January 2015Prof. PingelComm130

    Programs used: InDesign

    Objectives: to create a black and white document in Adobe InDesign to advertise an assigned theme or event.

    Process/description: this flier is meant to advertise a leadership conference for graduating college seniors where they can learn business leadership skills. Because the main focus of the flier was to emphasis the leadership class, I made Leadership the focus of the title. I used Adobe InDesign for the entire project, except when I used Photoshop to resize the JPEG file for my blog. I first formulated the message I wanted to present to my audience (which mainly consists of graduating seniors) and decided the best way to reach that audience would to be use simple text and clean lines, because college kids are usually too busy to stop and decipher a cluttered message. Then I organized the information into similar categories (for example, placing date, time, and place next to each other and separating it from the course description). I tied the design together with a cool, gray color and left-aligned the text.

  • h t m l / c s sWEBSITE

    14 March 2015Prof. PingelComm130

    Programs used: Illustrator, Text Wrangler

    Objectives: learn and demonstrate basic HTML and CSS coding skills to showcase an original logo created in Adobe Illustrator.

    Process/description: for this project, I learned how to write HTML documents and link them with CSS docs. I loved learning about this and cant wait to improve my skills! I started with HTML and CSS templates. I used Textwrangler to first format my HTML document. I had to use Illustrator to create my logo and linked the image into the HTML doc. I then created a CSS doc for my HTML doc and linked it externally. I want a potential employer to see that not only can I design logos in illustra