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    Kirschen Individual Tools

    Kirschen brand tools are made in Germany by the Wilhelm Schmitt Company. They are one of the oldest and most respected manufacturers in the world with production going back as far as 1858. Over many years the company has developed its own special high carbon steel (made to a closely guarded secret recipe). The blades are hardened and tempered over the full length and each blade is fi tted with a tough hornbeam handle that is octagonal in shape which is not only comfortable in the hand but also prevents the tool from rolling off the bench. The illustrations of sweeps shown here are on a 1:1 scale and are therefore the impression the tools edge would make if pressed into the page. However, the hand forging process may make for some very slight variations.

    This handy set of carving tools will appeal to the well organised carver who likes a place for everything and everything in its place. The very elegant wooden box is fi tted out with stowage slots for six of Kirschens familiar octagonal handled tools: a straight, a skew, three curved gouges and a Vee tool plus four chip carving knives and a double-sided sharpening stone, enough variety to satisfy most beginner carvers. This would make a very acceptable present for anyone thinking of getting into carving.

    Carving Set (11 Pce) 154.96 129.13 510485 Inc.vat Ex.vat Code

    Kirschen Carving Tool Set

    The Starter set comprises 16mm No.1 Chisel, 10mm No.3 Gouge, 16mm No.5 Gouge, 6mm No.9 Gouge, 2mm No.11 Gouge and 6mm No.39 Vee Tool. All supplied in tool roll.The Additional set comprises 10mm Skew Chisel, 6mm No.4 Gouge, 20mm No.4 Gouge, 10mm No.5 Gouge, 12mm No.9 Gouge and 12mm No.15 Curved Gouge. All supplied in tool roll.

    Kirschen Carvers Starter Sets

    Starter Set Six 119.95 99.96 711198 1st Additional Carvers Six 114.95 95.79 711199

    Inc.vat Ex.vat Code

    Kirschen Palm Carving Chisel Tool Set A handle designed as nature would have intended is how the manufacturer describes these tools and there is no doubt that the pear shaped handles fi t easily into the palm of the hand for comfortable and accurate carving. We are not so sure whether nature would have put the fl at on the side of the handle but Kirschen can be excused this little deviation in the interests of stopping the tools rolling around the bench. The 6 piece set consists of three straight tools, one Vee and two curved gouges, all made to their usual high standards of design and manufacture. Very useful for general carving or block making.

    Chisel Set (6 Pce) 84.95 70.79 600069 Inc.vat Ex.vat Code

    3mm(1/8) 15.46 12.88 510489 16mm(5/8) 20.75 17.29 510492

    Inc.vat Ex.vat Code

    Straight Chisel 1 Sweep

    Kirschen Individual Tools

    carver who likes a place for everything and everything in

    3mm(1/8) 16mm(5/8) 16mm(5/8)


    Straight Chisel 1 Sweep

    6mm(1/4) 15.46 12.88 510493 10mm(3/8) 15.46 12.88 510494

    Inc.vat Ex.vat Code

    Skew Chisel 2 Sweep

    10mm(3/8) 19.45 16.21 510496 16mm(5/8) 21.46 17.88 510498

    Inc.vat Ex.vat Code

    Straight Gouge 3 Sweep

    6mm(1/4) 19.45 16.21 510499 10mm(3/8) 19.45 16.21 510500 19mm(3/4) 22.45 18.71 600000

    Inc.vat Ex.vat Code

    Straight Gouge 4 Sweep

    The Starter set comprises 16mm No.1 Chisel, 10mm No.3 Gouge,

    6mm(1/4) Inc.vat

    Straight Gouge 4 Sweep

    3mm(1/8) 19.45 16.21 600001 6mm(1/4) 19.45 16.21 600002 13mm(1/2) 20.75 17.29 600003 16mm(5/8) 21.46 17.88 600004

    Inc.vat Ex.vat Code

    Straight Gouge 5 Sweep

    2mm(5/64) 21.25 17.71 600005 4mm(5/32) 20.75 17.29 600006 18mm(23/32) 23.26 19.38 600007

    Inc.vat Ex.vat Code

    Straight Gouge 6 Sweep

    6mm(1/4) 20.75 17.29 600008 13mm(1/2) 21.95 18.29 600009 16mm(5/8) 22.75 18.96 600010

    Inc.vat Ex.vat Code

    Straight Gouge 7 Sweep

    6mm(1/4) 20.75 17.29 600011 10mm(3/8) 20.75 17.29 600012 16mm(5/8) 22.75 18.96 600013

    Inc.vat Ex.vat Code

    Straight Gouge 8 Sweep

    3mm(1/8) 21.95 18.29 600014 6mm(1/4) 21.95 18.29 600016 8mm(5/16) 21.95 18.29 600017 10mm(3/8) 21.95 18.29 600018 13mm(1/2) 23.45 19.54 600019

    Inc.vat Ex.vat Code

    Straight Gouge 9 Sweep

    2mm(5/64) 19.99 16.66 600022 4mm(5/32) 19.40 16.17 600023 10mm(3/8) 19.40 16.17 600024 16mm(5/8) 21.95 18.29 600025 19mm(3/4) 23.56 19.63 600026

    Inc.vat Ex.vat Code

    Straight Gouge 11 Sweep

    1.5mm(1/16) 23.95 19.96 600047 Inc.vat Ex.vat Code

    Grooving Gouge

    6mm(1/4) 10mm(3/8)

    Kirschen Individual ToolsStraight Chisel

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    Kirschen Carving Tools Axminster Carving Tools

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    Carving Tools 12mm(1/2) 23.45 19.54 600029 Inc.vat Ex.vat Code

    Curved Gouge No.15, 6 Sweep.

    4mm(5/32) 23.26 19.38 600030 Inc.vat Ex.vat Code

    Curved Gouge No.18, 9 Sweep

    6mm(1/4) 22.45 18.71 600033 Inc.vat Ex.vat Code

    Short Bent Gouge No.27, 6 Sweep

    12mm(1/2) 23.95 19.96 600035 Inc.vat Ex.vat Code

    Short Bent Gouge No.29, 8 Sweep

    4mm(5/32) 23.95 19.96 600037 12mm(1/2) 25.25 21.04 600038

    Inc.vat Ex.vat Code

    Short Bent Gouge No.32, 11 Sweep

    10mm(3/8) 21.25 17.71 600048 Inc.vat Ex.vat Code

    Short Bent Gouge No.67, 7 Sweep

    3mm(1/8) 23.26 19.38 600040 6mm(1/4) 23.26 19.38 600041 10mm(3/8) 23.26 19.38 600042

    Inc.vat Ex.vat Code

    Straight Vee Tool No.39

    6mm(1/4) 24.95 20.79 600043 Inc.vat Ex.vat Code

    Curved Vee Tool No.40

    10mm(3/8) 23.26 19.38 600045 Inc.vat Ex.vat Code

    Straight Vee Tool No.41

    8mm(5/16) 21.25 17.71 600049 16mm(5/8) 23.45 19.54 600050

    Inc.vat Ex.vat Code

    Fish Tail Chisel 3 Sweep

    The traditional Sheffi eld list, on which most manufacturers base their production, lists 1/16 or 2mm as the narrowest tools available, leaving the true miniaturist forced to make do with whatever he, or she, can fi nd. Fortunately, Kirschen have come to the rescue with this range of tools which covers seven designs in sizes from 0.5 to 1.5mm. All are fi tted with 4 long octagonal hornbeam handles, with a recessed circular grip near the ferrule. The blades are fully polished and lacquered and of the same high quality steel as used on their full sized tools. Overall they give the distinct impression of having been designed by a carver, having bevels ground to the right length and angle requiring only a light hone before use. With Kirschen s guarantee of superb quality and their sheer usability, these tools will fi nd a place in practically every carvers tool roll.

    1.5mm No.1 Straight Chisel 23.26 19.38 600056 1.5mm No.1 Curved Chisel 24.95 20.79 600055 1.5mm No.2 Skew Chisel 23.26 19.38 600057 1mm No.3 Straight Gouge 24.95 20.79 600058 1mm No.6 Straight Gouge 24.95 20.79 600059 0.5mm No.11 Straight Gouge 26.95 22.46 600060 1mm No.11 Straight Gouge 24.95 20.79 600061 1.5mm No.11 Straight Gouge 23.26 19.38 600062 2mm No.11 Straight Gouge 21.46 17.88 600063 1.5mm No.39 Straight Vee 23.26 19.38 600067 1.5mm No.39 Curved Vee 24.95 20.79 600068

    Inc.vat Ex.vat Code

    Kirschen Micro Chisels

    A set of 12 carving chisels with hardwood handles all contained in a wooden box. Comprising Bent Gouge 12.7mm(1/2), Spoon Gouge 9.5mm(3/8), Skew Chisel 9.5mm(3/8), Straight Chisel 9.5mm(3/8), Straight Gouges 6.3mm(1/4), 8mm(5/16), 9.5mm(3/8),12.7mm(1/2), 14mm(7/16) and 16mm(5/8) and Straight Vee Parting Tools 6.3mm(1/4) and 9.5mm(3/8). With a Rockwell hardness of 56-62 degrees. N.B.These carving tools may require honing before use. Set of 12 33.95 28.29 700294 Inc.vat Ex.vat Code

    Axminster Carving Tools (12 Piece)

    This is a compact set of carving tools, aimed at the beginner or amateur woodcarver. Neatly contained in a tough, padded and zipped case for safe storage, the tools are approximately 200mm overall with 100mm blades.Contains Straight gouges 8 x 3mm, 3 x 6mm, 6 x 9mm, 6 x 10mm, 6 x 12mm, 8 x 12mm, 6 x14mm. Bent gouge 6 x 6.5mm. Straight vee tools 3 and 8mm. Skew chisel 13mm. Straight chisel 13mm. N.B. These tools will require honing before use.

    Carving Set (12 Pce) 27.95 23.29 502501 Inc.vat Ex.vat Code

    Axminster Carving Tool Set (12 Piece)

    An excellent 8 piece set of small carving tools, very nicely made and great value for money. Although mainly intended for fi lling in detail work on larger carvings, they are equally useful for tackling small size carving projects. There is a useful range of shapes, curved gouges, skew and straight chisels and a V tool, and the edges are very sharp and will stand up well to heavy usage. The low price should make this set very attractive to beginners who might like to have a go at carving but are reluctant to invest too much at the outset. The overall lengths are 150mm, the blade lengths 25mm and the widths across the blades vary from 4 to 8mm.

    Carving Kit (8 Pce) 12.14 10.12 200112 Inc.vat Ex.vat Code

    Axminster Detail Carving Tool Kit (8 Piece)

    go at carving but are reluctant to invest too much at the outset.

    A teacher of modern and traditional metho