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Maximizing Productivity: Creating more time and space for what’s really important July 20, 2010

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Maximize your Productivity by getting clear on where you spend your time, getting focused on what you want and creating the time and space to make it happen.


  • 1.Maximizing Productivity:Creating more time and space for whats really important
    • July 20, 2010

2. Today we will explore

  • Understand the impact of the fast-paced/multi-tasking work environment
  • Identify the key priorities in your role and uncover whats really important to you
  • Learn how your brain and energy works as it relates to your current environment
  • Learn best practices and your unique style for creating the time & space to focus on whats important

3. Information overload

  • Technology that enabled us to do more and be more productive can also undermine our ability to focus
  • New options competing for our time

Nielsen 4. Wheres our focus during the day?

  • 11 minutes:average time employees devote to a project before being distracted
  • 25 minutes:average time it takes to return to serious mental tasks after disruption
  • 28%:time wasted by interruptions that arent urgent or important like unnecessary email messages
  • 3 days:number of productive days in a work week

Resource:Basex, research firm, 2008 5. Impact of multi-tasking

  • It takes your brain 4x longer to recognize and process each thing youre working on when you switch back and forth among tasks
  • Your IQ falls 10 points when you're fielding constant emails, text messages, and calls
    • The same loss you'd experience if you missed an entire night's sleep
    • More than double the loss you'd have after smoking marijuana

Resource:Basex, research firm, 2008 6. We work 24/7

  • 20% of people work 80+ hours per week
  • 50% of people work at dinner, while driving and on vacation
  • 18% admit to working in the bathroom

Resource:Basex, research firm, 2008 7. Whats the impact?

  • Were sick
  • 80% of our medical expenditures are now stress related
  • U.S. companies lose between $200-$300 billion a year due to work-related stress
  • Were unhappy