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Story 1# Title/author Characters Summary :

September 5th 2012

Type of story : Fairy tales (5 pages)

: One Eye, Two Eyes, Three Eyes / Unknown : One-Eye, Two-Eyes, Three-Eyes, Old Woman, Knight

There are three sisters, they are Two-Eyes, she is lovely and lucky, One-Eye and Three-Eyes, they are mean and have an eye on their forehead, they lived and isolated in the woods. Because Two-Eyes was different, her sisters hate her. The old woman suddenly appeared, taught her spells, and gave her apple seed. One day a knight asked for an apple. Two-Eyes gave him one and asked him to bring her away from her sisters. Comment : I think this story is good enough for children, although its Cinderella-like story which is starting in a torturing and unpleasant condition and ended with a happy ending. The character is scary I think, considering the story is made for children.

Useful vocabularies : Meadow Vanish Droop Charm Horrid : Grazing land for cows, sheep, etc. : Disappear, fade away : Hang down, get tired : Appeal, magic : Disgusting, unpleasant, unkind

Story 2# Title/author Characters Summary :

September 7th 2012

Type of story : Fairy tales (3 pages)

: The Beauty and The Beast / unknown : Beauty, Beast/ Prince, Beautys Father

Beauty is a sweet, pretty girl; the Beast is a cursed prince. The only way to break the spell was to learn to love. Beautys Father, a merchant, lost in the woods and seeks shelter; the Beast imprisons him for trespassing. Beauty offers her place for her father. The Beast accepts and asks her to live in the castle. At first Beauty views him as a monster. But the two soon can live happy ever after. Comment : I think this story is good. Its shows that you could do everything you dont like for your lovely father. Useful vocabularies :

Story 3# Title/author Characters Summary :

September 7th 2012

Type of story : short story (4 pages)

: Emperors new clothes / Hans Christian Andersen : Emperor, two strangers

A foolish emperor has only one interest - trying on new clothes and parading them in front of his people. One day two strangers arrive, offering the chance to try some clothes, which will be invisible to anyone who is a fool, or not fit for their job. The Emperor orders a suit of clothes to be made and he goes on a procession through the town. No one wants to admit that they cant see the clothes, until a small boy pipes up that the Emperor has nothing on at all. Comment : The story is really funny. It tells children about a greedy man and how the greediness could make him a foolish person.

Useful vocabularies :

Story 4# Title/author Characters Summary :

September 8th 2012 : Cinderella / Unknown

Type of story : Fairy tales (3 pages)

: Cinderella, her stepsisters, stepmother, fairy, prince

Cinderella is a poor unhappy girl lived with her stepsisters and stepmother that hate her. They always made her do the chores. Her dream comes true as announcement is made of having ball dance with the prince. Her stepmother doesnt allow her to go but with her hope of courage a fairy comes and tells her to be before 12o clock at the end she gets married to prince and becomes his beautiful wife. Comment : I think this story is good enough for children, it ended with a happy ending teach children not to lose hope and believe. Useful vocabularies :

Story 5# Title/author Characters Summary :

September 8th 2012

Type of story : short story (3 pages)

: The Ugly Duckling / unknown : Ugly duck, farmer, mother duck

When the tale begins, a mother duck's eggs hatch. One of the little birds is perceived by the ducks surroundings as a homely little creature and suffers much verbal and physical abuse from the other birds and animals on the farm. He sees a flock of migrating wild swans; he is delighted and excited but he cannot join them for he is too young and cannot fly. Winter arrives. A farmer finds and carries the freezing little bird home. When spring arrives the farmer set him free. The ugly duckling, now having fully grown and matured. He is surprised when the swans welcome and accept him, only to realize by looking at his reflection in the water that he has grown into one of them. Comment : I think this story is good enough. It teaches us not to be too disheartened by what anyone did to us because maybe something good and big waiting for us in the future. Useful vocabularies :

Story 6# Title/author Characters Summary :

September 9th 2012

Type of story : short story (3 pages)

: Goldilocks and The Three Bears / unknown : Goldilocks, The three bears

A little girl named Goldilocks, goes for a walk in the forest and comes upon a house where she enters and finds to her delight three bowls of porridge. The first one she tastes is too hot, the next too cold but the third one just right so she eats it all up. Goldilocks finds the three different size chairs where she tries them out and finds the first one too hard, the next too soft, and then the little one just right but it breaks when she sits in it. As she wonders in the home she finds three beds and tries them out. The first bed is too hard, the next too soft but the third is just right and she curls up and falls asleep. Meanwhile the owners come home who happen to be three bears, Papa, Mama and little baby bear. Much to their demise they discover the outcome of what Goldilocks has done to their porridge, chairs and finally their beds. Goldilocks wakes with a fright when she sees and hears the bears; she jumps from the bed and runs away as fast as she can. Comment : I think this story is good enough for children. It gives moral teaching especially for children. It tells children to be a polite girl, and never use anything that dont belong to us. Useful vocabularies : Story 7# Title/author Characters Summary : Hansel and Gretel were brother and sister. Their poor parents were starving, so they went out in search of food. They took one slice of bread along, which they used to mark a path back to their home by leaving crumbs along the way. After a while, they came upon a little house made of gingerbread. Hansel broke off a piece to eat. Suddenly, an old woman came out and invited them in. She fed them mountains of pancakes and fruit, and then tucked them into bed to sleep. What Hansel and Gretel didnt realize was that the old witch was fattening them up so she could use them in her favorite dish and when she asked them to stick their fingers out of their cell so she could judge how fat they were getting, Hansel held out a bone instead. Finally, the children escaped and pushed the witch into the oven. They filled their pockets with gold and food and used the trail of bread crumbs to find their way back home, where they lived happily ever after. Comment : I think this story is good enough for children. it gives moral teaching especially for children. It tells children to be a clever boy and never give up through hard times. Useful vocabularies : September 9th 2012 Type of story : short story (3 pages)

: Hansel and Gretel / unknown : Hansel, Gretel, Father, Mother, Witch

Story 8# Title/author Characters Summary :

September 9th 2012

Type of story : short story (4 pages)

: Jack and the Beanstalk / unknown : Jack, The Giant, Mother, The Giants wife

Jack and his mother were hungry. The cow in the barn gave them milk, but they needed food. Jacks mother asked him to sell the cow for some food. Along the way, Jack met a farmer who talked him into giving up the cow in exchange for a handful of beans. When Jack returned home, his mother was very cross because they lost their cow for a few beans and threw it. The beans began to grow up to the sky and Jack climbed it. Then he found a castle of Giant who want to eat him. Then he played harp and the giant slept and grabbed giants magic hen. He went down the stalk and cut it down with axe. Comment : I think this story is good for children. But it gives moral value in it. It seems that this story tells us to be an opportunist and should help each other. Useful vocabularies : Story 9# Title/author Characters Summary : One day there live a very clever Kancil with the cunning of reason and intelligence to speak to fool his opponent. Then he targeted a monkey as his victim. One day the monkey hold a cake, Kancil wanted that piece of cake. With his cleverness Kancil eat the cake little by little, the monkey saw that but he didnt realize that there was nothing left for him to eat. Finally the monkey hated Kancil so much after he realized what did Kancil do with his cake. Comment : I think this story is funny enough for children. But it gives no moral value in it. It seems that this story just told about how Kancil fools the unlucky monkey. Useful vocabularies : September 10th 2012 Type of story : fable (1 pages)

: Kancil with Monkey / unknown : Kancil, monkey

Story 10# Title/author Characters Summary :

September 11th 2012

Type of story : Fairy tales (4 pages)

: Little Red Riding Hood / Unknown : Little Red Riding Hood, Wolf, Granny, Woodsman

Little Red Riding Hood (LRRH) went to the forest to visit her ill granny. She took some cake and lemonade in a basket. She met a wicked wolf that asked her which path she was taking. While LRRH was busy picking flowers to take to her granny, the wolf went to the cottage and swallowed granny in one gulp. Then the wolf put on grannys cap, got in grannys bed, covered up in blankets, and settled in to wait. LRRH arrived at the cottage and came into grannys bedroom and asked many things about her Grannys new appearance. The wolf swallowed LLRH in one gulp and then fell asleep. A woodsman came by while the wolf was still asleep. The woodsman cut the wolf open with his ax and out poppe