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Our "senior" paper.




    Have you ever got to thinking about what you are going to do after high school? Even if you had, how are you going to pay for college? Many seek out scholarships and financial aid, but for some it is just not enough. Some students, including ReAnne De La Torre, enlists in the military to guide them on a career path and help them financially. De La Torre is a senior at Copper Canyon already enlisted in the Air Force and ready to go. De La Torre has many family members in the Air Force and she would like to follow their foot steps and have the same benefits. Another reason is she would like to pursue a medical or engineering career for the Air Force. De La Torre would like to move to Europe and continue with her career there. I am not nervous at all in the moment, is what she claims for the moment. She is not sure if she would stay like that when it is time to leave.

    By Jessica Morales & Marie Yanez

    Taking Off after High School

    Photo by Jessica Morales

    By Zaira Macias

    A handful of students at Copper Canyon have dis-closed what they hope to accomplish before kicking the bucket in the future. Melina Perez, Anthony Cama-cho, Nicole Pedrego, Anthony Mora, and Kassandra Rios were the interview nominees. Junior Melina Perez was the first to be interviewed. She responded with an I dont know after being asked what she wanted to do before she passes away in the far future .She decided she would not want to die without having the experience of skydiving. Then, when asked what other things she would enjoy doing she answered doubtingly, explaining that she would probably want to go on some sort of trip or vacation like the Baha-masor something like that. Jokingly, she said After that, Im good. Kassandra Rios, a senior at CCHS, also expressed herself in a calm, joking manner. She first responded with an enthusiastic, swim with dolphins. Then, when asked what her alternatives were, she quickly said, Make cupcakes for Obama! Just kidding. However, she ended the conversation by saying that she would very much enjoy a trip to India and if pos-sible, travel the world.

    Nicole Pedrego, on the other hand, had some interestingly different views. She thought for a mo-ment, and then expressed her desire to sing a song along with Madonna. Her runner up experiences would be to slap Santorum in the face, and make a film. Despite this, another student, Anthony Camacho (a sophomore at Copper Canyon High School), took only a second to respond, saying, parachute with a monkey strapped to my chest. His other choices of ac-complishment before death would be to be in a flash mob and, interestingly enough, own a Yogurtland. The final questionnaire recipient was a; Junior (coinci-dently enough) by the name of Anthony Mora. At first he said, I dont know but paused in thought. He finally decided he could live with himself if he had the opportunity to, like, mountain climb and when asked if that was his final (and only) answer he said, Yeah, thats it. So there you have it Copper Canyon, some of the somewhat extreme, yet intriguing heights people will go through before their time comes.

    Senior Bucket List

    Double the

    trouble, double

    the fun- Twins

    By Nidia Reyes, Cydny Gage

    and Joshua Willhite

    Do you ever wish to have a twin? Do you ever wonder how would it feel to have someone look exactly like you? Many peo-ple can find it fascinating and fun to be a twin, but lets look at the viewpoints of real twins and see how their lives can be differ-ent from ours. We interviewed Freshmen Natalie and Giovannie Camacho, Sophomore Anabel and Bibiana Mora, and Junior Cydny and Brytny Gage to see how they feel about having another sibling who looks just like them. Something that ev-

    eryone seems to wonder is how does it feel to be a twin? Well, we asked all the twins this and their response was that it feels normal to be a twin because they dont know how it feels not to be a twin. Starting with the freshmen twins, they seem to be close to each other. One of the questions we asked was if they ever had a situation when there is some-thing going on with your twin and you feel it? Natalie said, I can tell when hes not in a good mood. Now, many people may think because some twins are exactly identical, they must have the same style and viewpoints. Well, thats not quite right. Twins can be so different from each other! We asked Sophomores Anabel and Bibiana if they had differ-ent style and viewpoints and Anabel said Yeah, I prefer more comfortable clothes. Bibiana said Anabel was more straight-forward. Now Bibiana said, Im more girly in style. Anabel said Bibiana is more gullible. Story cont. Page 5

    Have you ever asked

    a twin something that is most

    likely not true but you still ask

    it? Well, this was an easy ques-

    tion for Juniors Cydny and Bryt-

    ny to answer. Cydny said, I hate

    when people ask if we can read

    each others mind. Brytny said,

    when people ask if she gets hit

    and I can feel it. From this ar-

    ticle, we can obviously see that

    even though twins look alike

    their personalities are different.

    Photo by Joshua WillhiteFreshmen Twins Natalie and Giovannie Camacho talk about what it is like being twins. Natalie said, I can tell when hes not in a good mood. Now, many people may think because some twins are exactly identical, they must have the same style and viewpoints for everything. Well, thats not quite right.



    1. What group do you represent?

    Everly Inzunza represents the Social Disabilities Coaches.

    2. What is the purpose of this group? What is its mission?

    3. -The purpose of this group is to go over different aspects of communication to see what they can help other people with. They try to be role mod-els to the students. They work with people with diseases like autism.

    4. How is going to benefit the students?

    -This is going to benefit the students by helping them feel comfortable and like they belong to something. It will help them feel included in something because people may think they are different then they are.

    5. How long do you think it will take to implement the pro-gram fully?

    -The club has already been going on. It has been up and going since the beginning of this semester. They are hoping that it will grow in popularity by next year.

    6. What will the program look like? What activities will be involved?

    -The program is located in a classroom, usually during lunch. The students just eat and talk to each other. They sometimes go over questions to ask and teach the other students how to be social.

    7. Name all the students in the group and titles/roles if they have them.

    -There are about twelve stu-dents in the club right now. They dont have any roles for the people to have. The group just tries to make it a normal atmosphere to get to know people and feel welcome.

    1. What group do you repre-sent?

    -Carmen Acosta represents Ms. Zimmermans peer me-diation class.

    2. What is the purpose of this group? What is its mission?

    -Its purpose is to sovle conflicts and to try to be mediators. They help make peace between two or more people who have

    issues with each other. The people in this group try to teach others how to com-municate with people and how to respond to different situation.

    3. How is going to benefit the students?

    -It will benefit the students by teaching them to resolve conflicts I better ways than before.

    4. How long do you think it will take to implement the

    program fully?

    -They are just waiting on the go-aheadbut the pro-gram will surely be imple-mented by next year.

    5. What will the program look like? What activities will be involved?

    -The club takes place in the classroom but when a prob-lem comes up a mediator is called in (based n their schedule). The mediators will then talk with the stu-

    dent involved In order for them to find a better way to cope with each other.

    6. Name all the students in the group and titles/roles if they have them.

    -There are twelve members that go through the train-ing to help the students.

    From left to right: Carmen Acosta, Jennifer Gutierrez, Kimberly Mora, Yajaira Garcia and Everly Inzunza Photos courtesy of Ms. Zimmerman

    From left to right: Noemi Aceves, Carmen Acosta, Kathy Deck-er, Kadiato Kamara, and Phillip Cano

    From left to right: Gabriela Meza-Guzman, Chris Moss, Daniel Munos, Claudia Horton, and Danyell Williams

    Conflict resolution at Copper Canyon

    Coaching students with disabilitiesOn coppers campus

  • 3 STudEnT LifE

    Where are you going now?

    By Alexis Rodrguez, Jonathan Moss, and Michael Soto

    This is the time when seniors are finishing their Senior Paper and prepar-ing to go to college. We went around campus and asked our fellow graduat-ing class of 2012 which college will they be at-tending.

    The most popular college seniors said they will be going to is U Of A. They said U Of A would be a great college to at-tend because they have a lot of extracurricular ac-

    tivities. And the weather is just perfect there. The second most popular college the students said was Estrella and ASU. We asked them why and there answer was be-cause its closer to home and