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    46 | April 2008 |

    The Synergy ServiceSynergy is a flexible print management company, enjoying close relationships with clients to ensure peace of mind and a quality service, whatever your budget.

    Many companies boast it, not all practise it; but for print management company Synergy print Solutions, customer service

    really is key.

    Matt fillingham, managing director

    of Synergy explains: As a relatively small

    print management company, we can

    ensure that all our clients receive the

    same high level of quality and service

    that they deserve. our clients never have

    to worry about their print needs being

    placed on the back burner in favour of

    more important customers.

    Synergy, the Midlands based print

    management company, was formed

    10 years ago and describes itself as

    a young, dynamic, flexible and hard

    working company.

    it prides itself in handling the smaller

    print management contracts that larger

    print management companies may

    feel are too much effort for too small a

    budget, offering unique flexibility and

    building close relationships with clients.

    With print spends anywhere

    between 20,000 and 200,000 on

    average, Synergys clients may not have

    the highest print spend in the market,

    but they can still expect to receive the

    highest print quality. We do not just

    shop around looking for the cheapest

    price, our first priority is the quality of the

    work, says fillingham, then we work

    closely with our clients and suppliers to

    achieve the pricing levels they need.

    Synergy guarantees clients a

    proactive service that is flexible to each

    unique and changing requirement. With

    this understanding and quality assured,

    clients are free to carry on with their

    work, secure in the knowledge that their

    print is in safe hands.

    fillingham says: How can you be

    confident that youre getting top quality

    at optimum cost? How do make sure

    youre using the right printer, and the

    right processes? And how do you know

    when to ask the really hard questions

    that are sometimes critically important?

    At Synergy we understand and

    work every day with these kinds of

    problems. We take the hassle out of print

    management so our clients no longer

    have to concern themselves with these


    Many of the clients Synergy

    works with are marketing directors, or

    managing directors who often have

    a whole host of issues to concern

    themselves with, not just print.

    The British gymnastics Association faced the complex task

    of organising, producing and mailing out membership packs,

    featuring 12 different personalised and matched items. in

    total there are 15 different variations of pack and over 180,000


    To help with this, the British gymnastics Association called

    upon the services of Synergy to improve their processes,

    including strict quality control to comply with data protection


    The packs included personalised membership cards glued onto

    personalised letterheads, catalogues, magazines, badges, inserted labels

    and leaflets. All needed to be collated, fulfilled and mailed out to an

    agreed schedule.

    As a result of Synergys quality service, The British gymnastics

    Association enjoyed better control procedures that were developed and

    adhered to over three years, with continual improvements, lower cost,

    and a problem free service.

    Case Study- The British Gymnastics Association

    fillingham says: in the industry

    there are so many variables to

    understand, handling print is a time

    consuming process, so it can easily

    become a full time job. Some companies

    may not be able to give it all the time

    and effort it deserves to ensure that the

    best quality print is produced within the

    correct timescales and that the budget is

    spent wisely. We work as an extension of

    their team, taking the hassle out of print

    for them.

    Synergy enjoys long standing

    relationships with its clients, many of

    whom have been with the company since

    day one. The companys portfolio of

    clients varies from local authorities and

    membership organisations to mail order

    companies and blue chip businesses.

    The huge variety of projects covered

    includes report and accounts, poS,

    tourism literature, catalogues and direct


    Synergy also offers a comprehensive

    and professional design service, enabling

    clients to enjoy the benefits of a one-stop

    design and artwork service with greater

    process control, better communication

    and more competitive pricing.

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  • | April 2008 | 47

    profile Synergy

    Synergy have proved to be of great benefit to British

    gymnastics, from the efficiency of dealing with our

    membership database to the quality and speed of meeting all

    our printing requirements. Synergy gives the most valuable

    asset to any print buyer- peace of mind.

    British Gymnastics

    Synergy has helped enormously in the development of a

    house style, increased circulation and have always been

    prompt, friendly and efficient.

    National Primary Headteachers Association

    We are more than delighted to be associated with Synergy

    who have constantly offered the highest quality design,

    responsive service, competitive fees and true best value. They

    are a competent team who have proved to eminently flexible,

    positive and extremely professional.

    Staffordshire Tourism

    Thanks you for your help in producing our Annual report.

    The finished product was excellent and has been very

    well received both inside the trust and with our key

    stakeholders. i was impressed from the word go with by

    your professionalism, creative input, willingness to be flexible

    and ability to hit deadlines all achieved with a relaxed and

    friendly approach which i admire.

    Good Hope Hospital NHS Trust

    Customer testimonials

    Name: Matt fillinghamTel: 01543 257257Email:


    We work with them on a daily basis

    to be proactive and achieve the best

    possible results.

    To ensure flexibility in its service

    to clients, Synergy also makes certain

    that all suppliers are similar in terms of

    their equipment, working practises and

    pricing structure. if there are ever any

    problems with one supplier, Synergy is

    able to move things between suppliers

    if necessary, meaning that clients never

    have to experience any printing setbacks.

    explaining the benefits this provides,

    fillingham says: if there are ever any

    problems with one supplier, we can

    easily move things to another approved

    and trusted supplier without it generating

    any issues, so our clients never have to

    experience any printing setbacks,

    fillingham continues: We are here

    to absorb any questions or queries a

    printer may have for a client, so that

    they do not have to cope with any print

    headaches. our customers know that

    they can rely on us to manage their

    print without having to bother them with

    printer queries that we can handle for


    The word is spreading in the print

    buying community about the excellent

    flexible service Synergy provides. The

    company has recently embarked on a

    marketing campaign highlighting the

    many benefits of using Synergy.

    for this campaign a new website

    was launched to allow potential

    customers to easily discover how Synergy

    can improve the print buying process for

    its clients. As a result, Synergy secured

    over 150,000 of new business in the last

    quarter of 2007 alone as a direct result of

    enquiries generated through the website.

    With the flexibility to meet every

    individual requirement, Synergy offers

    the unique ability to listen and adapt to

    its clients needs. let Synergy handle

    your print management and experience

    the quality of its service for yourself.

    fillingham explains: Using one

    company for both design and artwork

    ensures the worry is taken out of the

    clients hands from an even earlier

    stage. if we work with a client from the

    beginning we can ensure all stages of

    the process are cost effective, while

    maintaining accountability and ensuring

    quality throughout.

    This includes giving advice on all

    aspects of the design and print process,

    whether making sure the design is

    environmentally friendly or suggesting

    ways to reduce costs. it can be as simple

    as shaving a few millimetres off the size

    of the product.

    The environment is an ever growing

    concern for many businesses, and

    Synergy is finding this more particularly

    with its local government customers.

    The company offers a range of

    environmentally friendly options,

    including 100% or 50% recycled paper

    which is fSC accredited, and additional