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What Product Managers can learn from Pulp Fiction, StarCraft, Gremlins, Moonrise Kingdom, Pizzas and World of Warcraft.


  • 1.Lean Product Management Lessons LearnedThomas Schranz CEO & Product at Blossom

2. Who is this Guy? 3. Lean Product Management Project Management is a critical Part of growing a Lean Startup, Blossom looks like a promising Product. Hiten Shah, Co-Founder of KISSmetricsIf you are looking for Lean Product Management, check them out. Fred Destin, Partner at Atlas Capital 4. In Use by Leading Software CompaniesLean Product Management@blossom_io 5. What is Product Management?DesignEngineeringLean Product ManagementMarketing@blossom_io 6. What is Product Management?VisionLean Product ManagementProduct@blossom_io 7. What is Product Management?VisionLean Product Management??? @blossom_ioProduct 8. What is Product Management?VisionLean Product ManagementProduct@blossom_io 9. Product Management 10. opportunity cost, highly competitive, high uncertainty, people management, herding cats, sales, support, marketing, engineering, customer requests, strapped for resources, little big details, articial & real deadlines, customer development, metrics, revenue, feature creep, technical debt, 11. Product Management 12. Product Managers are like Mr. Wolf 13. Do regular Tea Times/Stand-Ups 14. Two-Pizza-sized Teams 15. Enable A(utonomous) Teams 16. Cross Functional Teams + Guilds 17. Understand Opportunity Cost 18. Get a Grip on Technical Debt 19. Be Prepared 20. Dene your Standard of Performance 21. Get in TouchProduct ManagementLean Product Management@blossom_io 22. Thank You_ _tosh www.blossom.io hello@blossom.ioLean Product Management@blossom_io


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