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  • Lean Six Sigma - Green Belt Project




  • DMAIC Define problem is defined and team goals are set. Measure current data is researched and collected. Analyze data is analyzed using several possible

    methods including flow charts and fish bone diagrams.

    Improve stage where problem is solved and optimized using FMEA (Failure Mode Effect Analysis).

    Control controlling the future process to ensure success and minimize deviation.


  • Problem Statement The City of Titusville is developing a derelict vessel removal process. Derelict vessels which are submerged, partially submerged, or otherwise abandoned; cause a safety hazard for boaters, and have the potential to leak hazardous materials (i.e. fuel, oil, or battery acids) into area waterways. Developing and refining a process for derelict vessel removal will ensure that these hazards are minimized and that vessels are removed as quickly as possible. Currently, the City of Titusville has eight derelict vessels in its area of responsibility.


  • Team Members


    Scott Larese, Champion Tom Abbate, Sponsor

    Don Johnston, Facilitator Eddy Galindo, Natural Resource Planner Chelsea Farrell, Assistant City Attorney Tom Lawson, Marina General Manager Greg Sutton, Fire/EMS Training Chief

    Lisa Kubeika, Special Projects Coordinator

    SME: Lieutenant Darrin Riley, FWC

  • i


    Define Stage June 15

    Measure Stage Mid/End July

    Analyze Stage Beginning of August

    Improve Stage Middle of August

    Control Stage Continuous

  • What is a Derelict Vessel? F.S. 823.11(1) Derelict vessel means any vessel that is

    left, stored, and abandoned: (a) In a wrecked, junked, or substantially dismantled

    condition upon any public waters of this state. (b) At any port in this state without the consent of the

    agency having jurisdiction thereof. (c)Docked or grounded at or beached upon property of

    another without the consent of the owner of the property.

    This definition does NOT include: unsightly or ugly vessels.


  • Where Do Derelict Vessels Come From? In many instances derelict vessels originate from a

    neglecting owner who does not properly maintain the vessel and has the inability to maintain responsibility.

    Vessels are abandoned by the owner for means of disposal.

    Weather conditions such as hurricanes. However, they remain the responsibility of the person storing the vessel.


  • Impacts to the City How are we being affected by derelict vessels? 1. Safety first and foremost the most important; DVs pose a threat to public safety and navigational hazards. These vessels are often partially submerged with no navigation lights. 2. Environment Pollutes the water and possibly with toxic chemicals that can not only cause health risks but breakdown materials/deteriorate fiberglass and causes erosion. 3. Financially - $$$ of removal. The State of Florida, counties, and cities spend approx. $2 million annually removing these vessels.


  • Process Boundaries: City of Titusville and the northern Indian River Lagoon. Goal Statement: Implement a process similar to that of Brevard County for derelict vessel removal while eliminating unnecessary steps and setting a goal to remove 80% of derelict vessels, that are in the city waters as of June 1, 2016 (EIGHT), removed from the water by July 1, 2017. Constraints: Notice periods after tagging, State permitting, waiting for grant approval, overall budgeting. Monuments: Florida Statutes - 823.11 (criminal investigation) and 705.103 (civil liability). City budget will be needed where grants are not available.


  • VOC Analysis



    Voice of Customer Key Customer Issues Critical Customer


    Boaters/Vessel Operator Safety Unobstructed navigation channel

    Various Agencies Environmental Hazmat containment during removal

  • High Level Current Process Map S

    Complaint Sheriff FWC City

    DHSMV Note to Owner 5 days





    City Funded

    City Council Approval




    Contract for Removal

    Boat Removal

    Final Notifications

    Council Grant

    Management State

    Press Release

    Permit Process

    Grant App.


    DHSMV Florida Safety & Motor Vehicles FWC Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission

    OR Combin-ation Deed to City (Voluntary


  • NEXT:

    MEASURE PHASE List of DVs both in Titusville and Brevard County since the

    electronic documentations initiated (2009). Map of current DV locations in Titusville

    Calculations for various time processes for boat removals/PLT In-depth VOC chart

    Histogram (Trends since 2009)


    Derelict Vessel Removal ProcessDEFINE PHASEDMAICProblem StatementTeam MembersSlide Number 6What is a Derelict Vessel?Where Do Derelict Vessels Come From?Impacts to the CitySlide Number 10VOC AnalysisHigh Level Current Process MapNEXT:MEASURE PHASEList of DVs both in Titusville and Brevard County since the electronic documentations initiated (2009).Map of current DV locations in TitusvilleCalculations for various time processes for boat removals/PLTIn-depth VOC chartHistogram (Trends since 2009)


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