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ABC to be healthy and financially free


  • 1. ABC Presentation Guide A Company Unlike Anything You Have Ever Seen Is Coming To The World Delivering The Next Generation Of Home Business + Total Wellness Defined Rick Murphy
  • 2. The company is NIKKENT . It can give you the power of financial freedom, M a total wellness solution and the time to enjoy your life. Presentation Purpose: We are looking for partners to help us bring this company to the world! This presentation is designed to give you a brief overview of our company so you can determine if you are interested in learning how Nikken can help you and your family shape your own future!
  • 3. We are founded on the 5 Pillars of Health Healthy Mind Healthy Body Healthy Family Healthy Society Healthy Finances Our Mission: To INSPIRE individuals to DISCOVER a whole new way of life and provide them the opportunity to LIVE IT, by changing their lives through improved health and financial well being.
  • 4. Company Overview Over 30 years in business and now in 35+ countries Over 40 million satisfied customers and billions in sales Worlds first and only total wellness company NikkenTM has moved their World HQ to North America 5A1 Dun & Bradstreet rating State-of-the-art facilities and technologies Vision to be both the largest Direct Selling and Wellness Company in the world! Partners with some of the best organizations and minds in the world Only 2 or 3 in 1,000 people have even heard our name Why Wellness? Why Now?
  • 5. State of Healthcare We do not have a healthcare system - We have a sickcare system! The Human Cost: Thousands die and millions of people are hospitalized each year due to prescription drug reactions or medical mistakes 2 out of 3 people are overweight or obese The answer is almost always another drug Or another procedure Which always leads to another bill Economic Cost: US medical costs are now approaching $2 trillion and doubling every 5 years! Millions are either uninsured or under-insured Medical costs were the number one cause of bankruptcy in the USA last year The Solution: PREVENTION!!! Wellness is a $1 trillion dollar growth industry - 30 times the size of Microsoft plus Boeing Ask 100 people what wellness is and how to do it and you will get 100 answers Wellness has been undefined, time consuming and confusing for most... Until now!
  • 6. The Solution-The Certified Wellness Home Total Wellness Defined Performance & Rejuvenation Solutions Environmental Solutions Lifestyle Solutions With these life-changing technologies, you are a wellness expert if you can lay down, sit down, walk around, breathe air, drink water and eat! Total Wellness made simple and affordable!
  • 7. The Career Opportunity What NikkenTM Does: Goes direct to market Handles all of the common business concerns Gives us all of the power of a multi-billion dollar company and assumes all of the risk! What We Do: We educate people about these life changing technologies We attract others who wish to build a network We teach people how to educate and attract others We earn residual income for every person we connect and every person they connect What We Are Looking For: Positive, self-motivated and coachable people who want to earn an unlimited residual income by changing the lives of others People who want to make a change in their lives NOW
  • 8. Career Benefits Our Way: Partnership Low cost to begin and residual income Control over your own schedule Be a part of something you can feel good about World-wide training and support systems that allow you to build your business anytime, anywhere A business that works with your busy life and creates the freedom to pursue your passions In business for yourself, but not by yourself How Most People Work: Traditional business ownership Sell time for dollars High cost to open No ownership High time investment No residuals High risk No control What would happen if you lost your income tomorrow? What is your plan B?
  • 9. What Now? How is your current career working for you? Are you where you want to be? Lets see if NikkenTM is right for you! The Education Process is simple, fun and free! Choices Attend the next Wellness Preview or local event Watch a Presentation DVD or Web Cast If our company sounds like a fit for you, become a partner today and lets begin changing your life and the lives of others today! Can you name another total wellness company in the world? The people who do this now will have the opportunity to literally make a fortune by positvely impacting countless lives!
  • 10. Compensation Plan-Working For YOU! Plan features: Retail Bonus Wholesale Bonus Member Commissions Residual Income 6% Bonus overrides 6 levels deep Promotions are immediate and permanent Auto AND home program Compression and promotions from leaders in depth Once you reach a level you never lose it