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To accompany workshop 2013. Links to Padlet discussion have been removed to preserve participants' anonymity.


  • 1. Maori learning as Maori

2. Karakia Karakia timata Whakamutu te hau i te uru west Whakamutu te hau i te toka Kia te hau i runga ki te uta Kia te hau i runga ki te tai Kia puta mai te ta kura He p huka He whakaari o te r kororia Tehei mauriora!A beginning to the day Cease the winds from theCease the winds from the south Let the breezes blow over the land Let the breezes blow over the sea Let the red-tinged dawn appear A touch of frost A promise of a glorious day I sneeze, I am alive 3. Whakatauki M te rongo, ka mhio; M te mhio, ka mrama; M te mrama, ka mtau; M te mtau, ka ora. Through resonance comes cognisance; through cognisance comes understanding; through understanding comes knowledge; through knowledge comes life and wellbeing. 4. Mihi 5. Outline for the day Mihimihi and welcome Setting the scene Challenging ourselves a bit Thinking about race in a safe environment. Voice, knowing the learner, reading as Maori Tataiako Useful links Karakia 6. Brainstorm:What are the issues for Maori learners at Manawatu now? 7. Setting the scene BPS targets 8. Anne Milnes Maori education pipelineMilne 2009 9. Challenge time Provocative card exercise. Take a card at random. Read it through and, on the sheet provided note: The key ideas What you thinkThen share with the others in the group and briefly add their comments. 10. Power and Influence from Kawanatanga to RangatiratangaPkeha decideJohn Leonard Ngai Tahu 2013Pkeh ask Mori, then Pkeh decideMori decide then ask PkehMori decide 11. Voice We have to understand the importance of relationships and the power of whanau. Milne 2009Student voice Just sitting there writing notes doesnt help you to remember the information sort of thing.Not that much teachers trust you like other kids. Theyre always on your case, cause they feel like youre doing something bad.I moved [class] because I was being naughty[Establish] rapport and positive relationships with parents[Allow] parents to see the curriculum over the year so they can contributeWhanau voice [use] the creative strengths and the creative thinking that many Maori students excel atTeacher voice 12. Knowing the learner Who are they and what to they want from us?Tomlinson, Carol Anne: 2003 13. Reading as Maori Patricia Grace on when books are harmful for indigenous readers, quoted in Anne Milne Linda Smith (1999, p.33) directly implicates schools in the redefinition of indigenous worlds and discusses the dangers implicit in reading and writing. She cites Patricia Graces (1985) assertion that books are dangerous to indigenous readers when (1) they do not reinforce our values, actions, customs, culture and identity; (2) when they tell us only about others they are saying that we do not exist; (3) they may be writing about us but they are writing things that are untrue; and (4) they are writing about us but saying negative and insensitive things which tell us we are not good (Smith, p.35). 14. Tataiako 15. Card discussion feedbackAdd your comments to our teacher voice wall. 16. Useful links Maori Pedagogies Pearltree. 17. Karakia Karakia whakamutunga the day E te Atua Kua muta a matou mahi Mo tenei ra (wa) meetingtime) Manaakitia taku whanau family Me nga iwi katou Ko koe hoki te rangatiratanga being Te kaha me te kororia glory Ake ake ake AmineAn end toLord Our work is done For this day ( Look after my And everyone else You are the supreme In your strength andFor ever and ever Amen