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Leggings- Every woman's essential.


Introduction to this piece of clothing is not deemed necessary anymore since its always in talks when womens fashion comes up. They are a necessity, a lot of women exclaim. Its been admitted by various women that they are a part of their daily routine, making life easy and good looking at the same time!

Some women like to believe that they are an everyday wear and can be worn anywhere with absolutely anything. Although, there are a few others who like to consciously curate their clothing, their style, the design and the fabric.

This article is for them

Using Black Leggings:

They are a forever fashion statement showing simple and elegance in the same go. If you are for a quick look, they go well with tunics or long tees.

The length of the tunic should be long enough to cover your hips and rear.

Since leggings tend to be tight and body hugging, they can be complemented with a top which is frilly and a little lose to get the perfect look.

When it comes to foot wear, bellies or boots are the most used and loved. Bellies would be great for a day in the city, strolling in the park. Boots would be perfect for more outdoors and specific events. Boots are worn a lot during winters.

The leggings fashion goes beyond just one color like Black. Theres a whole world of designs and colors and styles waiting to be experimented with and explored. Neon and Denim leggings are two styles that are definitely kicking in the fashion fever and being worn by the ladies!

Neon Leggings:

They arent so common and are sometimes dreaded by many as to theyll be carry them of well or not. Well, if you can carry neon, this piece of fashion is lovely for that 80s look.

They look completely retro and so, so colorful.

Neon tends to attract attention and lets specify that its always for the good reasons. The entire heads turning, people wondering how you can carry them so well and all that.

When paired with Black, they look simply amazing. Its like black and neon were meant to be.

Sometimes, they arent completely neon but the design on them is of a neon color which adds to the clothings quirkiness.

Denim Leggings:

They can be worn as torn from the knees, with zippers or with embellished stones. Theyll look good for any party or any event you would like to grace them with.

One thing to consider while buying them, also known as Jeggings is that they are comfortable and stretch.

They are lovely to be worn is winter are they efficiently keep your legs warm with all the outside chill and cold.

They look best when worn with a plain top and boots, that look is to kill for.

I would like to think of Leggings as that piece of fashion clothing that everyone would love. Even if they dont wear, people love watching them! Hoard your wardrobe with these soon.