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Legitimizing Interest Based Learning With Mozilla Open Badges Chris McAvoy Tara Tiger Brown. Interest-Driven Learning. Tara Tiger Brown UC Irvine HRI @ tara teachmestuff.net. The Problem. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Legitimizing Interest Based Learning With Mozilla Open Badges

    Chris McAvoyTara Tiger Brown

    Presented to: OSCON*

    Presented to: OSCON

  • Interest-DrivenLearningTara Tiger BrownUC Irvine HRI@tarateachmestuff.net

  • The ProblemIts hard to find a mentor, particularly in specialized, non-institutionalized and newly emergent areas of interest.*

  • AlsoIts hard to find a mentee that is a good fit based on skill level, commitment and availability.*

  • Existing Platform Gaps-Support evolving interests-Expose adjacent interests/expertise-Convert Learners to Mentors-Online Platforms for Kids/Teens-Hybrid model; on/offline-Community for Mentors-Group Coaching-Real-world recognition


  • The SolutionA cross-network platform that matches mentors and learners with compatible interests, goals, temperaments, schedules and incentives.*

  • Experiment (Concierge MVP)Goal: Provide the best experience possible to determine:

    If the coaches saw it as valuable and would sign up again If the coaches would recommend the service to a friend (growth).*

  • *StarCraft II

  • StarCraft II Phase 1*Community OutreachAdjustmentsManual MatchingPersonal IntrosCheck-in/Midway SurveyApplication / Background ChecksCoach Meet & GreetExit InterviewsRecruit forPhase 2

  • StarCraft II Phase 1 ResultsValue: 6 coaches are returning for Phase 2Some coaches are continuing with studentMany students got promoted to next ladder

    Growth: Over 50 coaches signed up for Phase 2, some referred by Phase 1 coaches


  • StarCraft Phase II-Students Apply to Coaches-Goal Setting-Cancel matches when lack of activity- Student vs Student matches-Nurture Coach Community-Recognize Coaches for Phase 1 participation-Recognize Coaches & Students for reaching goals


  • Battle.net Achievements*

  • OpenBadgesChris McAvoyMozilla Foundation@chmcavoyhttp://openbadges.org

  • Visual representations oflearning,skills,and competencies

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/bike/3449284794

  • http://beta.openbadge.org

  • What is a badge - technically?A picture (PNG, Square) make it look coolA criteria url describes what someone needs to do to earn the badge, LRMI will be awesome hereAn evidence url optionalAn assertion url (per badge) ties it all together

  • Assertion{

    "recipient": "chris.mcavoy@gmail.com", # not valid as of beta release "badge": { "version": "0.0.1", "name": "Badges 101", "image": "https://github.com/toolness//img/index/101badge.png", "description": "You really get badges!", "criteria": "http://openbadges.org/en-US/", "issuer": { "origin": "http://badges-101.openbadges.org/", "name": "Open Badges", "org": "Experimental Badge Authority", "contact": "hai2u@openbadges.org" } }


  • Users Pull the Badge

  • Bake the BadgeOptionalEmbed the assertion in the PNGProvides portabilityhttps://github.com/mozilla/openbadges/wiki/Badge-Baking

  • DisplayUse the API https://github.com/mozilla/openbadges/wiki/Make some fancy widgets

  • THE FUTURE!Federated BackpacksSigned issuersSuper Crypto ActionDisplay WidgetsOPENBADGEREveryones favorite way to issue badgesLike wordpress for badges

  • Get InvolvedPut badges on your siteContribute to the projecthttps://github.com/mozilla/openbadgesContribute to the new project https://github.com/mozilla/openbadgerNew Node StuffExpress RouterMySQL ORM

  • The End@chmcavoy@OpenBadges / openbadges.org@tarateachmestuff.net

    Based on research by Mimi Ito, Cultural Anthropologist at UC Irvine She focuses on digital media learning.

    *Just like mentees have a list of qualifications for their mentors, mentors generally have a list of qualifications they expect of their mentees.*Mentoring in every community and different styles. JITFormalInformalMentorGuideExpertAdvice Giver

    Obi-wan & Luke ->JediDumbledorf & Harry Potter - WizardBatman & Robin Super HeroLuke & YodaMr Miyagi & Daniel LaRusso - KarateMentor & Telemachus from Homers The OdysseyBuffy & Rupert Giles - Slayer*Working with Post Docs that are researching StarCraft, Little big planet, Fibre Arts, DIY etc.*Mentor can be older, same age or even younger

    Total Addressable Market: 20 million US teens between 12 and 17 use the Internet**StarCraft IIAnd Web Development*Around 2 months*Whats next?*Yong ming studying it (lookup his slides)

    Displaying achievements is a main component to a players profile on Battle.net.Coaches have told us they care about badges.Students less so, Chris has some data on that.

    *It makes sense to me to incorporate their play badges and their coaching badges in a cohesive way. Blizzards website to track progress, etc.closed badge system- Doesnt TravelNothing for CoachingObscure to non SC playershow can you take this to a potential employer?- Need to go to a wiki page to learn what the achievements and ladders are http://wiki.teamliquid.net/starcraft2/Battle.net_Leagues

    *Visual and in our case Digital representations of formal & informal learningincluding technical (hard) skills and human (soft) skills.

    All badges are earned.