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  • Vita of Leonard A. Colelli

    Revised 12/30/2011



    Leonard Arthur Colelli


    112 Fox Hill Ln. Eberly College of Science and Technology Fairmont, WV 26554 California University of PA (304) 366-5207 250 University Avenue, Box 43 (724) 562-9330 (Cell) California, PA 15419 E-mail: Lencolelli@gmail.com (724) 938-4169 E-mail: Colelli@calu.edu


    THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY: Doctor of Philosophy -- August 1985, Industrial Technology Education (Minor: Research and Statistics)

    UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND: Master of Education - August 1979, Industrial Education

    CALIFORNIA UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA: Bachelor of Science in Education -- May 1977, Industrial Arts Education


    Duration: January 2000 - Present (12 years)

    Position: Dean, Eberly College of Science and Technology, California University of PA, California, PA 15419

    Duration: July 1994 - December 1999 (5.5 years) Position: Professor and Chairperson, School of Technology, Director of Engineering Technology

    Chair, Robert C. Byrd National Aerospace Education Center Board of Visitors,

    Fairmont State University, Fairmont, WV 26554

    Duration: July 1989 - July 1994 (5 years) Position: Associate Professor and Assistant Chairperson, Division of Technology,

    Fairmont State University

    Duration: August 1984 - July 1989 (5 years) Position: Assistant Professor & Coordinator, Manufacturing Engineering Technology Program

    Division of Technology, Fairmont State University

    Duration: August 1990 - 1997 (7 years) Position: Adjunct Professor, Technology Education Program (ATEC Curriculum Dev. Project)

    West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV 26505

    Duration: September 1983 - August 1984 (1 Year) Position: Graduate Teaching Associate, Department of Industrial Technology Education

    The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH 43210

    Duration: August 1981 - June 1983 (2 Years) Position: Industrial Technology Teacher and Coach (Cross-Country and Track),

    Grove City High School, Grove City, OH 43123

    Duration: Sept. 1979 - August 1981 (2 Years) Position: Graduate Administrative Associate, University College (Academic Advisor, pre-

    engineering students) The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH 43210

  • Vita of Leonard A. Colelli

    Revised 12/30/2011


    Duration: August 1977 - August 1979 (2 Years) Position: Instructor, Graduate Teaching Assistant, Graduate Research Assistant Department of Industrial, Technological, and Occupational Education

    University of Maryland, College Park, MD


    -Span of Control: over 90 full-time faculty, 8 department chairpersons, 5 program directors, over 30 academic programs, over 2500 associate & baccalaureate degree students, 10 program accreditations; with two additional accreditations in process (Please refer to the attached Eberly College Organization Chart).

    Note: No assistant/associate deans in the current organizational structure.

    -Academic Departments: Applied Engineering & Technology; Biological & Environmental Sciences; Business & Economics; Chemistry & Physics; Earth Sciences, Mathematics, Computer Sciences & Information Systems; Nursing; Professional Studies.

    -Other Organizational Supervision: National Center for Robotics Engineering Technology Education (NCRETE), Military Science (Army ROTC), Daley Institute for Geo/Spatial Technologies, Institute for Law and Public Policy, and Entrepreneurial Leadership Center/Student Incubator.

    -Oversight of annual college budget. -Work as a team to annually meet or exceed university and college faculty productivity targets

    while at the same time improving quality.

    Note: Our method of calculating S/F ratios include ALL faculty FTE in the denominator of the ratio including

    non-teaching workload equivalencies, overload, administrative (non-teaching) faculty, faculty on

    sabbaticals, internships, etc.

    -Produce and refine course schedules for academic departments within the college (fall, spring, summer).

    -Review and render decisions on all grant proposals, course substitution requests, credit overload requests, individualized instruction requests, internship applications, etc.

    -Conduct grade-appeal inquiries that are not resolved at the department level. -Conduct Article 43 disciplinary inquiries for faculty and/or staff when warranted. -Coordinate & facilitate the activities, needs, and resources of College academic program areas. -Seek funding, from internal and external agencies (for instrumentation, renovation, faculty

    development, and facility expansion) to support academic programs. -Recommend & justify reduced or expanded personnel needs within College academic programs. -Coordinate and facilitate faculty/staff advertisement and position searches. -Conduct face-to-face interviews with faculty and/or staff candidates for position searches. -Develop new academic program proposals for high-demand workforce areas. -Annually perform CBA Article 12 probationary and post-tenure faculty evaluations (over 420 completed; average of 36 per year during the past 12 years). -Annually evaluate and rank faculty per the annual institutional promotion process. -Serve as administrative representative on University-wide committees and on standing Academic

    Affairs committees (see service section of vita). -Serve as Chair of bi-monthly College of Science and Technology Council meetings. -Promote student recruitment and programmatic marketing efforts within the College. -Review and approve recommended curricular changes submitted by college departments. -Review and approve university catalog updates as submitted from college departments. -Collect and summarize data for assigned outcomes of the Academic Affairs Strategic Plan. -Other assignments as per the discretion of the President and the Provost for Academic Affairs.

  • Vita of Leonard A. Colelli

    Revised 12/30/2011


    -Major Accomplishments at Cal U:

    College of S&T Teaching/Learning Paradigm:

    When hired as dean, my college: 1. Was not well-aligned with the Cal U historic (160 year) mission in teaching

    excellence (perfunctory faculty evaluations at all levels including the deans office), 2. With exception of the Eberly Science & Technology Center, had extremely poor

    teaching/learning classroom and laboratory facilities, and 3. Had experienced a 13-year decline in undergraduate enrollment.

    My strategic goal: Change the teaching/learning paradigm in S&T by: 1. Re-focusing our primary mission to teaching and student learning, 2. Developing a more effective faculty evaluation system including the use of

    qualitative and quantitative student opinion of teaching performance, 3. Hiring new faculty who valued teaching, 4. Better communicating expectations for tenure & promotion, and 5. Implementing a strategic facility enhancement program to develop modern

    classrooms and laboratories that not only improved productivity but also required the integration of experiential (active) teaching methodologies to improve student learning.

    S&T Enrollment Growth:

    Achieved a 12-year 74.6% increase in undergraduate enrollment (1,432 to 2,500 headcount); 1,068 additional students.

    Realized a 52.9% rate of undergraduate enrollment growth; over two times greater than all undergraduate growth in general (24.7%) during the past six years.

    Realized an undergraduate enrollment growth rate almost four times that of the combined growth of the colleges of Liberal Arts and Education/Human Services (14%) during the past six years.

    Dual Enrollment Cal U in the High School (CUHS) Program:

    Managed operations for 8 years (2000 2007) Evolved program from small scale department to university-wide operation. Developed standard operation and evaluation procedures for participating H.S. teachers. Developed a union/management approved revenue distribution plan (50% to departmental

    budgets, 25% to certification and Article 12 evaluations of H.S. faculty, and 25% to H.S. professional development projects aimed at better aligning H.S. and University courses).

    Developed and conducted successful CUHS Summer Institutes with H.S. and Cal U faculty.

    Increased annual direct revenue from $18,725 (2000) to $284,353 (2007); $1,209,085 total with over $600K applied to support participating University academic department budgets.

    Increased annual Student Credit Hours generated from 28.47 (2000) to 375.7 (2007); generating 1,598 total Student Credit Hours.

    Productivity Enhancements/PA State System Performance Funding:

    Met or exceeded EVERY faculty productivity target assigned my college during the past 12 years.

  • Vita of Leonard A. Colelli

    Revised 12/30/2011


    Assisted in team management efforts to secure Performance Funding from the PA State System of Higher Education. Helped to earn over $21.5 million from 2004 to 2009 due in part to:

    o Improvements in faculty productivity, o Reductions in instructional costs, o Improvements in 4 and 6 year graduation rates o Increases in the number of degrees awarded. o Progress in hiring greater numbers of minority faculty/staff. o Progress in hiring more faculty with terminal degrees.