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For City of the Straits


  • 1. Leonard Arthur McLeod
    Application for City of Straits

2. Im not much for introductions, but Ill do my best here.My name is David Reece and this is a picture of me looking better than I usually do.I often smile in real life (as opposed to picture-life) but I dont generally do that in pictures because I look like a dork.
See.A dork.
3. Ive recently turned 30.This is usually a cause for celebration, or at least self-examination.Ive done neither. Mostly, Im just relievedthat Ive made it another year.
Im a Pisces.Pisces, according to the internet, includes the following positive traits: idealism, wisdom, intuition, empathy, imagination, creativity, adaptability, compassion, and an uncanny connection to all that is spiritual and otherworldly; and the following negative traits : easily influenced by other people, gullibility, a lack of backbone, escapism, addictive personality, impracticality, emotional game-playing, delusion, and a total inability to say "no.
Yeah, thats pretty accurate.
4. Very ugly bedspread, but warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
I live here.Hardly impressive.And hardly ever this clean.
Ikea closet.No, I dont own grown-up furniture.
My former minions.I have attachment issues
More work projects.
Why yes, I DO have a Mac.
Work projects; sometimes I work from here.Really.
5. This is my office at work.
Much fancier, isnt it? I had zero to do with that.I workwith architectsto validate their designs for code violations.That requires a lot of dealings with the City of So And So, so you can imagine how fun my days generally are.
These are absolutely stock pictures.Like I said, zero to do with dcor.
The light for my draft table
Ruby.More on her later.
Another Mac! Im starting to detect a theme
6. I lead a purposefully dull, unobtrusive life.Very quiet.Very lonely.
I change jobs a lot.
I move a lot.
David is not my real name
You see the thing is

there are a lot of people who want me dead.
7. That was kind of awkward.
Lets try this again.
8. My name is Leonard McLeod.Lets get one thing straight: Im not some former mobsterand I didnt witness anyone get killed Im not in the Witness Protection Program or anything.Nor am I hiding from my family because of some reckless/drug-induced/shameful act that I cannot speak of.In short, I really have no logical reason to be in hiding.
Still a dork.And 30.
And a Pisces.
9. I want you to stay with me as I explain this to you, okay?
Because this isnt logical.You just have to roll with it.
Think back to when you were a child.Think back to watching Peter Pan for the first time and staying up all night in the hopes that hed come for a story.Think back to when your dolls had individual personalities and every branch was a sword.Think back to when you had an imagination that worked.
Are you there?
10. I am a mage.Its a nice, gender-neutral term for magic user that has grown popular over the years because it doesnt have the same oh, animosity of other descriptors.
Witches are either wizened hags, mistakenly persecuted colonials, oryoung women of a certain age who revere nature to the point of self-delusion.
Warlocks are either evil male magic users coming to destroy the purity of nature/female magic, or the selected striker class of those severely addicting online games.
And anyone who calls themselves a wizard is an idiot, but everyone knows that.
11. At any rate, Im a mage.A structural mage, specifically.Even more specifically, I Make these:
Really, though, I make these:
This is Bear.I dont remember ever consciously deciding to animate him it was too long ago for me to remember but hes been my conscience, my co-hort,and my companionsince before I was old enough to walk.
Hes adorable, I know.Dont let that fool you though- my personality is inexorably imprinted upon him.
12. I can really make anything come to life.Well life; I have to remind myself of the difference most of the time.
Its my blood that does it.
My blood that marks me as worthy of death.I am a cancer on society for what I can create, supposedly.
Maybe I am something to be feared.I could build tireless armies that would feel no pain, never eat or sleep.I could take an item and bid it to tell me all its seen.My grasp and power just might be limitless.If God made Adam out of clay and breathed life into him whats to say whatI do is any different?Maybe I am something to be feared.
Bear is my co-pilot.Oh yeah.
But I dont think so.
13. As Ive said, people want me dead.But the thing is, people have wanted me dead since I was a kid.My family is one of the oldest of our kind in the US and we have been hunted since before Salem.
Not that Im THAT old.
You get the point.
I grew up outside of regular society, fully immersed inthe Delirium.Thereal world (your world) was simply there for providing the essentials (stores to buy food, dealerships to buy cars, etc.)
We were always on the move , living but staying one step ahead of the Witchfinders.They would find us and there would be fights.People would die.Wed continue on.
My mother and eldest sister were killed when I was nine.My father has been gone 6 years now.
14. This is what remains of my family.
This is my eldest brother, Elwood.He is a goofy, lazy oaf with a lightning temper.He grants wishes, although he maintains that he only grants small ones.He continues to travel heavily with his wife Lena and his son Saul.
This is my youngest brother, Gregory.As that smirking smile suggests, hes a rogue who pretty much thinks hes the most awesome thing on Earth.He is a Dreamer and Im fairly sure the movie Inception is based upon him.
This is Ruby.Shes my twin sister isnt she pretty?Shes my other half and when I close my eyes and stay real quiet, I can feel her on the other end of myself.Shes a Conduit and brings things from other planes here.Its put a darkness in her recently and I wish I could be there to comfort her.Sometimes the Othersides are too much to bear.
15. This picture was taken 2 years ago in one of our infrequent meet-ups this particular one in St. Louis.For the most part, its Gregory that knits our dreams together so we can see each otheron a regular basis, free from interference.But nothing is like being in a real room together.
Im smiling like a dork again.
We were attacked four hours after this was taken.Two people ended up dead, fortunately none of them being us.
This is why we stay apart.
16. So that is who I am.Just someone trying to survive in this world.Ive been in Detroit for two months now and everything has been okay.I just hope that it stays that way.That it doesnt end up like everywhere else Ive been.
Yeah.Im not so hopefully either.
Someday, Ill find a place to stay where I dont have to watch over my shoulder and mistrust everyone I meet.Someday, Ill have my siblings and Ill get married and have a family.Someday, Ill be free.
17. Doesnt make any sense, does it?
18. Im just kidding.Its a good story though,
isnt it?
isnt it?