list posts: why people love and hate lists. curation tips for list makers

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This is a work in progress. I've curated a lot of posts and research in Lists Posts. I want to add to it, but figured it's better to share than not My active research is here


  • 1.Lists & Lists PostsLove & HateWhere do you sit on this debate?To help me (and you) I curated these slidesSunday, 28 October, 12

2. Theres No Debate: People love or hate lists Theres No Debate: People love or hate lists I collected research on List Posts I inclued both factions List Post Lovers List Post Haters I curated content from these postSunday, 28 October, 12 3. Curative Thinking: My Curation Rules Ive linked back to every post in these slides Ive added photos and names so you know who Im citing Ive extracted the key points from each post Im shortened / reworded much of the content If you want to quote the source, go to the source. My List links directly to each post. Please add your suggestions to this lisrt I found this a really interesting exercise I believe it become the basis of original content from me If youve never curated content I highy recommend your repeat this kind of process for your domain. Try to assemble a balanced story for your audience.Sunday, 28 October, 12 4. List Love SectionSunday, 28 October, 12 5. 10 Reasons Why We Love Making Lists Lists bring order to chaos. Lists help us remember things Most lists are nite. Lists can be meaningful. Lists can be as long or as short as necessary. Making lists can help make you famous. The word "list" can be tracked back to William Shakespeare, according to the Oxford English Dictionary. Lists relieve stress and focus the mind. LINTON WEEKS Lists can force people to say revealing things. Lists can keep us from procrastinating, 28 October, 12 6. 5 Reasons List Posts Dont Suck Lists are easy to skim capture your attention and properly set up expectations are fantastic for curating. are great for starting the conversation and generating comments often provide a ranking, and in Social Media that is a big deal! Newman Millenial CEOSunday, 28 October, 12 7. Listmania and Social Inuence Lists are insanely subjective. Lists stimulate conversation and debate, Thats what makes lists fun! Lawrence @El4shortSunday, 28 October, 12 8. List Posts : Im a Big Fan List Post: Go-to post for uber-practicality List posts oer easily digestible tips List Posts get more retweets. I suspect that these posts are easy to understand and often communicate a lot of value at a glance. Stanford SmithPushing Social Lists Are Easy to Share: This is the perfect type of information to share with readers causing many readers to quickly retweet. Keep a close eye on your retweets and the post types., 28 October, 12 9. 21 Tactics to Increase Blog Trac Target Your Content Use Twitter, Facebook Install Analytics and to an Audience Likely and Google+ to SharePay Attention to the to ShareYour Posts & Find Results New Connections Lists are super-Lists come with built in sharable & embedable Lists are the idea analytics and trackingtransporterthat double up as Participate in thesocial proof Communities Where Add Graphics, Photos Your Audience and Illustrations Frequently Reference Already Gathers Your Own Posts andEvery list item has an Those of Others List form communitiesimage or play rich around sharedmedia directly in theYou can make lists of passions list your posts Make Your BlogsConduct Keyword Aggregate the Best of Content SEO-FriendlyResearch WhileYour Niche Writing Your Posts Lists keep changing This is a classic feeding SEO with new Lists are lving research curation tactic data Rand Fishkin SEOMozSunday, 28 October, 12 10. 6 Types Of Posts That Drive Trac Top Lists Its no secret that top lists drive trac to your site, particularly if theyre based on 1 persons opinion, that other people may disagree with. Take a collection of 10+ websites or people and then you organize them into an order that you think is right Michael-DunlopIncome Diary 10 Tips / Reasons Similar to a top list, this sort of post oers clear, concise and easy to read information for the reader to understand. No lengthy writing, usually just a paragraph and a photo per point on my posts., 28 October, 12 11. 65 Ways to Drive Trac to Your Blog Write list posts like the one you are reading. Readers love posts like 10 ways to make money or 6 ways to drive trac to your blog. List posts are amongst the most popular kinds of posts, and people tend to share list posts with others more often than other posts. Hold a contest and give prizes to your readers. Use social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook to let people know about the contest. A good contest with good prizes will attract a lot of people., 28 October, 12 12. 5 Top: Why Lists Bring Blog Trac Lists Can Be Quickly ScannedLists can be comprehensive in their content Long articles take time to read. Lists can be persuasive and convincing. We all have short attention spans.Lists Are Easy To Write A list format is quick to scan & comprehendFor the average blogger, writing long articles can be quite a challenge. Lists Appear Neat Lists are easy to write in linear fashion. Theres no rambling; no long, complicated Stepwise process sentence structuring that can confuse readers.Reader do not need consume linearly. Lists look neat and tend to look visuallyLists Act As Memes pleasing. Publish a list today with 10 clear opinion Readers can avoid blocks of text. points on a topic Consider embedding video & slides insideOther bloggers many link to your list and your list - not everyone loves text start an epidemic of similar ideas through lists. Lists Are Comprehensive And PersuasiveLists can spread very quickly for this reason. Lists are great to summaize pros and cons. Kukrejaare-good-for-getting-trac-to-your-blog maheshkukreja.comSunday, 28 October, 12 13. 5 Vital Reasons to Use List Posts Explosive Attention Grabbing HeadlinesYour readers can take in your expertise on a subject simply by looking at each points Creative headlines on your blog is an headline. incredibly important aspect to getting visitors to view your content. If they want more information they can drill or move on. Consider the attention grabbing power of these headlines: They Demonstrate Clarify &Organization 14 Ways to ..., 5 Websites That .... 5 Sure-Fire Strategies for ...Organization helps you get more done and it looks good to those who see you. Lists Posts = Skimmers Delight List post help your reader and increases your We all skim through the article, read portions ,credibility as a blogger skip others List inspires people to return to your site You probably skim for the highlights and then hone in on the key concepts. The are Perfect Search Engine Food List posts = easy reads List posts are great for getting hits from Google. Keyword rich. They give Readers quick acccess to the summary of a subjectList post also get clicked on due to catchy headlines (and shared) > More SEO goodness List posts cram a lot of information in a concise manner. Searchers get several points instead of just one. CardotSunday, 28 October, 12 14. 7 Reasons To Use List Posts On Your Blog! List Posts = Can be Good and BadLong form blog posts are disappearing, Great writers can make list posts excitingList Posts Are Easy to Share Bad writers can make them boring as hell. We all skim the content and quickly move to the comment or share button. List Posts = Method to Divide Content People are simply looking for something to share rather than something to read. No one would argue that headings, sub- heads, and bullet points are useless. List Posts Are Dicult to Do Well, Which is What Makes Them Great Using lists is a way to break up content, nothing moreA good list post takes just as long, if not longer to write than a normal post. List Posts Headlines Trump Copy Time to research to craft, Llist posts are easy to skim, but they work becasue intrigue people to read them. List Posts Help You Mix Things Up List post headlines (i.e. 7 ways to get Its boring to use only one format more trac) are succinct and appealing, Use a list post to mix things up List Posts Are Easy to Consume Breaking post into small bites > Snacks reasons-list-posts-blogWong Chendong TheBadBlogger.comSunday, 28 October, 12 15. Reasons to use Lists Lists often make it easier for a Easy to read writer to express his thoughts. This will be especially helpful to This way a writer can write higheryour readers, who for some quality posts, because he can reason are not interested in some express himself in a better way.points of your posts. Many bloggers decide to Instead of giving up on reading summarize another bloggers list,your post, they can easily analyze and link to them at the same time.what are the other points presented in your post. This makes the blogosphere more connected.They can decide to move to the next point if it is of interest to Persuasiveness is another key them. element for lists.Prevent rambling This applies to those posts in which you are trying to prove Give your readers solid something.information they want. Prealasrecife.comSunday, 28 October, 12 16. List Hate SectionSunday, 28 October, 12 17. 5 Reasons Not to Use A List They dont ow wellLists are associated with We speak in conversation andboredom unless your blog is purely Outside of Santa Claus, I cant instruction