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Little Kids Crafts Mini-book


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    Little Kid Crafts Mini-Book

    Copyright 2003 by Chris Yates

    All rights reserved.

    Copies of templates and craft instruction pages may be repro-duced for individual or class use only, not for commercial resale.This book may be freely distributed on websites or other elec-tronic means, as long as it remains completely intact and all copy-right and other information is included in its entirety.

    ISBN: 0-9741210-0-2

    Little Kids series is written, illustrated, edited and printed by ChrisYates and Chris Yates Enterprises.

    Chris Yates Enterprises13165 Oak Farm Dr.Woodbridge, VA 22192

    Little Kid is a trademark of Chris Yates Enterprises

    Notice: The information contained in this book is true, complete,and accurate to the best of our knowledge. All recommendationsand suggestions are made without any guarantees on the part ofthe author or publisher. The author and publisher disclaim allliability incurred in conjunction with the use of this informationand encourage adult supervision of young children at all times.


    Little Kid Crafts Mini-Book

    The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand thatrules the world.

    -W.R. Wallace


    Little Kid Crafts Mini-Book


    A few notes before we start...13How The Book Is Organized14Special E-Book Features15Internal and External Links15Navigation Features16Printing Features17A Few Ground Rules...17Preparation is Golden...19A Note On Safety...20


    Budding Trees22Coffee Filter Flower24Paper Plate Leprechaun26Tissue Paper Easter Egg28


    Little Kid Crafts Mini-Book


    Paper Plate Bear32Handy Flower34Summer Pennant36Tissue Paper Fireworks38Messy Mane Lion40


    School Time43Lava Lamp46Fall Diorama48Ghostly Handprints51Toilet Paper Tube Bat53Slimy Worm Painting56Native American



    Little Kid Crafts Mini-Book


    Snow Play Picture Frame61Mitten Ornaments64New Year Calendar66Valentine Garland80



    Little Kid Crafts Mini-Book

    ForewordWhen I first started crafting with my own children, I searchedthrough every online resource I could find and bought just aboutevery book ever written on crafting with younger children. Themore I searched, the more disappointed I became. Most of whatI found was either too old for my kids, totally unoriginal, or com-pletely commercialized.

    Sure, you can find a wealth of books on crafting with school agechildren. In fact, some of the books for this age group are abso-lutely beautiful and even have original content . But let me askyou:

    How many books or other resources do you find for Little Kids?

    I dont mean elementary school kids, I mean toddlers andpreschoolers. Youll find many books that claim to be for childrenages 2 to 6 or 3 to 6, but I can tell you from my own experiencethat they are really aimed at the 5 and 6 year olds. Ive boughtmany of these books only to be disappointed to find that they hada couple of crafts, out of 50 or more, that were projects that my 2or 3 year old could do.

    In fairness, crafting with toddlers and preschoolers does comewith its own set of challenges. Younger children have just aboutno attention span, have to be constantly monitored, often donthave any concept of what they are supposed to be making, andare only capable of very simple tasks.

    Challenging, but not impossible...


    Little Kid Crafts Mini-Book

    Most craft books that claim to be for toddlers and preschoolershave crafts that require an adult to do so much project assemblythat it becomes more of an adult project than a child project. Dontget me wrong, some adult assistance is necessary for any craftproject or activity that you do with Little Kids, but some of thecrafts that Ive seen and tried to do with my own children were sodifficult or time consuming that my children lost interest withinminutes.

    Looking back, its kind of funny to think that Im trying to helpthem put their project together while they are entertaining them-selves by finger painting my kitchen walls, the table, and them-selves.

    The second thing that really irritated me about Little Kid craftingis the total lack of originality. I cant tell you how many books thatI have purchased that only had a handful of original ideas, whilethe bulk of the book was dedicated to super-sized pictures andrehashed material available in every other book. In other words,they had very little substance.

    There is a series of child crafting books out on the market today (Idont think it would be right to name it.) that dedicates two pagesto each craft idea or project. On first glance, this may not seemlike a lot, but heres a reality check:

    More than half of each of the two pages is taken up by unneces-sary pictures - pictures that dont add to the value of the craft orits description.

    After purchasing several books in the series, I discovered thatmany of the crafts were just about identical. Heres some ex-amples:


    Little Kid Crafts Mini-Book

    In one book there is a project that does apple prints with paint.The next book in the series does vegetable prints.

    In the same book there is a Recycling Sculpture using blocks ofstyrofoam and later there is a Wood Sculpture using scrap piecesof wood. Then of course there are other original projects like anoatmeal container drum, woven berry baskets, cardboard boxbuildings, a kings crown, and the clothespin butterfly.

    If all this regurgitated garbage isnt enough, many of the rest ofthe projects are far too old for little hands. For example: shredcrayons with a potato peeler onto a piece of paper, fold it overand put an iron on it to melt the crayons.

    Now, what part of this project do you want your 2 or 3 year old todo? Should they handle the sharp potato peeler or the hot iron?

    Believe it or not, I bought several books similar to the one de-scribed above for $12.95 each - What a waste of money!

    Then I started my online search for more crafting inspiration withmy own children. Ive looked at hundreds of websites over thecourse of the last few years. Most of them have three things incommon:

    - They are full of banner ads, pop-ups, and false recom-mendations for products that are either unrelated to kid craft-ing or products that the site owners have obviously neverused themselves.

    - They contain only a handful of the same old crafts that arepoorly explained and interspersed among the advertise-ments.

    - They are poorly organized and difficult to browse.


    Little Kid Crafts Mini-Book

    These are the things that prompted me to build my own websitededicated to crafting with Little Kids. Im sure youve alreadyvisited it if youre reading this book, but if not, its at:

    My site has very little advertising on it, and anything that is adver-tised on the site is for a product that I have used or my childrenhave used. I have used a lot of software and technology on theweb site to make it easy to browse the crafts and to search forparticular craft ideas. Lastly, I continuously add new crafts andactivities to the site... and not just the same ideas you see allover the internet. Im proud of the site and I think Ive done itright. Its the kind of web site that I would like to visit.

    Ive rambled on about the site a little more than I planned, so letme get back to how this book came about. It really was a combi-nation of two factors.

    It was a natural extension of working on the site.

    I was frustrated with other products available.

    So, heres what happened. Remember I said that I dont recom-mend products that I havent used myself? Well, I noticed that alot of people on my site were requesting more and more paperplate crafts. In fact, I was having trouble keeping up with thedemand. I purchased the only book that I could find purely onpaper plate crafts with the idea that I could recommend it to mysite visitors. I thought the book would have a lot more of thesetypes of crafts than I could put up for my visitors and it would bebeneficial to them.

    So, I ordered the book with a great deal of anticipation.


    Little Kid Crafts Mini-Book

    I cant even put into words how disappointed I was when it finallyarrived. To be blunt: It was total junk.

    Thats when I decided to write my own paper plate book.

    Little Kid Paper Plate CraftsThe Definitive Guide to Creating GreatPaper Plate Projects for Kids 2 and Up

    While I was working on that book, I realized that I had a lot ofreally good ideas for crafts that werent paper plate crafts. Theywere pretty good and totally my own ideas, so I thought - Why notput those together into a book too?

    So thats what I did. Thats how my second book was born:

    Little Kid Crafts For All SeasonsKid Tested Crafts That Parents Love Too!

    The excitement of writing my own books was almost overwhelm-ing. I was creating the kind of book I wanted to read. It was aunique opportunity to show the parents and caregivers what aquality, original, kids crafting book for younger children could looklike.

    Then this book was born...

    I wanted to give people the chance to see what kid crafting shouldlook like without any risk to them at all.


    Little Kid Crafts Mini-Book

    No more super-sized kid-like cartoons, poorly written cutsie po-ems