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“Live Poets’ Society® A Selection of Poetry and Speeches by Extraordinary Students”, is a handbook of compiled poems by the students of Citizen Learning Academy. Ambi B. Smith, Author (2014) All Rights Reserved



2. ForwardLive Poets Society A Selection of Poetry and Speeches byExtraordinary Students, is a handbook of compiled poems bythe students of Citizen Learning Academy.My hope is that readers will be inspired and impressed withthese exceptionally bright students. Each student has made apositive impression on me as a developing teacher, and I knowthey will make a difference in the world.Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Ingram for your guidance, patience, andlove in molding young minds, as well as being a mentor to me.Ambi B. SmithEducation is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change theworld 3. About Citizen LearningAcademyCitizen Learning Academy (CLA) is a NonpublicSchool, certified by the California Department ofEducation.The primary aim of the school is to serve thegrowing special education needs of those youthswhose adjustment to the traditional public schoolsetting has not been successful. Focus is placed notonly on academics, but also on social training, whileaddressing the individual needs that are outlined inthe Individualized Education Plan (IEP), CLA isequipped to service students who need variousspecial education criteria, including EmotionalDisturbance (ED), Autism (AUT), Mental Retardation(MR), and Specific Learning Disability (SLD).The school operates a safe, clean environment withnewly remodeled classrooms, restrooms andcounseling facility. Students are served breakfastand lunch indoors or in a spacious outside eatingarea.Our Nonpublic school allows the advantage of asmall classroom setting, roundtrip transportation toand from the school site and individual or groupcounseling. Classroom size is limited to a maximumof 12 students. A fully credentialed special educationteacher, who is on-site at all times, along with atrained assistant facilitates each class, DISCounseling and Speech Pathologist are delivered byon-site Licensed Credentialed personnel.Copyright 2005 Citizen Learning Academy Allrights reserved.About CLAs TeachersMr. and Mrs. Ingram selects highlyqualified teachers and trained stafffrom diverse cultural and professionalbackgrounds.Each individual shares similar workethics and genuinely cares aboutchildren.The staff consists of women who areactively involved in their communities.Learn more about these fascinatingwomen, as well as the impressiveportfolios of CLAs Directors. 4. About CLAs DirectorsJesse Ingram, Associate DirectorMr. Ingram is a native of Atlanta, Georgia and livesin Los Angeles with his lovely wife Crystal.He has two sons and one daughter, two daughter-in-laws, and a granddaughter.A graduate of Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA,Mr. Ingram earned his B.A. in BusinessAdministration/Economics in 1969, and his MBA inFinance in 1977, from CSU, Dominguez Hills, CA.He holds a Lifetime Teaching Credential, as well asstudied Business Law.Before becoming the Associate Directorof Citizen Learning Academy, he was anOwner/Operator of several McDonaldsCorporations for 40 years. In addition, he was aMarketing and Planning Manager for XeroxCorporation, as well as a Cost Control Manager forNorthrop Corporation. He has been a Salespersonfor Sears, a Buyer for Richs Department Store,and a representative of the Atlanta TransitSystem.Mr. Ingram is the Chairman of Ministry at MountTabor Baptist Church in Los Angeles.Crystal Ingram, DirectorMrs. Ingram is a native of Atlanta, Georgia andresides in Los Angeles, CA with her husband. Shehas two sons, Demetrius and Darius; a daughter,Deanna; two daughter-in-laws, Michelle & Helen;and a granddaughter, Micah. Mrs. Ingramschildren are college graduates of Morehouse andSpelman Colleges.In addition to being the Director of CitizenLearning Academy, Mrs. Ingram has worked inthe Los Angeles Unified School District as ateacher, a Mathematician, an Engineer forNorthrop, an Editor, and Owner/Operator.Mrs. Ingram is a Deaconess of Mount TaborBaptist Church, a volunteer of the Los Angelenoesfor City Hall. Mrs. Ingram is also a member ofAlpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.She loves to participate in the Olympics as agreeter, and has traveled all over the world.Gardening, collecting antiques from travelingshows, and helping children in need are herpassions.One of my most important jobs was being a mother. 5. Jessye Carter RobinsonMrs. Robinson is widowed to the late Leonard Robinson. Shehas a daughter, Michelle; a son-in-law, Michael Reynolds ;and five grandsons.Mrs. Robinson grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and attendedSouthern University in Baton Rouge, LA. She graduated fromthe University of Wisconsin in 1972.Moving to Los Angeles and graduating from CSU, DominguezHills, Mrs. Robinson earned Handicapped Specialist License, aswell as her Certificate in Autism. She has over 30+ years as ateacher in both Milwaukee and Los Angeles schools. Workingwith the Los Angeles Unified School District as a teacher for75th Street School, she held several professional positions,including K-12 Whole Classroom Instruction, Special Day Classas Resource Specialist, Math Coach, and served in the Readingand Tutoring Program, and numerous committees.Receiving such honors as Teacher of the Year, nominatedeight times as Whose Who Among Educators, she is amongthe Elite of Educators.A member of the Matrons Mission Society, she holds severalpositions on the Local, District, and State level. As a devotedSunday School teacher she reaches youth with her nononsense approach and unrelenting guidance.In addition, she is a member of both Alpha Kappa AlphaSorority, Inc. and Eta Phi Beta, Sorority, Inc. proactivelyserving the needs of her committee on a grassroots level aswell as nationwide.Mrs. Robinson enjoys reading novels, playing games, studyingthe Bible, and traveling.As an Educator Mrs. Robinson recommends students to Dotheir Best to become Successful.Ann TaylorMrs. Ann Taylor is the proud wife of Ira Taylor. She has one son,Gregory Montgomery and one foster daughter, JoAnn Nelsonthree grandchildren, Alexa, Kayla, and Greyson Montgomery. Mrs.Taylor is a native of Gadsden, Alabama where she graduated fromCarver High School . She received her B.S. Degree in Educationfrom Alabama A & M University, Huntsville, Alabama. Mrs. Taylorbegan her teaching career at South Gadsden Elementary, Gadsden,Alabama , where she taught for three years and moved to Inkster,Michigan and continued her passion for teaching. While inMichigan, she received her Masters degree from Eastern MichiganUniversity.Mrs. Taylor moved to Los Angeles and began teaching in the LosAngeles Unified School District. She received her certification inSpecial Education from California Lutheran College. She earned herAdministrative certification from Pepperdine University. Mrs. Tayloralso holds a degree in Systematic Evangelism from Bethany BibleCollege. A member of Rock of Faith Baptist Church, she teachesSunday School, Mission Bible Class and sings in the Senior Choir.She taught in LAUSD for 30 years as a Whole Classroom Teacher,Resource Specialist, Title I Coordinator and Temporary AssistantPrincipal, as well as a Music Teacher. After retirement, she taughtat San Pedro Academy, a Nonpublic School for nine years.Mrs. Taylor is a member of both Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc., andTau Gamma Delta Sorority Inc..Mrs. Taylor enjoys bowling and crocheting.Students should Do Their Best at all times. 6. Mattie Davis, ABAMrs. Davis is a retired Behavioral Interventionist forthe Long Beach Unified School District. She workedfor LBUSD for over 30 years, and is happily marriedto Norwood Davis, a retired Sheriffs Deputy.Mrs. Davis has been working with the students ofCLA for eight years and does a remarkable job ofmanaging some of the most challenging ofbehaviors. She has two daughters, Danielle andNicole, both are graduates of Howard University, andone works at the Smithsonian Institute inWashington D.C. Her son-in-laws are Byron andVernon. She also has nine grandchildren, and lookforward to their visits from Detroit, Michigan toCalifornia every Summer and Christmas.Mrs. Davis is a Singer and Choir Director andfacilitates the End of School Year Program, lendingher expertise in CLAs Music Department. World Traveler Project Manager Conflict ResolutionIt is not where we live that counts, it is how we livethat counts.Diane Garcia, One-on-OneMs. Garcia is the proud mother of two daughters,Krystal and Terry, and a son, Johnny. They are allHonor students.Mrs. Garcia majored in Business Administrationand Child Development at Southwest College andis Certified as a Preschool Teacher/Director. Inaddition, she is a Certified Dental Assistant.She has been serving the students of CitizenLearning Academy since the beginning of theschools grand opening. After leaving for a shorttime to live in Bakersfield, CA. and returning, shewas surprised to see how much the youngelementary students had grown into respectableteenagers. Many of them still remembered her.Ms. Garcia is a One-on-One Aide to CLAs studentswith moderate behavioral difficulties and does anexcellent job in calming and managing theirbehaviors.Ms. Garcia loves reading, traveling, interiordecorating, art, cooking and being a positive rolemodel to children and young adults. 7. About the Author & PoetAmbi B. SmithA native Californian, Ambi is the eldest of five siblings, one sister andthree brothers. All of whom reside in Southern California. Shecurrently has five nephews and three nieces. A graduate of Taft HighSchool in Woodland Hills, CA. She earned a B.A. in Liberal Studies atCSU, Fresno, and is starting student teaching at National University inLos Angeles, earning a Master of Arts in Education with a SingleSubject in English and Certificates in Autism and EducationalTechnology.She has over 20 years of experience in Office Administration andManagement, two years as a Teachers Aide and Computer ResourceAssistant with Fresno Unified School District, and seven years with