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Lord ullin's daughter


  • 1. Thomas Campbell (27 July 1777 15 June1844) was a Scottish poet chiefly rememberedfor his sentimental poetry dealing speciallywith human affairs. He was also one of theinitiators of a plan to found what became theUniversity of London. In 1799, he wrote ThePleasures of Hope a traditional 18th centurysurvey in heroic couplets. He also producedseveral stirring patriotic war songs- YeMariners of England, The SoldiersDream, Hohenlinden and in 1801, The Battle ofMad and Strange Turkish Princes.[1] Campbell, who was educated at the GlasgowHigh School and University of Glasgow, wonprizes for classics and for verse-writing. Hespent the holidays as a tutor in the westernHighlands. His poem Glenara and the balladof Lord Ullins Daughter owe their origin to avisit to Mull.
  • 2. The boat has left a stormy land, A stormy sea before her, When O! too strong for human hand The tempest gatherd oer her.In these lines of the stanza the story turns within a thrilling night at the shore andFinally boat started moving from the bank and the storm was howling before herAnd it was uncontrollable and this wild was impossible for a human to faceThe innocents were bounded by the fierce storm and they all were Trapped.
  • 3. And still they rowd amidst the roar Of waters fast prevailing. Lord Ullin reachd that fatal shore, His wrath was changed to wailing.But still the brave boatman rowd the boat in the middle of the storming weatherAnd slowly the power of the storm was overcoming the confidence to flee andTides and water was rising very high. Lord Ullin then finally reached the dreadfulShore of her daughter where when she saw his daughter captured and slowlysucked by storm his anger and wrath changed to lamenting and bemoaning.His situation was different, he was terrified seeing his daughters condition
  • 4. For, sore dismayd through storm and shade, His child he did discover:- One lovely hand she stretchd for aid, And one was round her lover.And when he realizes his mistakes and saw her daughter in crises in stormAnd he was remembering all the days spent with hergiggling and laughing.Only calm hand of the daughter was round the neck of her lover and otherTowards his father asking for aid and help. Lord Ullin was were frightened.
  • 5. Come back! Come back! he cried in grief. Across this stormy water: And Ill forgive your highland chief, My daughter!- O my daughter! Lord wanted her daughter to be back at any cost .He kept on lamentingand crying in sorrow and shouting to Come back across the river. Hepromised to forgive the Chief and also accepted their marriage. But itwas all in vain till the time his daughter could come back the nature had closedits doors and left Ullin speechless.
  • 6. T was vain: the loud waves lashd the shore, Return or aid preventing: The water wild went oer his child, And he was left lamenting.But Lords mistake took a lot of time to realize it But it was lateAnd waves lashed out at the shore. No help was possible to give toHis daughter and nature was harsh when a giant wave became thecause of Ullins sorrow. His daughter was lost forever and the Lordwas left moaning


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