lynmouth flood 1952 it’s going to be a very wet tale

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    its going to be a very wet tale

  • setting the scene ILynmouth is situated on the North Coast of Devonso where is this Lynmouth place?

    oh, so thats where all the action is going to take place!!

  • setting the scene II:August of 1952 was extremely wet

    the ground had become saturated

    on the evening of August 15th 230mm (23cm) of rain fell in a freak stormlasting 14hours (over 3000million gallons of water)

    Immediate surface run-off causing a flash floodwhat were the CAUSES of the flood?

    Im singing in the rain, Im singing hang on its getting very wet here!

  • Impermeable (water cant soak in) rocks mean increased run-off

    Steep river gradient & small drainage basin & narrow river valleyssetting the scene III:yep you guessed it, more CAUSES

    The River Lyn had been narrowed and diverted - to build hotels & stuff!

    hmm good idea? let me think


  • The narrow arch of the river became blocked & the river flowed down the main street following the easiest path

    the impactsthis is all pretty serious stuff

    34 people killed & 90 houses/hotels destroyed & 130 cars/19 boats destroyedOver 100,000 tonnes of boulders left in the main street one boulder found in the basement of a hotel weighed 7.5 tonnesRocks of 10m3 moved by traction

  • River takes natural route (same as flood)

    Floodplain left to take water

    Larger & wider bridges

    Where hotel was is now open

    Channel has been straightened to allow water to flow away more quickly

    Lynmouth Todayphew! glad they did somethingoh! one last thing!